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2004-03-09 Vikay LCD modules have 128-by-128 display format
Vikay's VK2128 graphics STN LCD module features EL backlighting and 128-by-128 display format.
2002-10-28 Vibrant graphics LCD provides 62-by-44mm viewing area
The FG12894D graphics STN-LCD module provides a viewing area of 62-by-44mm with a resolution of 128x64 dots.
2002-02-01 Toshiba-Matsushita joint LCD venture to start operations in April
Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology Co. Ltd, a newly established joint venture between Toshiba Corp. and Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd, will start operations on April 1, 2002.
2004-04-16 STN-LCD modules add color to displays
The ever-increasing number of color displays used in mobile phones, PDAs, digital still cameras and video game consoles spurred the demand for STN-LCMs
2002-07-24 SDEC alphanumeric LCD measures 48-by-42mm
The LMC-SS(T)C2A08 alphanumeric LCD module from SDEC Technology Corp. measures 48-by-42mm and provides a viewing area of 38-by-16mm
2002-07-08 Samsung TFT-LCD displays more colors
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has introduced a 2-inch TFT-LCD for use in mobile phones that the company claims is able to reproduce 260,000 color tonesfour times that of current STN-LCDs.
2002-04-29 Samsung display combines STN-LCD, TFT-LCD features
Designed for mobile phones and PDAs, the UFB-LCD from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd combines the features of STN-LCDs and TFT-LCDs to display 65,000 colors at a resolution of 128x160.
2003-08-21 Philips releases color STN LCD technology
Royal Philips Electronics has introduced its latest addition to its color super-twisted nematic LCD portfolio
2002-08-19 NKK LCD provides 13.9-by-10.6mm viewing area
The company's STN LCD module provides a 13.9-by-10.6mm viewing area with a 36x24 pixel resolution and is aimed at replacing 7-segment displays or LED matrices.
2004-06-15 NKK LCD display provides wider viewing area
NKK Switches is offering an improved version of its small STN LCD display with a wider, high-contrast viewing area of 13.9-by-10.6mm and a 36 x 24 pixel resolution to maximize clarity. Pixel size is 0.32-by-0.32mm.
2006-08-08 MagnaChip unrolls a-Si TFT-LCD for mobiles
MagnaChip said amorphous silicon TFT LCD offers superior image quality versus STN LCD and could replace the latter in mobile phones and MP3 players.
2002-12-03 Luxell, Hyundai LCD partner on OLED display initiative
Luxell Technologies Inc. and Hyundai LCD Inc. have entered a joint product initiative to incorporate the latter's OLED technology with Luxell's Black Layer contrast enhancement technology
2002-06-10 Jinghua offers STN LCD with 128x64 resolution
The JM12864B STN LCD module measures 60.1-by-57-by-10.3mm and displays a resolution of 128x64 within a viewing area of 43.5-by-29mm.
2003-03-10 Jinghua LCD module draws 0.43mA
The JM121 LCD module of Shenzhen Jinghua Displays Co. Ltd displays 12 characters in a single line and operates from a 5V supply while drawing 0.43mA
2003-11-25 InfoRay to boost up STN-LCD material capacity
InfoRay Technology has disclosed plan to increase monthly capacity of glass substrates used in making STN-LCD color panels.
2005-07-22 IMI, Sanyo Epson inaugurate LCD manufacturing plant
Philippine EMS provider, Integrated Microelectronics Inc. (IMI) and Sanyo Epson Imaging Devices Philippines Inc. (SEPH) have inaugurated an LCD module processing facility at the Laguna Technopark in Laguna, Philippines
2003-10-28 HJE LCD module offers 60.6-by-44.6mm viewing area
Hebei Jiya Electronics (HJE) Co. Ltd has announced the availability of its HAG-12065 graphic TN/STN LCD module that features a transmissive polarizer.
2003-03-07 Hebei graphics LCD module operates to 70C
The HAG12065 graphics LCD module of Hebei Jiya Electronics functions is designed to operate over the -20C to 70C temperature range
2003-02-28 Graphics LCD module offers 101-by-80-pixel resolution
Gi Far Technology's GFCC 33Z 608VDGT 1.5-inch graphics LCD module features a color STN LCD with a resolution of 101-by-80 pixels.
2004-03-30 Epson, Sanyo merge LCD businesses
Seiko Epson Corp. and Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd will merge their LCD businesses in an effort to make the new unit a top supplier of mid- and small-sized LCD panels
2002-05-02 Densitron LCD is sunlight readable
The DV3002 chip-on-glass LCD from Densitron Corp. contains an STN fluid in positive mode that enables the display to have a wide viewing angle and be readable even under direct sunlight.
2003-03-06 Crystal Clear dot-matrix LCD consumes 3mA
The CMC420X01 four-liner dot-matrix LCD module of Crystal Clear Technology Sdn Bhd operates from a 4.5V to 5V supply while drawing 3mA
2004-12-07 CPT to cease STN-LCD production by year-end
Taiwan-based panel maker Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) Ltd states that it would halt production of STN-LCD panels before year-end 2004.
2008-03-20 Controller IC fit for LCD displays
RAiO Technology has developed the RA8806 LCD controller for small and mid-size LCD panels that suits commercial, industrial and medical appliances
2007-04-05 Color STN driver chips target mobile displays
The LDS195 from Leadis Technology is a 262K color driver with integrated controller, supporting 128 (RGB) x 160 resolution displays. The LDS194, a 65K color driver with integrated controller, supports 98 (RGB) x 70 and 98 (RGB) x 64 resolution displays.
2003-04-10 Ampire begins production of color STN-LCD modules
Ampire Co. Ltd is set to start mass production of diagonal color STN-LCD modules for display and sub-display color mobile phones.
2000-12-26 Xiamen Ocular Optics dot-matrix LCD measures 98-by-60mm
The 98-by-60mm GDM2004D is a 20-character-by-4-line dot-matrix LCD module that measures 9.5mm thick with an EL backlight, and 13.5mm thick with an LED backlight. Display resolution is 138x46 dots
2005-05-03 Wintek registers 30 percent increase in TFT-LCD revenues
Panel maker Wintek Corp. reports a 30 percent revenue increase from the TFT-LCD segment last quarter
2002-02-13 Three-Five color LCD features 32,000 colors
Three-Five Systems has released a color STN (CSTN) module capable of displaying 32,000 colors and enhanced flesh tones, as well as provide smooth color transitions
2005-09-08 TFT LCD driver IC with 65K-color display
MagnaChip Semiconductor unveiled its newest TFT LCD driver IC that has a chip size of 15mm? and features a 65K-color display
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