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2011-09-02 Upbeat energy storage market in China lures ZBB Energy
ZBB Energy has formed a joint venture with three partners in response to market opportunities in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
2012-09-07 Thin hybrid HDDs to make headway in storage market
The 5mm drives, which contain a built-in layer of NAND flash memory, are intended to serve as storage media for new computers such as Ultrabooks
2009-06-16 Storage system delivers high availability, reliability
Fujitsu has introduced the two entry-level RAID storage systems designed to meet the growing demand from mid-sized enterprises with new features such as reduced power consumption, simplified management and improved redundancy
2010-04-15 Storage controller achieves up to 80MBps write
From PLX Technology Inc. comes what it claims to be the highest-performance, lowest-power direct attached storage (DAS) controller for the consumer storage market.
2015-08-31 Storage array packs 3D NAND drives
By supporting 3D TLC SSDs, Kaminario's K2 v5.5 customers can double the effective capacity of the array to more than 360TB per K-block and scale one K2 array to multiple petabytes in a single rack unit.
2008-09-24 SNIA steps up solid-state storage drive
SNIA announced the formation of SSSI, which will serve to foster the growth and success of the market for solid-state storage in both commercial and consumer environments.
2012-12-19 Smart grids to reach $6.1B in storage products in 2018
Research firm NanoMarkets predicts that the Smart Grid market will reach 6.1 billion by 2018, with carbon electrodes leading the surge
2011-07-26 Smart grid, solar power apps to boost energy storage market
According to SBI Energy, the market for energy storage technologies such as NaS, NaMx and TES will grow due to a favorable forecast for renewable energy sources and grid energy storage.
2014-07-14 Rising smartphone demand to boost memory storage market
DRAMeXchange predicted that in terms of the NAND Flash market, the market will turn from oversupply in H1 into balanced supply during H2, as OEM and module customer demand strengthens
2005-09-13 Rise of NAND reshapes NOR market
NOR suppliers may need to seek new non-volatile memory technology
2006-05-16 Rise of NAND reshapes NOR market
NOR suppliers may need to seek new non-volatile memory technology.
2011-08-25 Pure Storage gets $30M funding, releases flagship product
Pure Storage was able to raise $30 million through Series C financing for its all-flash enterprise array technology
2013-05-21 Personal storage market posts high growth
IDC revealed that the worldwide personal and entry-level storage market grew 73.4 per cent YoY with 20.2 million units shipped in 1Q13.
2005-06-27 New technology doubles storage capacity in NOR flash devices
Designers of STBs, PDAs, or any other system that requires high-density NOR flash can get twice the memory density in the same die size vs. conventional technologies with Macronix's latest family of devices.
2007-08-01 NAND controllers fit solid-state mass storage market
SST has begun sampling two of its latest NAND controllers made for the solid-state mass storage market.
2003-11-12 Mux rolls for serial attached SCSI storage
PMC-Sierra Inc. has become one of the first chipmakers to dive into the nascent market for the serial attached SCSI interface
2013-08-28 Mobile devices, cloud services to drag mobile storage market
TrendForce believes that it is unlikely that the growing demand for low-to-mid end mobile devices will help increase average storage capacity
2016-04-18 Micron ventures into data centre flash storage market
Micron Technology unveiled plans to step into the data centre storage fray with a set of flash-based storage devices that reduce power consumption while speeding up the process of data retrieval over classic mechanical drives
2008-06-04 Marvel unveils SoCs, solid-state storage controller strategies at Computex
Taiwan's Computex show served as the perfect backdrop for Marvell as the company introduced two consumer-related product solutions.
2011-11-01 LSI expands to storage market with SandForce buy
LSI bought the supplier of flash for SSDs for about 370 million in a deal that will close in 1Q12.
2002-06-04 LG.Electronics builds second optical storage plant
LG Electronics (China) IT Marketing Headquarter is constructing its second optical storage facility in Huizhou, Guangdong, China
2012-07-26 IPVEA to amplify focus on smart energy storage
Solar PV association vows to provide its members with enhanced technologies for energy storage
2004-04-19 Iomega pins storage market comeback hopes on rigid media
Iomega has introduced a rigid magnetic disk cartridge it hopes will be competitive with CD-RW disks and tape cartridges used for small business backup.
2010-02-08 Intel wants top spot in SSD market
Intel Corp. hopes to be the technology and solid-state storage (SSD) leader, but it is not seeking to be the top player in the discrete market.
2007-03-14 Intel enters solid-state storage market, unveils NAND-based device
Intel Corp. announced its entry into the solid-state drive business with a new NAND-based device.
2004-10-18 IBM unveils 'smart' storage options
IBM revealed the fruits of a broad, multiyear research and development effort last week: two storage products, the DS6000 and DS8000 series
2015-03-19 Hybrid storage vs. All-flash arrays for enterprise storage
Everyone today agrees that flash or SSDs are the primary storage tier of the future, but is it better to add an all-flash array (AFA) to an existing SAN, or just upgrade the existing arrays by adding SSDs
2005-09-06 HP remains top on global disk storage systems revenue
HP outgrew the total disk storage market by 4 percentage points in the second quarter of 2005, according to market data released by IDC.
2006-08-14 Home network storage market to triple by 2011
The market for consumer network storage will increase from this year's $305 million to nearly $1.2 billion by 2011, according to a recent report by ABI Research.
2008-03-17 Hifn, Freescale join for advanced storage solutions
A collaboration to develop storage solutions that leverage the strengths of Hifn's Applied Services Processors and card-level products with Freescale Semiconductor's embedded processors has been forged between the two companies
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