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2002-09-03 Intel adopts Wind River technology for storage networking
Intel Corp. has selected Wind River Systems Inc.'s Tornado for Intelligent Network Acceleration for iSCSI Initiators platform to be integrated into its PRO/1000 T IP Storage Adapter
2010-10-27 IEEE setting guidelineS for electricity storage
The group will begin work on guidelines for smart grid interfaces before the end of 2010 as an extension of the work already done on utility storage systems for transmission and distribution networks.
2014-07-15 IBM takes to the cloud for storage scalability
The storage-as-a-service platform leverages the fully-supported storage environment running on SoftLayer, including bare metal resources and data management, designed for swift migration of data between on-site infrastructure and the cloud
2015-03-19 Hybrid storage vs. All-flash arrays for enterprise storage
Everyone today agrees that flash or SSDs are the primary storage tier of the future, but is it better to add an all-flash array (AFA) to an existing SAN, or just upgrade the existing arrays by adding SSDs
2014-03-03 Huawei: Cloud changes the game for telecom networks
Telefnica leverages Huawei's FusionSphere, to extend its IT and telecom services to the cloud.
2007-05-24 Huawei, Symantec form security, storage JV
Huawei and Symantec announced they are forming a JV company that will develop and distribute security and storage appliances to global telecommunications carriers and enterprises
2014-05-06 Have wireless sensor networks become irrelevant in the IoT
Linear's Dust Networks develops ultra low-power sensor networks without wires for both communication and power, which is said to have become a subset of today's bigger IoT world
2006-04-11 GDA provides PCI Express cores for iSCSI storage products
GDA announced that iStor Networks has selected its PCI Express controller core to broaden iStor's ongoing iSCSI product development efforts
2015-10-27 Flash storage: 3D TLC NAND to beat MLC (Part 1
In the first instalment of this series, we look into the advantages as well as challenges associated with solid state drives (SSDs).
2005-09-23 Ensuring QoS in oversubscribed networks
IP (VoIP), video-conferencing, wireless access, storage management, application hosting, e-mail/web access and document sharing. As this
2006-03-09 Dell, EMC, Intel, LSI team to drive external storage standardization
Dell, EMC, Intel and LSI Logic announced the Storage Bridge Bay Working Group (SBB), a cooperative, non-profit effort created to drive standardization in entry-level external storage
2014-06-17 Dell explores software-based networks in telcos
The move towards software-based networks in the telecom industry is said to help companies address shrinking storage and networking capability, and step into the IoT threshold.
2010-07-23 Dell buys storage optimization company
Dell has signed an agreement to acquire Ocarina Networks, a provider of storage optimization technology such as compression and deduplication.
2010-06-10 ColdFire+ MCUs integrate thin-film storage tech
Leveraging on its thin-film storage technology, Freescale has scaled down its ColdFire processors to the 90nm node and over a four-fold shrink to just 5mm? for under a dollar
2002-08-23 Cisco's storage-networking gambit draws mixed reviews
Analysts and competitors gave mixed reactions to the announcement that Cisco Systems will jump into the storage-networking market through Andiamo Systems
2002-09-04 Cisco readies leap into storage management
Cisco Systems Inc. will jump into one of the most contentious battles in storage networking next year when it launches its first products for a market segment called virtualization
2008-09-19 Cisco employs virtualization OS for storage tools
Cisco Systems has released a set of boards, systems and software to upgrade its support for virtualization in storage area networks.
2007-08-15 Cavium rolls multicore storage services processors
Cavium Networks has introduced the Octeon MIPS64 multicore storage services processor, which integrate 2-12 MIPS64 cores, RAID hardware acceleration and RAS features.
2007-01-09 BiTMICRO, ChipX team up for next-gen storage ASICs
BiTMICRO Networks Inc. will use various structured ASIC devices from ChipX for the development of proprietary storage controller ICs.
2004-07-26 BiTMICRO receives patent for flash storage device
BiTMICRO Networks has received a patent from the U.S. patent and trademark office for its storage device testing technology found in its E-Disk analyzer.
2004-05-07 BiTMICRO E-Disk more than a storage solution
From a nonmemory expert's point-of-view, a solid state disk (SSD) would probably be a hard disk drive (HDD) or a tape drive that reads, writes and stores data.
2007-07-13 Atmel sells network storage line to MoSys
Atmel has sold its network storage products group to MoSys for an undisclosed amount, which included cash and the assumption of certain liabilities
2004-02-03 Ario aims storage controllers at serial ATA transition
A group of former Mylex and Buslogic managers has debuted a storage controller startup that aims to take an early lead in the transition to systems adopting the SATA interface
2004-11-02 Agere, Troika to offer storage services technology
Agere Systems and Troika Networks Inc. will offer products based on Troika's ReadyPath technology next year
2005-03-22 Adaptec and ServerEngines ally on storage products
Adaptec Inc. has entered into a strategic alliance with ServerEngines LLC to jointly develop next-generation IP storage products
2016-05-04 64bit ARM SoCs target networking, security, storage markets
The OCTEON TX devices from Cavium are aimed at control plane application areas in enterprise, data centre networking and storage that need support of extensive software ecosystem and virtualisation
2006-12-11 4.25Gbps transceivers roll for storage area networks
LuminentOIC has extended its line of SFP transceivers to include 4.25Gbps Fibre Channel CWDM and DWDM interfaces.
2007-12-17 Smallest' power meter rolls for DWDM networks
JDSU has developed what it claims to be the smallest and lightest channel checker for DWDM networks that offers a low-cost alternative to optical spectrum analyzers
2011-11-16 Making low power possible in wireless sensor networks
Find out why low power features and integration of modules in a single chip are vital for a rugged and efficient node development.
2008-08-15 LSI gives networks extra security boost
LSI Corp. introduces the latest additions to its high-performance security library.
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