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2010-06-24 Multicore processors achieve up to 2.5GHz
Freescale Semiconductor is rolling out the QorIQ 64bit platform based on Power Architecture technology featuring the e5500 core, designed to reach frequencies up to 2.5GHz.
2005-09-20 Military-grade version of BiTMICRO's E-Disk 3S320 now available
BiTMICRO Networks announced the availability of a military-grade version of its E-Disk 3S320, which is touted by the company to be the world's first Ultra320 SCSI solid-state flash storage.
2003-06-25 Marvell, Dune partner on GbE chipset
Marvell Semiconductor has paired its packet processor, classification and serdes technology with Dune Networks' traffic management technology
2004-03-25 Mapper preps SAN traffic for Sonet/SDH
Galazar Networks has released a storage-area-networking mapper that will allow operators to carry storage streams over Sonet/SDH links.
2004-03-29 LSI buys startups Velio, CrossLayer
LSI Logic has purchased startups Velio and CrossLayer Networks, adding high-speed interconnect, switch fabric and Gigabit Ethernet switching to its product portfolio
2006-05-04 Lenovo selects Agere's Gigabit Ethernet solution
Lenovo Networks has selected Agere Systems Gigabit Ethernet solutions for use in Lenovo's networking product portfolio to be installed in medium- and large-sized businesses
2003-11-07 ITU releases coarse WDM standards
The International Telecommunications Union, which was in the forefront of defining channel spacing for dense wave-division multiplexing networks, has approved a new set of standards this week for coarse WDM
2003-07-16 iSCSI silicon taken to new price point
Higher chip integration often creates a new price point that can spur growth in a burgeoning market. And iReady Corp. hopes to do just that with an iSCSI storage-networking device it has developed with National Semiconductor Corp
2003-04-16 Internet Protocol lands a role in SANs
With today's high demand for flexible, storage architectures such as SANs and NASs, IP-based storage is the best bet when interoperability and total cost of ownership is considered
2002-09-13 Intel devices to advance digital perspective
Intel SVP Mike Fister and EVP Sean Maloney explained how a modular IT infrastructure with mixed-wired and wireless communications capabilities will generate lower operating costs and increase system flexibility.
2004-05-04 Intel 10GbE adapter utilizes XPAK technology
The new 10GbE adapter from Intel utilizes the XPAK optical technology to reduce the price over previous adapters by 40 percent.
2005-10-21 Inline security processor family touts Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
Cavium Networks' new NITROX II CN2800 family of stand-alone security processors combine a high level of integration and new algorithms for next-gen multi-gigabit VPN/Firewall Equipment, WLAN switches and storage security appliances.
2013-04-17 Huawei: From underdog to behemoth
Huawei's real breakthrough didn't come until it decided to develop its SingleRAN technology. The goal of SingleRAN was to design a radio access network (RAN) technology allowing mobile operators to switch from GSM to UMTS network standards or use both simultaneously.
2006-11-10 Hitachi to add flash, encryption to 2.5-inch HDDs
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies will push capacity to 200Gbytes and beyond while adding encryption and flash memory to its 2.5-inch hard disk drives in 2007
2004-11-30 Genesis receives patent for power management products
Genesis Electronics Inc., the merger partner of Reality Wireless Networks Inc., has received United States patent number 6,586,906 for a current regulating circuit interposed between a photovoltaic device and a battery
2002-06-27 Gadzoox to sell technology behind its Fibre Channel switches
Following three years of declining sales and a change in management, switch maker Gadzoox Networks Inc. has decided to provide its core silicon IP to other manufacturers
2013-12-27 Fusion-io unveils improved flash caching software
The software update allows enterprises to better use flash to take pressure off their storage array networks using caching algorithms to direct operations from the SAN to the server.
2008-03-18 Finisar, DSI launch SAN training hub in Singapore
Finisar and A*STAR DSI have announced a partnership to bring SAN training to Asia and Singapore.
2004-08-13 Finisar acquires assets of Data Transit
Finisar Corp. has acquired the assets of San Jose-based Data Transit Corp. for $16 million in Finisar stock.
2004-01-06 Energy-harvesting component runs wireless nets
Wireless sensor networks are becoming an attractive solution in a wide variety of applications
2008-07-10 Energy kits offer easy evaluation for wireless sensor apps
Advanced Linear Devices has launched energy-harvesting module development kits for system designers who are developing alternative power sources for low-power wireless sensor applications.
2014-09-02 Enable low-cost isoSPI coupling for battery systems
By using an AC-coupling method, we can eliminate the double insulation requirement, and therefore mitigate the cost impact of high voltage isoSPI systems.
2006-09-12 D2 Tech enables VoIP in Octeon processors
D2 Technologies has announced a VoIP solution said to be the first on Cavium Networks single and dual-core Octeon processor family
2012-03-21 Clouds are high in Asia
Singapore and the Philippines are places where cloud computing could become a huge market that will create thousands of jobs.
2008-02-15 Chipmakers ready 10G Ethernet for PCIe, virtualization
Server chipmakers such as NetXen and ServerEngines are preparing 10GbE silicon for supporting the latest PCIe links and virtualization standards.
2006-05-04 Chassis switch scales to 528 1/2/4Gbps ports
EMC announced the new EMC Connectrix MDS 9513 Director, which can scale up to 528 ports to enable consolidation and tiering of storage area networks
2002-07-19 Cavium security chips can process many protocols at once
Cavium Networks is calling its Nitrox Plus security processors the first single-chip devices able to accelerate multiple VPN network, e-business, storage, wireless, and XML apps simultaneously.
2005-08-26 Cavium MPU integrates up to sixteen MIPS64-based cores
Cavium Networks' new Octeon EXP microprocessor embeds up to 16 MIPS64-based cores in a single chip to reduce cost and increase performance and functionality for converged control and data-plane apps
2006-02-02 Cavium extends OCTEON processor lineup
Cavium Networks' new SoC processors integrate a custom MIPS64 processor core with advanced multi-layer application acceleration and security processing hardware
2014-07-31 Cavium buys Xpliant, widens clout in enterprise market
The acquisition deal involving the Xpliant switching architecture is valued at $90 million, which includes the $15 million investment Cavium made in Xpliant through June 2014.
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