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2006-06-08 VoIP engine features analog telephony interface
Infineon's new single-chip VoIP engine with integrated codec is touted to be the world's first to allow any analog phone to make VoIP calls.
2009-11-18 MOSFETs simplify circuit design in VoIP equipment
Diodes n-channel MOSFETs are designed to meet the requirements of the primary switch position in transformer based subscriber line interface circuits
2002-08-06 Silicon phone-line interface cuts component count
The Litelink III IC from Clare Inc. combines a silicon telephone-line interface with a data-access arrangement (DAA). It is intended as an alternative to traditional transformer-based phone-line interfaces and other silicon DAA solutions that require more components and PCB space
2003-08-15 Implementation details of the MT8930B/31BS/T interface
This application note deals with the details of the MT8930B/31B as well as network specification at the Subscriber Network Interface
2007-06-28 Build WiMAX base stations, subscriber stations
Designing for WiMAX requires an understanding of the newest MAC and PHY features for fixed WiMAX systems and applications.
2002-06-03 TI unveils POTS voice over broadband solution
Texas Instruments Inc. has unveiled a family of programmable voice codecs that enable manufacturers and service providers to quickly deploy enhanced voice capabilities on existing broadband platforms.
2003-08-29 SPM12kHz and 16kHz Blocking Filters
This application note presents SPM (subscriber pulse metering or tax metering) detection and methods to attenuate SPM burst signals
2005-10-17 SLICs boast pure CMOS
Silicon Laboratories unleashed what it claims is the industry's first fully-integrated, quad-channel subscriber line interface circuit plus codecimplemented in 100 percent CMOS technology.
2011-07-27 SLIC solution for VoIP gateway unveiled
Silicon Laboratories' Si3226x Dual ProSLIC family for VoIP gateways delivers small bill of materials and board area and low power consumption.
2000-12-07 Providing a POTS phone in an ISDN or similar environment
This application note presents an auxiliary circuit for the connection of a POTS phone (or answering machine, fax, etc.) to a digital communication line, such as ISDN
2003-08-15 Protection networks for telecommunication systems
This application note lists down several of the standards and ways to protect telecommunication systems.
2002-09-26 Octal codec increases channel count on analog linecards
Legerity Inc. said that their eight-channel voice encoder/decoder will increase the channel density of analog linecards used in broadband digital loop carrier and PBX systems.
2002-12-23 Intersil SLIC moves from 5V to 3.3V supply
Intersil has released the ISL5585 series of SLICs, which is touted to be the industry's first to feature up to -100V ringing supply voltage capability.
2003-08-15 Implementation details for the MH88615 SLIC
This application note is intended to assist the user in implementing an analog line interface circuit using the MH88615 SLIC
2003-01-16 IC suppliers ramp system-level design
Many IC suppliers are morphing into subsystem-level suppliers for system integrators, so chip companies must therefore master integration at multiple levels - from IC to board to system
2000-03-20 Coordination of overvoltage protection and SLIC capability
This paper describes how SLIC IC voltage withstand capability is determined. To limit the stress voltage to within the IC ratings requires a gated thyristor overvoltage protector, which has a protection voltage very close the IC running voltage.
2003-03-10 An Empirical Investigation of Control Strategies for an Adaptive Balance Codec in a High-Speed Modem Call Environment
This application note discusses the various strategies for an adaptive balance codec in high-speed modem call environments.
2003-10-02 CLEC hybrid IC has protection features
The low-cost HM9903C DSL interface circuit from ChuangLian Electronic Component (Group) Co. Ltd offers protection features
2005-06-22 ST unveils new ADSL chipset
STMicroelectronics' CopperWing12e chipset embeds an enhanced Asynchronous Transfer Mode/Internet Protocol cell processor with fast connection speeds and high real-time processing capability.
2006-11-13 End-user segment growth drives VoIP market
Revenues for the VoIP market reached $256.2 million last year and are estimated to reach $857.8 million in 2009 given the dramatic growth of end-user segments.
2003-01-20 Bourns IPA provides overvoltage protection
Bourns Inc.'s Model 2360 integrated protection assembly provides station protection and a subscriber interface in a single housing
2006-10-31 Winbond adds new tool to Pro-XTM Series
Winbond's latest offering in its Pro-XTM Series is a highly integrated solution that supports one FXS telephone line interface
2007-06-15 SLIC eases development of VoIP-enabled PCs
Infineon's DuSLIC-xT is an energy-efficient codec/subscriber line interface circuit that offers best-in-class cost position for a complete voice-enabled system.
2002-11-18 Silicon Laboratories extends bandwidth in SLIC chip
Silicon Laboratories has extended the filtered bandwidth in its latest subscriber line interface circuit for fuller voice fidelity.
2002-07-16 It's show time for Infineon
Infineon's broadband optical IC is capable of providing one-stop-shopping capabilities for line-card access devices
2005-06-01 Ethernet goes wide
Advances in components, standards, and techniques are allowing the Ethernet to migrate from the circuit-switched enterprise to packet-based service provider networks
2010-10-05 Rugged MOSFETs handle demands of VoIP equipment
Diodes Inc. has expanded its MOSFET product line with its introduction of 60V N-channel devices customized for VoIP communication equipment. Made to handle the high pulse current required to generate tip and ring line feeds and to sustain an avalanche of energy induced during switching, the DMN60xx series successfully fulfills the stringent requirements of the primary switch position in transformer based Subscriber Line Interface Circuits (SLIC) DC/DC converters
2006-12-08 UTAC expands Thailand packaging operations
United Test and Assembly Center Ltd will pump more than $100 million into its Thailand operations over the next three years as it shifts more low-end packaging activities to the country.
2006-10-16 TI unveils UR8 derivatives for residential gateways
Texas Instruments unveiled five derivatives of its UR8 processor architecture, fulfilling its 'Uni-DSL' strategy of using a single chip for both ADSL and VDSL networks.
2005-02-08 Silicon Lab ProSLIC adopted by TCL for VoIP products
Silicon Laboratories Inc. announced that TCL Communication Equipment Co. Ltd, a consumer electronics manufacturer, has adopted Silicon Laboratories' Si3210 ProSLIC solution for its new voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) gateway products.
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