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2003-08-15 Subscriber line interface for digital switching systems
This application note provides details on how the MT8960-67 series of voice CODECs can be used with the MH88610 to implement a complete subscriber line interface for a digital PBX.
2002-11-29 Subscriber line interface for digital switching systems
This article provides details on how the Zarlink MT8960-67 series of Voice Codecs can be used in conjunction with the MH88610 to implement a complete subscriber line interface for a digital PBX.
2002-08-06 Silicon phone-line interface cuts component count
The Litelink III IC from Clare Inc. combines a silicon telephone-line interface with a data-access arrangement (DAA). It is intended as an alternative to traditional transformer-based phone-line interfaces and other silicon DAA solutions that require more components and PCB space
2002-03-07 Maxim ADSL drivers deliver up to 12.5dBm line power
The MAX4361 and MAX4362 ADSL drivers, and MAX4363 ADSL driver/receiver produce an output current of 280mA (min.) and deliver up to 12.5dBm average line power for DMT-modulated signals
2009-01-06 Clock multiplier IC supports 10G line encoding rates
Silicon Laboratories Inc. has introduced an expansion of its Any-Rate Precision Clock family with the Si5315, a jitter-attenuating clock multiplier IC that meets or exceeds the performance, integration, frequency and jitter requirements for the 1G and 10G Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) market.
2002-03-19 ADI ADSL line driver delivers 18V from 12V supply
Designed using Adaptive Linear Power (ALP) architecture, the AD8393 ADSL line driver anticipates signal peaks in the network, and delivers 18V from a single 12V supply when the peak power is needed
2009-06-01 TS613 as driver for ADSL line interface - a single supply implementation with passive or active impedance matching
ADSL is a new modem technology that converts the existing twisted-pair telephone lines into access paths for multimedia and high-speed data communications. ADSL transmits more than 8Mbit/s to a subscriber, and can reach 1Mbps from the subscriber to the central office
2009-06-02 TS612 as driver for ADSL line interfacesa single supply implementation with passive or active impedance matching
ADSL is a new modem technology that converts the existing twisted-pair telephone lines into access paths for multimedia and high-speed data communications.
2003-06-10 Major DSL suppliers back DMT line code for VDSL
Eleven DSL semiconductor and system vendors have supported a discrete multi-tone modulation as the line code for standard-compliant VDSL
2007-07-02 Low-profile subscriber interface suits vDSL systems
FCI has developed a low-profile subscriber interface for very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber loop (vDSL) applications
2009-11-03 Hybrid line amps support higher throughput apps
CATV operators seek to upgrade infrastructure to support HD video, VoD, and high data rate Internet.
2007-06-28 Build WiMAX base stations, subscriber stations
Designing for WiMAX requires an understanding of the newest MAC and PHY features for fixed WiMAX systems and applications.
2012-06-06 An Asian view of the evolution of fixed line broadband
As speeds in fixed broadband services grow, the need for products that can keep up with the increasing speeds are also on the rise.
2003-10-31 LG 3G line to be powered by Altera Stratix
LG Electronics Inc. has selected Altera Corp.'s HardCopy Stratix devices for its 3G mobile comms infrastructure products.
2003-01-27 Zoom adopts Conexant ADSL semiconductor solutions
Zoom Technologies Inc. has incorporated Conexant Systems Inc.'s ADSL semiconductor solutions into four of its latest ADSL modems and residential gateways.
2002-04-19 xDSL Power Modules design recommendations
This application note explains how to use PowerDsine xDSL power modules PD-LPM-0xxx, PD-NPM-0xxx and assistance on how to get the best and most efficient operation from the DSL remote power modules.
2003-01-14 Turnstone cuts staff, seeks acquisition or dissolution
Turnstone Systems Inc. laid off 30 workers or 40 percent of its staff.
2002-06-03 TI unveils POTS voice over broadband solution
Texas Instruments Inc. has unveiled a family of programmable voice codecs that enable manufacturers and service providers to quickly deploy enhanced voice capabilities on existing broadband platforms.
2003-03-11 Switching Behavior of the L9215/16 Ringing SLIC
This application note describes the recommended operation of the L9215/16 ringing SLICs for switching in and out of the ring mode during both ringing cadence and ring trip.
2003-06-17 STMicro chip combines bridge, LAN functionality
STMicroelectronics has announced the availability of ST50160, an ADSL gateway processor and reference design that combines bridge and LAN router functionality.
2003-08-29 SPM12kHz and 16kHz Blocking Filters
This application note presents SPM (subscriber pulse metering or tax metering) detection and methods to attenuate SPM burst signals
2005-10-17 SLICs boast pure CMOS
Silicon Laboratories unleashed what it claims is the industry's first fully-integrated, quad-channel subscriber line interface circuit plus codecimplemented in 100 percent CMOS technology.
2011-07-27 SLIC solution for VoIP gateway unveiled
Silicon Laboratories' Si3226x Dual ProSLIC family for VoIP gateways delivers small bill of materials and board area and low power consumption.
2003-03-26 Silicon Laboratories expands Asian reach with new offices
Silicon Laboratories Inc. has expanded its Asian operations with new offices in mainland China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.
2000-12-07 Providing a POTS phone in an ISDN or similar environment
This application note presents an auxiliary circuit for the connection of a POTS phone (or answering machine, fax, etc.) to a digital communication line, such as ISDN
2003-08-15 Protection networks for telecommunication systems
This application note lists down several of the standards and ways to protect telecommunication systems.
1999-11-30 Power-on reset and power sequencing for the Am79C02/03/031 DSLAC devices
This application note describes the behavior of the Dual Subscriber Line Audio-Processing Circuit (DSLAC) device on a linecard during power-up. It is necessary to understand the behavior of the DSLAC device during power-up to ensure a successful linecard design. This note also discusses the power-on reset circuit operation, warm start, and sequence for the application of signals and power rails.
2003-02-04 Optus adopts Lucent VoDSL technology
Lucent Technologies Inc. has announced that Optus of Australia has deployed Lucent's VoDSL technology to expand the reach of its broadband portfolio of services.
2003-11-03 Optimizing the RISC/DSP combo for voice over IP
Extensible architectures are a way to combine RISC and DSPs, but a poor implementation can negatively affect cost and execution speed.
2002-09-26 Octal codec increases channel count on analog linecards
Legerity Inc. said that their eight-channel voice encoder/decoder will increase the channel density of analog linecards used in broadband digital loop carrier and PBX systems.
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