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2002-10-24 TDI to sample breakthrough p-type GaN substrates
Technologies and Devices Int. Inc. has announced a breakthrough in GaN compound semiconductor material growth technology, by demonstrating 2-inch diameter GaN templates with p-type electrical conductivity.
2002-09-27 SUSS wafer prober targets SAW substrates
The AP200SAW wafer test system from SUSS MicroTec GmBH is specifically designed to probe SAW substrates generally mounted on brittle wafers covered with thin metal layers down to 50nm.
2005-05-12 Supply of glass substrates to tighten, says Corning
Corning Display Technologies Taiwan predicts that supply of glass substrates for production of 5G and up panels will tighten for the next few months.
2010-12-06 Soitec, Sumitomo collaborate on engineered GaN substrates
Sumitomo to use layer transfer technology to create engineered GaN substrates
2005-09-29 Soitec, SEZ to speed industrialization of strained SOI substrates
The Soitec Group and the SEZ Group have initiated a joint development program (JDP) intended to speed the industrialization of next-generation strained silicon-on-insulator (sSOI) substrates.
2002-05-07 Silicon substrates that bend and shape
A Japanese team has found a way to bend and shape silicon substrates by growing a thin layer of diamond on top.
2003-04-10 Shenzhen OPE develops new technology for sapphire substrates
Shenzhen OPE Technologies Co. Ltd's research technology on sapphire substrates has passed the technology appraisal conducted by the Shenzhen Science & Technology Bureau.
2003-01-02 SEZ dryer eliminates breakage in fragile substrates
The SEZ Group has unveiled its AeroSonic drying technology, which features a motionless process that can dry high aspect ratio structures and fragile substrates without breakage.
2003-11-19 SDK restarts production of aluminum substrates for HDs
Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has restarted domestic production of aluminum substrates for hard disk media, centering on high-capacity product lines.
2008-05-12 Resistor nets come in silicon, ceramic substrates
Providing design engineers with a variety of substrate materials to suit specific applications and requirements, TT electronics BI Technologies offers its thin-film resistor networks on both silicon and ceramic substrates.
2011-03-30 Researchers recommend parameters on spraying substrates
Researchers at Toyohashi University of Technology take a closer look at how temperature and pressure influence materials sprayed on substrates.
2006-08-04 Researchers propose technique to eliminate need for substrates, chips, boards
Instead of fabricating circuits on chips and soldering them to printed-circuit boards, Canadian researchers propose painting transparent "solution processed" circuits directly onto a device's surface.
2008-11-26 Researchers fuse CMOS circuits, flexible substrates
Researchers claim to have invented a method that combines CMOS circuits on flexible substrates by transferring silicon circuits from a wafer onto the flexible polymer substrate.
2012-09-04 Research integrates CMOS into flexible substrates for medical implants
The technology uses SOI CMOS devices and two layers of a polymer called Parylene C, one of which is perforated, to bond them to flexible substrates.
2002-01-22 R&D consortium eyes system-in-package substrates
Five Japanese companies have formed an R&D association to develop materials and technologies for high-density substrates that will be used in system-in-package devices.
2005-01-04 Parlex, Infineon team on substrates for electronic ID products
Parlex Corp., a supplier of flexible interconnects, has formed a joint venture with Infineon Technologies AG to manufacture and sell advanced technology substrates for secure mobile electronic identification products.
2004-12-30 Parlex, Infineon team on substrates for electronic ID products
Parlex Corp., a supplier of flexible interconnects, has formed a joint venture with Infineon Technologies AG to manufacture and sell advanced technology substrates for secure mobile electronic identification products.
2013-04-02 Nvidia will push for 2.5D stacks on organic substrates
Organic substrates with new I/O techniques could pave the road to a 2.5D chip stack for Nvidia, said R&D VP William Dally.
2014-05-26 Novel technique produces graphene on non-metal substrates
The process uses CVD to sandwich a nickel film with graphene layers. The nickel film can be peeled away, leaving graphene on top of the non-metal substrate.
2014-04-02 Issues in embedding components within PCB substrates
Embedding components within a PCB substrate provides a host of benefits, but this alternative approach demands support from the entire supply chain.
2005-07-08 Intel, Corning codevelop ultraviolet photomask substrates
Intel Corp. and Corning Inc. have entered into an agreement to develop ultra low thermal expansion ULE glass photomask substrates required for Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography technology.
2001-09-07 In-Situ 4000 monitoring the growth of nitride films on transparent sapphire substrates
This application note discusses how to accurately measure substrate temperature during the growth of GaN on sapphire by using the In-Situ 4000 Process Monitor.
2002-07-23 GaAs substrates market down in 2001
The merchant market for semi-insulating GaAs substrates has experienced a 40 percent decline in 2001, according to a report from Strategy Analytics.
2006-06-14 Freescale demonstrates CMOS tech with strained SOI substrates
Freescale Semiconductor demonstrated an advanced CMOS technology that utilizes strained silicon-on-insulator substrates that could deliver dramatic performance improvements.
2007-08-23 Firm supplies InGaN substrates for LED production
Technology and Devices International has started supplying wafers with a top layer of InGaN for use in LED production.
2011-02-28 DRAM, CPU built on organic substrates shown at ISSCC
Organic innovations include an 8bit processor handling up to six instructions per second in an averaging routine, a 64bit organic DRAM and a technique for printing CMOS structures on plastic substrate.
2015-04-02 CVD graphene available on 100mm x 200mm substrates
The high-quality polycrystalline graphene films promise to outperform what the competition can deliver in terms of low defect density and high mobility.
2002-07-04 Cree to develop substrates for microwave, power devices
Cree Inc. has received two contracts, worth about $14.4 million, from the Office of Naval Research of the U.S. military.
2009-08-05 Corning, Soitec develop SiOG substrates for OLEDs
Corning Inc. and the Soitec Group have agreed to work together on the development of high-performance silicon-on-glass (SiOG) substrates for flat panel OLED mobile displays.
2007-12-12 Corning to make Gen 10 glass substrates at Sharp's plant
Corning's board of directors has approved a five-year capital expenditure plan of $795 million to co-locate a glass manufacturing facility at Sharp Corp.'s plant in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.
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