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2002-10-16 Scalable DP, OPC bridge subwavelength distortions
This article introduces OPC techniques and their correlation to data volumes and then examines the pros and cons of the available solutions used to tackle volumes.
2002-09-30 Numerical Technologies: Subwavelength - An opportunity for Taiwan's semiconductor industry?
Over the past 10 years, the emergence of Taiwan's contract semiconductor manufacturers, TSMC and UMC, as leaders in manufacturing have enabled many fabless companies to deliver these innovations cost-effectively to the market.
2002-04-15 Toshiba licenses Numerical's SiVL software
Toshiba Corp. has licensed Numerical Technologies' SiVL silicon verification tool for its latest subwavelength chips.
2002-04-26 TCE adopts Numerical's Virtual Stepper for photomask inspection
Taiwan-based photomask manufacturer Toppan Chunghwa Electronics (TCE) has incorporated Numerical Technologies' Virtual Stepper System into its photomask manufacturing process.
2005-05-02 Tackling physical verification below 90nm
The article reviews the key challenges of physical verification below 90nm and the methodologies needed to tackle them
2003-02-17 Simulation engine reduces fab cycle times
With an aim to strengthen the links with its suppliers and streamline its photomask operations, UMC collaborated with Numerical Technologies to define a simulation-based mask defect qualification methodology.
2003-09-16 Redefining design for yield, manufacturability
By adopting a more design-driven approach to production, many of the yield and manufacturing issues daunting the semiconductor industry can be addressed before they even occur.
2002-08-20 Photronics terminates photomask operations
Photronics Inc. plans to streamline its operating cost structure by reducing its North American work force and terminating its photomask manufacturing operations.
2003-08-01 Nano-optics redefine rules for optical processing
The commercial introduction of wafer-based, nanofabrication techniques now makes it possible to create a new class of optical components called subwavelength optical elements (SOEs).
2003-01-13 Looking at a kaleidoscope of design opportunities
Recovering from the downturn that has plagued the semiconductor industry for the past two years relies heavily on the 'pull-through' demand for electronics products from consumers.
2002-09-01 ICCAD adds panels, workshops for designers
This year's International Conference on Computer-Aided Design show will feature design-related papers and panels, as well as workshops on open source and open standards.
2002-01-17 Numerical licenses MaskTools' scattering bar technology
ASML MaskTools Inc. and Numerical Technologies Inc. have entered into a licensing agreement that will provide subwavelength manufacturing solutions that incorporate MaskTools' scattering bar technology.
2005-11-16 Anticipating nanometer design issues
Manage a growing array of issues arising from the use of nanometer process technology and subwavelength lithography.
2004-11-01 Wanted: New class of engineering generalists for DFM
Symposium sees need for 'tall and fat' engineers to help 'reintegrate' IC production.
2002-08-19 UMC deploys Numerical mask qualification products
UMC has deployed Numerical Technologies Inc.'s simulation-based mask qualification products, specifically the Virtual Stepper and i-Virtual Stepper, in its Taiwan facilities.
2004-09-01 Synopsys CEO calls for DFM cooperation
Synopsys CEO called on the design and fab communities to develop
2016-02-15 Super-thin acoustic metasurface seamlessly absorbs sound
Researchers from CNRS and the University of Lorraine developed a design for a coiled-up acoustic metasurface that can achieve total acoustic absorption in very low-frequency ranges.
2007-02-01 Startup weaves new foundation for chip design
Fabbrix claims it can provide the regular circuit patterns or 'fabrics' needed by manufacturable designs at 65nm and belowwithout area, performance or power penalties.
2004-06-01 Startup takes a novel design-for-yield approach
Anchor Semiconductor says it offers the market's first silicon design-rule-checking tool.
2004-04-14 Startup takes a novel design-for-yield approach
Anchor Semiconductor has begun shipments of NanoScope, a tool that provides full-chip, post-resolution-enhancement technology verification.
2002-05-14 SoC test reels out of control
System-level IC testing, already complicated by increasing chip capacity and the growing use of third-party intellectual property (IP), is now being threatened from another quarter.
2003-03-20 Optical interface alliances drive new integration business
Semiconductor and opto-component manufacturers culminating for the Optical Fibers in Communications Conference will seek through alliances and design wins the kind of subsystem integration long predicted for the optical transmission world.
2003-07-14 NanoOpto signs deal with Enplas for consumer optics
NanoOpto Corp. has signed its first manufacturing and licensing deal with a consumer electronics company.
2002-04-05 NanoOpto seeks opto builders for its pillar structures
NanoOpto Corp. will work with developers of passive and active optical elements to identify optoelectronic products that could make use of the company's passive pillar elements, CEO Barry Weinbaum said.
2006-02-22 Mentor's Calibre MDP tool suite qualified for production
Mentor Graphics announced its Calibre MDP tool suite has been qualified for production at IDMs for the 45nm process technology in flows based on the Oasis stream format.
2001-03-01 Library generators employ optical correction at cell level
This technology article discusses the enhancement of cell-based designs with the evolution of EDA.
2000-12-01 Let us give library development its due
Tighter integration with design implementation flow can boost productivity.
2002-11-07 Layout tool polishes designs for improved IC yields
Xyalis has developed a layout finishing tool that determines where dummy tiles can be placed in a chip design to increase manufacturing yields.
2007-05-25 Image sensor withstands extreme weather, heat
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd has developed a robust and lightfast image sensor that is extremely resistant to weather, heat and UV deterioration and can be used under harsh sunlight for over 20 years.
2005-02-03 German ISP goes live with Infinera's photonic transport system
Optical component and subsystem specialist Infinera revealed the first customer for its innovative networking system: German ISP freenet has gone live with a network based on the Digital Optical Network system that incorporates Infinera's tightly integrated optical integrated circuits.
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