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2013-05-24 Xilinx, Sumitomo team up to reduce CapEx and OpEx costs
Xilinx has recently announced its collaboration with Sumitomo Electric Industries by using its Gallium Nitride (GaN) power amplifier transistors to lower CapEx and OpEx costs.
2004-04-06 Sumitomo, Fujitsu consolidate compound chip operations
Fujitsu is combining the operations of its Quantum Devices group with the electronic devices division of Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd into a joint venture company dubbed Eudyna Devices Inc.
2003-02-19 Sumitomo to reorganize electronic wire operations
Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd has announced that they will reorganize its operations of electronic wire products in Japan.
2003-03-20 Sumitomo ships 10Gbps optical transceivers
Sumitomo Electric has introduced the SXP3101 and SDX4101 series of 10Gbps optical transceivers for use in 10GbE and 10Gb Fibre Channels.
2004-05-04 Sumitomo SFP transceivers suit very-short-reach apps
Sumitomo has developed 850nm VCSEL-based GbE and FC small form pluggable transceivers for very-short-reach apps
2008-02-19 Sumitomo readies 8Gbit/s SFP+ transceivers
Sumitomo Electric Industries is rolling out 8Gbit/s SFP+ optical transceivers for Fibre Channel applications. SFP+ is the next-generation transceiver package for 8Gbit/s Fibre Channel applications, at 850nm and 1310nm.
2003-04-24 Sumitomo begins latest GaN substrate mass-production
Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd has begun the mass-production of 2-inch GaN substrates which are essential to the manufacture of violet lasers used in next-generation optical disc equipment that supports 'Blu-ray Disc' and AOD optical disc formats.
2012-01-26 Soitec, Sumitomo demo 'smart-cut' GaN wafers
The substrates are produced by transferring ultra-thin high quality GaN layers from a single GaN wafer to produce multiple engineered GaN substrates.
2010-12-06 Soitec, Sumitomo collaborate on engineered GaN substrates
Sumitomo to use layer transfer technology to create engineered GaN substrates
2008-07-04 NEC, Sumitomo absorb submarine optic cable specialist
NEC Corp. and Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd have announced the acquisition of OCC Holdings and its subsidiary OCC Corp., which manufactures fiber optic submarine.
2003-08-05 Furukawa, Sumitomo to consolidate wireless ops
Furukawa Electric and Sumitomo Electric have reached a fundamental agreement to consolidate their respective wireless technology operations.
2003-12-29 Fujitsu-Sumitomo form semiconductor device venture
Fujitsu Ltd and Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd have reached a basic agreement to create a joint venture that will consolidate the operations of Fujitsu Quantum Devices Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu that is focused on the development, manufacture and sales of compound semiconductors, with the electronic devices business of Sumitomo Electric's compound semiconductor operations.
2004-01-09 Fujitsu, Sumitomo forge semiconductor alliance
Fujitsu Ltd and Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd have reached an agreement to create a joint venture that will consolidate the operations of Fujitsu Quantum Devices Ltd.
2002-09-09 Fujitsu, Sumitomo expand laser diode module MSA
Fujitsu Quantum Devices Ltd. and Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd have enhanced their previously formed MSA for a 10Gbps transmission laser diode module.
2004-01-06 Fujitsu, Sumitomo Electric establish joint venture
Fujitsu Ltd and Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd have reached a basic agreement to create a joint venture that will consolidate the operations of Fujitsu Quantum Devices Ltd.
2005-07-29 Three firms account for the preponderance of GaAs wafer supplies
Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI), Freiberger Compound Materials (FCM) and Hitachi Cable accounted for over 90 percent of wafers shipped into the merchant market during 2004, according to Strategy Analytics' latest study on the semi-insulating GaAs bulk substrate market, "Markets for SI GaAs Substrates: 2004-2009,".
2005-12-21 SEN selects Ikanos chipsets
SEN has selected Ikanos' Fx 100100-4 and Fx 100100S-4 chipsets, enabling carriers to provide interactive broadband services with symmetric speeds of up to 100Mbps to customers in Japan.
2003-05-23 SEI, SWS to form wire production base in Hungary
Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd and Sumitomo Wiring Systems Ltd have agreed to establish a new production company for automotive wires in Kisber, Hungary.
2003-12-05 SEI transceivers use 1,310nm DFB lasers
Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd (SEI) has developed the XFP and X2 10Gbps pluggable optical transceivers that use the company's uncooled 1,310nm DFB lasers.
2003-09-24 SEI starts volume shipment of optical transceivers
Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI) Ltd is now shipping in production volumes its SFP optical transceivers that are suitable for use in CWDM apps.
2002-02-06 SEI optical fibers exhibit low OH loss
Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd's PureBand and PureMetro optical fibers feature low OH absorption loss and are designed for MAN applications.
2003-03-26 SEI optical fiber has small minimum-bending radius
The PureAccess-Ultra single-mode optical fiber from Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd features a minimum-bending radius of 7.5mm.
2002-02-19 SEI constructs optical cable, optical fiber plants in Shenzhen
Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd has begun constructing manufacturing plants in Shenzhen, China.
2011-01-26 Renesas cuts costs, consolidates Kochi facility
Renesas Electronics Corp. will cut costs by increasing its Kochi facility's manufacturing efficiency. Aside from consolidating the fab, it will lease part of the space to Sumitomo Electric Industries.
2004-09-06 Latest multisource deal covers long-haul optics
The latest multisource agreement in the 10Gb optical component market announced in Tokyo, Japan on September 1 covers long-reach optical devices using externally-modulated lasers and avalanche photodiodes.
2006-09-04 Japanese comms equipment maker selects Ikanos CPE chipsets
Sumitomo Electric Networks, one of Japan's leading communications equipment manufacturers, has selected Ikanos' Fx 100100-5 and Fx100100S-5 CO and CPE chipsets for its next generation of broadband equipment.
2006-03-06 Fujitsu, Yokogawa ally on next-gen optical network
Fujitsu Ltd and Yokogawa Electric Corp. have allied on optical transmission systems for next-generation networks such as 40Gb backbone networks and 100Gb Ethernet
2002-06-27 Finisar, SEI forge cross-licensing deal
Finisar Corp. and Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd have signed a cross-licensing agreement covering certain fiber-optic transceiver IPs that both companies own.
2002-10-01 ExceLight widens laser diode's operating temperature
ExceLight Communications' new version of Sumitomo Electric's SLT5416 laser diode widens the operating temperature range to -400C to 850C.
2002-04-12 Cree to open office in Tokyo
Semiconductor company Cree Inc. has announced a plan to open an office in Tokyo, Japan, by the end of June 2002.
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