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2009-04-08 What's next after IBM-Sun merger talks fizzle
With its proposed acquisition of Sun Microsystems apparently shelved, executives at IBM are breathing a sigh of relief while Sun managers need to figure out how to survive the on-going consolidation of the computer industry accelerated by the steep recession.
2009-06-02 UNESCO, Sun Micro team to drive open source tech
UNESCO and Sun Microsystems have signed a collaboration agreement that recognizes open source technologies as key to increase access to information, communication technologies and information and communication technologies skills training in under-served communities throughout the world.
2005-07-01 Toshiba, Sun deliver Java tech handset for 3G services
Toshiba Corp. has adopted Sun Microsystems Inc.'s high-performance Java software implementation for cell phones to deliver its latest handsets for Vodafone, a mobile operator.
2003-11-04 TI, Sun Micro partner on wireless solutions
Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) and Sun Microsystems Inc. have collaborated to jointly deliver optimized end-to-end wireless solutions for 2.5G and 3G networks in the second quarter of 2004.
2006-03-30 Synopsys announces platform support for Sun processor
Synopsys announced its Galaxy Design and Discovery Verification Platform support for Sun Microsystems' UltraSPARC T1 processor.
2007-01-24 Sun-Intel deal puts heat on AMD, report says
Sun Microsystems reportedly is about to ink a contract with Intel Corp. on the supply of server processors, according to reports.
2008-04-14 Sun-Fujitsu processor fit for data center use
Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu have launched two co-developed servers based on the UltraSparc T2 Plus processor, which the companies say will make it possible for customers to consolidate more data center applications on a single machine.
2006-09-07 Sun, Unisys sue "DRAM price fixers
Sun Microsystems and Unisys have filed suit against South Korean chip maker Hynix Semiconductor seeking damages from its participation in DRAM price fixing, according to online reports.
2003-08-08 Sun, others push for Linux on the desktop
Sun Micro joined a band of smaller companies in making fresh assaults on Microsoft's Windows monopoly, attempting to drive Linux onto the Windows
2007-01-24 Sun, Intel announce strategic alliance
Sun Microsystems Inc. and Intel Corp. announced a broad strategic alliance centered on Intel's endorsement of the Solaris operating system.
2005-01-04 Sun, Cadence partner with Indian firm for VLSI training
Sun Microsytems and Cadence Design have partnered with Veda Institute of Information Technology, based in Hyderabad in southern India, to start the country's first nodal center of competency for research and development in VLSI engineering, design automation and embedded system engineering
2003-11-28 Sun, Alcatel back spec for multilevel backplanes
A group of seven semiconductor and systems companies has unveiled an alliance and draft specification on Nov 26 for high-speed multilevel signaling.
2006-10-17 Sun's StorageTek Ready platform gains more support
Ten industry players joined Sun Microsystems' Sun StorageTek Ready platform to expand storage technology adoption and promote trusted environments for customers.
2007-05-18 Sun's Joy: Fighting global warming is profitable
Sun Microsystems co-founder Bill Joy said that a worldwide response to global warming will drive a business revolution larger than the Internet in terms of scale and profits.
2009-08-14 Sun's Cornwell: NAND is moving to litho death march
A Sun Microsystems Inc. technologist scolded the NAND flash industry, saying vendors are ignoring the needs of the enterprise and moving towards the "lithography death march."
2007-10-15 Sun UltraSparc T2 servers tout built-in virtualization
New servers introduced by Sun Microsystems based on its eight-core UltraSparc T2 processor improve energy efficiency inside high-density systems and more easily enable virtualization and encryption.
2004-04-01 Sun turns to National for GigE chip development
National Semiconductor has combined proprietary Gigabit Ethernet media access control (MAC) technology from Sun Microsystems with it's own Gigabit Ethernet physical layer (PHY) core to develop a single-port controller that Sun will use in adapters, blade servers, and other network computing designs.
2006-02-20 Sun to support next-gen cryptography standard
Sun Microsystems has announced that the Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 will support Elliptic Curve Cryptography.
2003-11-10 Sun to put up Wal-Mart compliant RFID test center
Sun Microsystems has announced that they will be opening an RFID test center where Wal-Mart suppliers can test their RFID solutions to guarantee compliance with the Wal-Mart standard.
2003-06-11 Sun to optimize Java for Intel's Xscale
Sun Microsystems and Intel have agreed on a deal in which Sun will optimize its Java platform for Intel's Xscale-based silicon.
2005-05-10 Sun to develop products for Indian, Chinese markets
Sun Microsystems will develop products for the fast-growing Indian and Chinese markets, with plans to eventually tailor the products for the global market.
2006-02-27 Sun to acquire Aduva
Sun Microsystems and Aduva announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement pursuant to which Sun will acquire Aduva.
2007-05-11 Sun tips Java for iPhone clone
At JavaOne on May 8, Sun Microsystems debuted a Java software for a high-end cellphone that looked very similar to the Apple iPhone.
2007-08-13 Sun tips 'world's fastest' commodity MPU
Sun Microsystems has entered the commercial silicon market with what it claims is the world's fastest commodity microprocessor, the UltraSPARC T2.
2008-02-29 Sun taps China academe for Sparc IC design
Sun Microsystems and China's Ministry of Education have signed a three-year agreement to bolster education in IC design using Sun's Sparc microprocessor technology.
2007-05-03 Sun tapes out Niagara 2, shares CPU roadmap
Sun Microsystems has taped out its Niagara 2 and Rock processors, but the company faces a major hurdle getting access to 45nm and 32nm process technology for its future Sparc CPUs, according to Sun's David Yen.
2008-02-04 Sun stirs industry support for Rock CPU
Sun Microsystems is rallying an industry consortium around its approach to supporting transactional memory, a key piece of the puzzle of next-generation parallel programming systems.
2004-11-02 Sun spins first silicon of 'Niagra' processor
Sun Microsystems has manufactured first silicon of its next-generation Niagra processor, which isn't due to ship until 2006.
2007-10-31 Sun spearheads 'eco consortium' in India
Sun Microsystems has initiated an "eco consortium" in India to address the industry's concerns about limited power, space and energy in India as demand grows for infrastructure utilization.
2007-11-27 Sun solutions enable open petascale computing
Sun Microsystems Inc. has delivered two new systems designed to address the extreme computation, scale and storage requirements of today's HPC customer.
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