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2011-07-29 Supercapacitor charger targets short-term backup power
Linear Technology's LTC3226 is an inductorless supercapacitor charger with backup PowerPath controller for Li-ion or other low-voltage system rails.
2008-07-16 Supercapacitor charger comes in compact housing
Linear Technology Corp. introduces the LTC3225, an inductorless programmable supercapacitor charger for addressing high peak power and battery backup needs in portable applications.
2010-03-10 Supercap charger cuts need for balancing resistors
The LTC4425 supercap charger's automatic cell balancing maintains equal voltages on both cells, cutting the need for balancing resistors while protecting each supercapacitor from overvoltage.
2014-02-18 Linear supercapacitor minimises charging time
Programmed using a single resistor, the charger's input current is controlled over a range of 0.5A to 3A
2015-08-11 Examining a bi-directional supercap charger
A bi-directional average input current controlled buck-boost DC/DC supercapacitor charger/regulator utilises a switching algorithm, enabling its outputs to be regulated above, below, or equal to the input voltage.
2008-06-27 AAT4621EV: Evaluation kit guide for AAT4621 PC card supercap charger
This evaluation kit guide for the AAT4621EV demonstrate the features of the AAT4621 SmartSwitch supercapacitor charger.
2005-06-08 Estimating supercapacitor backup time on trickle-charger real-time clocks
This app note discusses methods used to calculate backup time, based on capacitor
2010-04-19 Managing high-current transient loads in battery-powered handhelds
Combining supercapacitors with suitable charger and driver technologies provides a route to delivering the short duration high currents demanded in modern mobile products without compromising battery and system performance
2010-08-13 2-cell chargers target small, high-peak power systems
Linear Technology Corp. unveils two new 2-cell supercapacitor chargers with cell-balancing feature
2013-10-18 Fast-charging supercaps using energy harvesters
Know the ways to speed-up charging of a supercapacitor by more than 20 times when compared to existing systems
2014-07-23 IoT drives energy harvesting solutions for wearables
One of the more recent emerging market segments covered under the Internet of Things that is particularly interesting from an energy harvesting perspective is the wearable electronics category.
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