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2014-05-14 Wearable supercapacitor chalks up high energy density
The device packs a network of graphene and carbon nanotubes, storing energy comparable to thin-film lithium batteries. It has volumetric energy density of 6.3microwatt-hours per cubic millimetre.
2014-05-21 Supercapacitor promises better batteries, faster EVs
The supercapacitor utilises a graphene foam architecture based on ruthenium oxide. The foam electrode was found to work safely in aqueous electrolyte, and deliver two times more energy and power.
2011-07-29 Supercapacitor charger targets short-term backup power
Linear Technology's LTC3226 is an inductorless supercapacitor charger with backup PowerPath controller for Li-ion or other low-voltage system rails.
2008-07-16 Supercapacitor charger comes in compact housing
Linear Technology Corp. introduces the LTC3225, an inductorless programmable supercapacitor charger for addressing high peak power and battery backup needs in portable applications.
2015-06-03 Novel carbon mat'l boosts supercapacitor performance
Stanford University researchers created a 'designer carbon' that features exceptional energy-storage capacity, enabling unprecedented performance in lithium-sulfur batteries and supercapacitors.
2014-02-18 Linear supercapacitor minimises charging time
Programmed using a single resistor, the charger's input current is controlled over a range of 0.5A to 3A.
2015-10-19 How to minimise power use in supercapacitor stacks
In this article, we explain how MOSFET-based current balancing can reduce power consumption in supercapacitor stacks.
2005-06-08 Estimating supercapacitor backup time on trickle-charger real-time clocks
This app note discusses methods used to calculate backup time, based on capacitor
2002-08-16 Cooper offers supercapacitor design kit
Cooper Electronic Technologies has made available the PowerStor supercapacitor design kit aimed at testing power storage capabilities of the company's Aerogel supercapacitor devices.
2011-02-08 Analyst projects 2015 supercapacitor market at $1.2 billion provides the results of a market report by BCC Research that estimates the supercapacitor market will grow 20.6 percent annually through 2015.
2005-11-22 Supercapacitors offer extended temperature range
AVX extended the temperature range of its BestCap series of electrochemical supercapacitors to operate over the range of -40C to 70C.
2010-03-10 Supercap charger cuts need for balancing resistors
The LTC4425 supercap charger's automatic cell balancing maintains equal voltages on both cells, cutting the need for balancing resistors while protecting each supercapacitor from overvoltage.
2014-01-22 Researchers explore CCTO as material for supercapacitors
Researchers are studying the possibility of fabricating a new class of high heat-tolerant electronics that would employ supercapacitors made from a material called calcium-copper-titanate.
2013-10-24 Researchers create supercapacitors out of silicon
Vanderbilt University researchers unveiled a supercapacitor design that allows storage of energy in chips with applications seen for solar cells and sensors.
2013-09-24 Researchers create densest array of carbon nanotubes
A team from Cambridge University in Englan said the recently developed material can help improve thermal interface materials, battery electrodes and supercapacitors.
2015-04-08 Philippines steps up efforts to develop fast charging battery
A team of researchers in the Philippines is pursuing research and development to boost the energy storage capacity of solar cells and develop a fast charging, high-capacity battery.
2016-04-08 MOSFETs balance supercaps with zero power burn
Find out how MOSFETs deployed in circuits that balance voltage and leakage current in supercapacitor series-connected stacks of two or more can be configured to burn zero power.
2010-04-19 Managing high-current transient loads in battery-powered handhelds
Combining supercapacitors with suitable charger and driver technologies provides a route to delivering the short duration high currents demanded in modern mobile products without compromising battery and system performance.
2009-05-11 LED flash drivers offer design optimization
CAP-XX Ltd is introducing supercapacitor-optimized LED flash drivers from several power management IC companies to optimize the design of high-power LED flash units for high-resolution camera phones and digital cameras.
2009-12-15 LED driver delivers up to 4.3A flash pulse
Exar Corp. claims the highest intensity LED flash driver with full management of supercapacitor-based flash technology.
2007-12-03 Here come supercapacitors
Supercapacitors bridge the power gap between batteries and conventional capacitors, delivering higher power bursts than batteries and storing more energy than capacitors.
2014-02-04 Graphene market to reach $141M in 2024, says analyst
Graphene's high electrical and thermal conductivities, mechanical strength and flexibility allows it to be used in electronics applications such as ultrafast transistors, touch screens and photodetectors.
2014-10-24 Graphene aerogels to boost electrical energy storage
Researchers at Lawrence Livermore found that graphene aerogel-based supercapacitor electrodes boast high surface area, good electrical conductivity, chemical inertness and long-term cycling stability.
2002-12-02 Flat supercaps feature ultrathin design
Cooper Electronic Technologies claims that its PowerStor F Series is the first commercially available ultrathin flat supercapacitor family.
2015-08-11 Examining a bi-directional supercap charger
A bi-directional average input current controlled buck-boost DC/DC supercapacitor charger/regulator utilises a switching algorithm, enabling its outputs to be regulated above, below, or equal to the input voltage.
2013-10-03 Energy harvesting: Get something from nothing
Here are the answers to questions of embedded developers using wireless sensor networks.
2013-12-27 Energy harvesting market to hit $4.2B by 2019
Researchmoz revealed that the growth of the market is anticipated to be based on demand for micro power generation that can be used to charge thin film batteries.
2015-11-02 Current balancing cuts power use in supercap stacks
In this article, we explain how MOSFET-based current balancing can reduce power use in supercapacitor stacks.
2014-01-27 Buck-boost converter supports up to 1.5A output current
Linear Tech's LTC3111 claims to offer 95 percent efficiency and delivers a continuous, jitter-free transition between buck and boost modes, making it ideal for RF and noise-sensitive applications.
2010-02-23 Buck-boost converter suits GSM modems
From Linear comes a 96 percent efficient, synchronous buck-boost converter that delivers up to 1A of output current to a regulated output voltage with inputs above, below or equal to the output.
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