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2008-03-26 Yahoo taps Indian supercomputer for cloud computing
In a research pact with Yahoo, India's Computational Research Labs will provide its EKA supercomputerclaimed to the fourth fastest in the worldfor research into cloud computing, which aims to provide supercomputing power over the Internet.
2015-04-17 US builds world's fastest supercomputer
The Collaboration of Oak Ridge, Argonne and Lawrence Livermore (CORAL) project financed by the U.S. Department of Energy aims to one-up the Chinese with up to 200petaflops systems by 2018.
2003-08-14 U.S. report calls for balanced approach to supercomputer R&D
The government should adopt a balanced approach to backing research in both custom and off-the-shelf supercomputing technologies.
2003-11-13 Tomen backs Fujitsu supercomputer project
Tomen Corp. announced that the company has received an order from Fujitsu Ltd to deliver a high-speed computer interconnect system conforming to InfiniBand.
2005-06-01 The graphics chip as supercomputer
The time has come for GPUs to transform into a full-fledged computing device.
2006-11-28 Synopsys develops supercomputer from Linux servers
Synopsys Inc. engineers built the 242nd most powerful supercomputer in the world using commodity Linux servers, according to a new ranking.
2004-10-26 Supercomputer sweepstakes heat up with new NEC entry
NEC has begun marketing the SX-8, its latest entry in the supercomputer sweepstakes.
2002-08-01 Supercomputer project sharpens climate simulations
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Department of Energy's National Energy Research Supercomputer Center have developed supercomputer that achieves a new level of climate simulation.
2009-06-26 Supercomputer gets super water-cooled
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and IBM plan a cutting-edge water-cooled supercomputer.
2010-11-23 SSD earns spot in IBM supercomputer
SMART Modular Technologies Inc.'s 2.5-inch Enterprise-grade MLC NAND flash solid state drive will be used in the planned IBM POWER7 high-performance supercomputer.
2014-06-02 SBCs make for cheaper access to supercomputer
Single-board computers including Raspberry Pi, Parallela, Renderfarm, and Nvidia's TK1 have made high-performance computing accessible to everyone, being bank- and power-friendly.
2008-07-01 Roadrunner strives to lead supercomputer race
IBM Corp.'s Roadrunner will go down in history as the first computer to consistently crank out 1 petaflops.
2007-10-31 NEC supercomputer is 'world's fastest' at 839TFLOPS
NEC has launched SX-9, said to be the world's fastest vector supercomputer with a peak processing performance of 839TFLOPS.
2009-11-20 Intel, NEC push supercomputer boundaries
The two companies will jointly develop high performance computing (HPC) system technologies.
2003-11-24 Intel commits $36M to supercomputer R&D
Intel announced during the Supercomputing 2003 conference that it will spend $36M over the next few years on R&D to fuel use of its Pentium and Itanium processors.
2006-05-10 India's Tata Group plans supercomputer venture
The Tata Group reportedly will invest about $140 million to float a company that will design and develop supercomputers.
2007-11-14 India supercomputer makes top-10 'most powerful' list
India debuted for the first time as home to one of the most powerful systems in the latest ranking of the top 10 supercomputers released at the Supercomputing 2007 conference.
2010-09-16 IDT supplies VRMs for fastest supercomputer
IDT announced that it supplied voltage regulator modules (VRMs) to SGI to power Altix UV, the world's current fastest supercomputer.
2015-07-16 IBM woos Indian clients to buy Watson supercomputer
IBM is aggressively pitching its supercomputer Watson to its Indian clients in the hopes of making generating more business with telecom firms amidst a dwindling market share in the country.
2006-09-12 IBM to build supercomputer with 1PF sustained speed
The U.S. Energy Department disclosed that IBM will build a next-generation supercomputer with the potential to achieve a sustained speed of 1,000 trillion calculations per second or 1 Petaflop.
2007-09-04 IBM tech hints at supercomputer the size of dust
IBM's Zurich Research Lab has presented a molecular switch that could replace current silicon-based chip technology with processors so small that a supercomputer could fit on a chip the size of a speck of dust.
2011-06-14 GPU supercomputer simulation accelerates solar energy
Researchers announced a record-breaking scientific simulation on the Tianhe-1A GPU supercomputer that furthers research in solar energy and in the semiconductor industry.
2003-05-13 GDA HyperTransport cores to power Cray supercomputer
GDA Technologies Inc. has licensed its HyperTransport IP cores to Cray Inc.
2012-04-05 Fujitsu unveils supercomputer system
The new Oakleaf-FX system, which employs Fujitsu's PRIMEHPC FX10 supercomputer, is one of the few petaflops-class systems in the world and achieves high energy efficiency.
2005-06-28 Fujitsu proposes 3-petaflops supercomputer
Fujitsu Ltd has disclosed a plan to develop a supercomputer with 3 petaflops of computing power by early 2011.
2002-01-08 Force Computers unveils embedded 'supercomputer'
Force Computers' PowerPMC-260 is said to be the fastest embedded-processor module available in the PCI mezzanine card (PMC) form factor, making it a strong candidate for 3G wireless communications.
2012-05-07 eASIC enables 3x energy efficiency for simulation supercomputer
Using eASIC's low power Nextreme-2 NEW ASIC devices, Tokyo Institute of Technology was able to achieve an energy efficiency ratio of 6.5 GFLOPS/Watt for its GRAPE-8 super computer.
2003-07-30 Dawning selects AMD processor for supercomputer
Dawning Information of China has decided to use Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron processor in designing its Dawning 4000A supercomputer.
2008-04-30 Cray, Intel ink supercomputer deal
Cray and Intel have partnered to develop a range of supercomputers and processor and interconnect technologies.
2010-11-18 China leads supercomputer top 500
The latest Top 500 supercomputers lists China as having the most powerful computer in the world, and with 42 supercomputers, is second only to the United States in the number of supercomputers.
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