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2005-05-16 Superconductors set course for wireless
Technological maturity and potentially lucrative applications suggest that low-temperature superconducting is turning a corner.
2008-04-04 Superconductors enable magnetic flux pinning for spacecraft
Cornell University researchers propose that superconductors paired with permanent magnets could enable spacecraft to hover unpowered above the ground in the same way Luke Skywalker's space racer hovered in the seminal Star Wars movie.
2016-04-13 Room temp superconductors soon to come
Corrected theories by several research groups resulted to improved technology as far as superconductors are concerned. Find out how room-temperature superconductors are being developed in this article.
2005-08-16 Big step to high-temperature superconductors
Rapid progress with ultracold superfluid gases over the past year has physicists confident that a full explanation of high-critical-temperature superconductivity is just around the corner.
2002-11-26 Superconducting junctions eyed for quantum computing
Josephson junctions, a superconducting type of transistor, are being investigated as a possible route to scalable quantum computers by a physicist at the University of Michigan.
2014-12-19 MIT researchers find superconductor law
Researchers at MIT have discovered the law governing thin-film superconductors. This eliminates trial and error for companies making photodetectors that can sense single photons and squids.
2010-09-28 Femtosecond laser ablation makes new films
Researchers report on the properties of femtosecond laser ablation plumes and their use for the deposition of superconductors to make metal films such as silver, gold, iron, nickel and cobalt.
2011-12-07 Recent discovery reveals graphene stripes
Graphitic superconductors have been shown to contain electronic stripes called 'charge density waves.'
2015-04-17 US builds world's fastest supercomputer
The Collaboration of Oak Ridge, Argonne and Lawrence Livermore (CORAL) project financed by the U.S. Department of Energy aims to one-up the Chinese with up to 200petaflops systems by 2018.
2013-07-16 Understanding electron pairing in magnetic semiconductors
Researchers measured the energy required for electrons to pair up and how that energy varies with direction, and identified the factors needed for magnetically mediated superconductivity.
2013-05-29 Thinnest semiconductor grown from MoS2 crystals
Columbia University researchers studied how MoS2 crystals stitch together, helping them understand the optical and electronic properties of the material.
2014-07-28 Tape stacks enable tough magnet conductor
Yttrium-based high-temperature superconducting tapes are assembled together, and then surrounded by a copper jacket and a stainless steel jacketachieving an electrical current of 100kA.
2008-03-25 Super-compressed silane superconducts
A Canadian-German research team has reported what they say is the first evidence that superconductivity can occur in a common gaseous hydrogen compoundsilanewhen compressed to a solid at very high pressure.
2014-03-25 Strain tunes surface electron states of TIs
Surface electrons behave like massless Dirac particles in a similar way to electrons in graphene, which make TIs a prime platform for the realisation of solid state quantum computing devices.
2013-12-05 Stanford team says stanene may be better than graphene
The new material, according to the researchers, conduct electricity on next-generation microchips with "100 percent efficiency" at room temperature and above.
2014-08-08 Spin-polarised probing visually renders magnetism
Researchers used a spin-polarised scanning tunnelling microscope for atomic-scale imaging of magnetic structuresexpected to reveal new aspects of high-temperature superconductivity.
2009-12-17 Smart grids offer $12B opportunity
The use of nanocomposite materials in power grids will allow it to carry much larger currents and voltages than today, creating a huge opportunity for materials suppliers.
2015-08-27 Small RF filters handle multiple bands in single die
RF filter specialist Resonant claims to have developed multi-band techniques that allow two or three filters to share the same die, as well as creating tunable models that can change their frequency.
2014-06-19 RF design staple finds use in quantum computing
With the ability to create any waveform imaginable for a wide range of applications, arbitrary waveform generators are being used to work out the manipulation of qubits to develop quantum computers.
2014-02-10 Researchers highlight graphene's ballistic transport property
The study reveals that graphene nanoribbons act more like optical waveguides or quantum dots, allowing electrons to flow smoothly along the edges of the material to spawn innovative electronic devices.
2013-09-09 Research brings practical spintronics closer to reality
A team of researchers at RIKEN Centre for Emergent Matter Science proposed a device that instead of moving electrons is able to transport information using electron spin over long distances.
2009-03-20 Quantum theory to explain high-temp superconducting
Researchers will attempt to explain high-temperature superconductivity through a theory of quantum phase changes this week during the American Physical Society in Pittsburgh.
2015-02-24 Novel transistor exhibits quantum spin Hall effect
MIT researchers discovered an innovative transistor that harnesses a new effect, called the quantum spin Hall effect, to create a topological field effect transistor (TFET).
2003-11-07 NEC, RIKEN announce success on quantum logic gate project
NEC Corp. and the RIKEN Institute of Physical and Chemical Research have announced that in a jointly conducted experimentation, a quantum logic gate operation has been successfully demonstrated in a solid-state device consisting of two coupled quantum bit (qubits).
2011-09-12 Measuring Hall effect in materials characterization
The ability to make precise Hall effect measurements becomes increasingly important as the need to characterize high mobility materials becomes increasingly critical.
2002-02-28 Magnetized polymer eyed as storage medium
The world's first photo-induced magnetism in a polymer was demonstrated by researchers here at Ohio State University and at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City.
2013-06-04 Iridium reveals superconductivity features
Researchers at Riken Centre for Emergent Matter Science focused on a compound based on iridium that highlights certain unconventional superconducting capabilities.
2010-08-12 Inhomogeneities in electron density enhance superconduction
Researchers at the US Energy Department's Oak Ridge National Laboratory working on room-temp superconductivity provide an explanation for the enhanced superconductivity of some materials in relation to others.
2006-07-10 High-temp superconductivity study progresses
Researchers reported that they are closer to understanding the mechanism behind high-temperature superconductivity.
2013-11-06 Graphene holds potential to yield terahertz lasers
Despite its lack of a bandgap, Max Planck researchers were able to demonstrate population inversion in graphene at terahertz frequencies after exciting it with an infrared laser.
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