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2013-04-29 Supertex's MEMS driver tooled for high voltage drive apps
Running a base of 4 amplifiers, the HV264 will find use in a variety of MEMS and other High Voltage Drive applications, such as driving optical MEMS and piezoelectric transducers.
2002-10-18 Supertex ships dual EL lamp driver
Supertex Inc.'s HV831 dual EL driver IC can drive two separate or concurrent EL lamps.
2002-07-05 Supertex rolls out universal relay driver IC
Claimed to be the industry's first universal relay driver IC, the HV9901 chip from Supertex Inc. features PWM switching capability and support an input range of 8Vdc to 450Vdc or up to 240Vac.
2004-05-18 Supertex rolls out HB driver IC
Supertex has disclosed that its HV9910 is the industry's first universal, high brightness LED driver IC.
2005-05-26 Supertex PWM controller IC uses low noise boost-buck topology
The new HV9930 from Supertex is a variable frequency PWM controller IC designed to control an LED lamp driver using a low noise boost-buck topology.
2002-08-06 Supertex power supply controller suits lighting apps
The HV9906 enables designers to produce miniature power supplies that can drive a variety of LEDs including traffic and street lights, emergency lights, and automotive head/tail lights.
2005-02-15 Supertex MOSFET saves board space
Supertex introduced a six-pair high voltage, low threshold N-channel and P-channel MOSFET with integrated gate-source resistor and gate-source zener diode clamps.
2004-08-31 Supertex makes 233 products "green"
Supertex has made available 20 different packages and 233 products in lead-free packages.
2003-06-20 Supertex linear regulator features 100V input voltage
The LR12 high voltage adjustable linear regulator from Supertex Inc. features an operating input voltage range of 13.2V to 100V.
2005-08-25 Supertex LED driver with PFC simplifies street lighting
Supertex' HV9931, an off-line driver for single high-brightness LEDs, includes a power factor correction stage that suits the chip to traffic signal, street lamp and decorative lighting applications.
2005-12-05 Supertex LED driver IC with wide input voltage range
Supertex unveiled a new LED driver IC designed to provide high LED current accuracy and a very wide input voltage range of 9V to 250V. Target applications include RGB backlighting, automotive lighting, and battery powered LED lamps.
2005-08-05 Supertex LED driver IC delivers 30mA regulated output current
The new 3-pin switch-mode LED driver IC with a regulated output current of 30mA from Supertex can be operated from either a rectified universal AC line range of 85Vac to 264Vac or 20Vdc to 400Vdc.
2013-04-29 Supertex intros high brightness LED driver
The HV9910C is an open loop, current mode, universal LED driver IC geared for general and decorative LED lighting, flat panel display backlighting and other DC/DC or AC/DC input based applications.
2002-11-25 Supertex ICs drive MEMS in optical networks
Supertex Inc. has announced the release of the HV256 and HV257 32-channel, integrated amplifier array ICs that operate from a single 300V voltage supply.
2003-07-01 Supertex IC integrates Power FET, thermal sensor
The HV111 from Supertex is a fully integrated, high voltage Inrush Limiter/Circuit Breaker/Hotswap IC for externally powered network equipment.
2004-09-16 Supertex IC enables the design of highly efficient power supplies
Supertex has developed a high frequency power supply controller IC that utilizes the advantages of active-clamp converter topologies.
2004-01-29 Supertex driver IC offers <1mm profile height
Supertex Inc. has disclosed that its HV850 offering is the industry's first inductorless electroluminescent (EL) lamp driver IC.
2003-07-04 Supertex display driver IC targets high-frequency apps
The HV632 from Supertex is an 80V, 32-channel driver IC that is designed for FPDs such as PLC, VF, and electrofluorescent and field emission displays.
2002-07-01 Supertex controllers manages up to four BMP supplies
The HV302/HV312 hot-swap controllers from Supertex Inc. provide 110 to 190V hot-swap power management capabilities with user programmability of startup delays and turn-on sequence of up to four board-mount power supplies in telecom and datacom apps.
2005-01-26 Supertex analog switch ICs available in 26-lead TA package
Supertex announced the release of its HV220 and HV230 low charge injection 8-channel, high-voltage analog switch ICs.
2003-10-21 Supertex analog switch features bleed resistors
Supertex Inc. has released the HV238, a 220V sixteen-channel, high voltage analog switch IC with built-in bleed resistors.
2002-10-24 Supertex amplifier array drives MEMS apps
Supertex's HV254 32-channel, 250V amplifier array IC is suitable for driving MEMS in optical cross-connects, switches, and tunable optical laser modules.
2005-08-17 New voltage drivers from Supertex
The new HV839 and HV841 from Supertex are high voltage drivers designed for driving two EL lamps with a combined area of 3.5-inches?. The input supply voltage range is from 2V to 5.8V.
2014-02-17 Microchip buys Supertex for high-voltage process tech
With its acquisition of Supertex, Microchip makes its entrance into the LED lighting industry in the medical and industrial sectors.
2008-11-20 High Voltage DC/DC Converter for Supertex Ultrasound Transmitter Demoboards
The Supertex AN-H59DB1 demoboard is a high voltage DC/DC converter.
2004-01-15 Zowie bridge rectifiers rated at 1A
Zowie Technology has expanded its line of sintered glass passivated junction bridge rectifiers with the release of the MBC02 to MBC12 rectifiers.
2005-05-04 Switch with low parasitic capacitance
The HV238 from Supertex is a 220V 16-channel high voltage analog switch IC with output bleed resistors.
2005-10-24 Resistors reduce switch noise
Supertex rolled out two new low charge injection, 16-channel, 200V analog switch ICs that tout improved density and performance.
2005-09-14 Quad drivers deliver the sharper image
The MD1810 and MD1811 quad drivers from Supertex are designed for MOSFETs that drive a high capacitance load, such as required in ultrasound imaging and CCD-based products.
2006-04-25 PWM fan speed controller IC with wide input voltage range
Supertex's new PWM fan speed controller has a wide input voltage range of 16V to 90V, making its suitable for use in 24V and 48V systems.
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