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What is uninterruptible power supply (UPS)?
An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is equipment that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source, typically the utility mains, fails. A UPS differs from an auxiliary or emergency power system or standby generator in that it provides
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2012-06-25 XP Power opens green fab in Vietnam
XP Power's power supply manufacturing facility in Ho Chi Minh City incorporates a solar PV array, eco-friendly glass to prevent solar heat gain, low energy lighting, and ultra-efficient air conditioning.
2000-12-06 Very wide input voltage range, off-line flyback switching power supply
This application note reviews one method of enabling a discontinuous-mode flyback converter to operate beyond its traditional range of input voltage of 3:1 to a range of more than 6.6:1 without affecting the reliability of its operation.
2000-12-07 Universal input voltage range power supply for high resolution monitors with multi-sync capability
This application note describes an easy-to-build, high-performance, low-cost 100W flyback power supply that is capable of working in any mains supply from 85Vac to 265Vac (40Hz to 100Hz).
2008-11-03 Trimming standby power supply consumption
Consumer electronics and home appliances, and in general all electronic equipment, play a key role in the reduction of the energy consumption. This requires a continuous technological improvement of all electronics products. New advanced solutions must be continuously and rapidly developed with high quality, efficiency and respect for the environment.
2002-07-05 TI ships 6A power module for point-of-load apps
Texas Instruments Inc. has shipped the PT5400 SWIFT power module that provides up to 6A of output current and is targeted to point-of-load applications
2005-10-07 TI power conversion chip targets OMAP-based mobile handsets
Texas Instruments has unveiled a power conversion IC that supports power supply requirements for OMAP-based mobile handsets and XScale-based multimedia devices.
2009-11-10 Telenor Pakistan base stations use solar power
Telenor Pakistan signed a contract with Nokia Siemens Networks for the construction of solar-powered cell sites.
2002-01-15 Small ac/dc supply for telecom delivers 1kW
OnLine Power Supply Inc. touts proprietary distributed-power magnetics technology as key to the size, weight and reliability advantages of its OPS-1000-48 ac/dc supply.
2006-06-09 Single-output switching power supplies deliver 65W from 3.3-48V
V-Infinity's single-output open-frame switching supplies delivers up to 65W from 3.3-48V for telecom, industrial and consumer apps.
2000-12-05 Semiconductor considerations for dc power supply voltage protector circuits
This application note addresses the requirements for the semiconductor sensing circuitry and SCR crowbar devices used in DC power supply overvoltage/undervoltage protection schemes.
2009-03-11 Power Tip #2: Overcoming power supply's noise issues
A noise-free power supply is not an accident. A good power supply layout is essential to minimize lab time when bringing up a new design. A few hours or even minutes spent looking over the layout can save days of troubleshooting down the road.
2009-12-30 Power supply socket achieves 5,000 mating cycles
Suyin has developed a DC power supply socket that measures 15.85mm x 14mm x 7.6mm that can be located anywhere in the supplied system's housing for maximum design flexibility.
2008-05-08 Power MOSFET basics: Understanding MOSFET characteristics associated with the figure of merit
This application note from Vishay Siliconix focuses on the basic characteristics and understanding of the MOSFET.
2014-09-16 Power management IC features 4MHz switching frequencies
The chip from AMS also integrates DC-DC buck and boost converters, step-down controller and LDOspower management building blocks required to power Li-ion battery-operated handheld devices
2008-07-10 Power management IC eyes mobile GPS
The AAT2603 from Advanced Analogic Technologies, a power management IC targeted at mobile GPS devices, PMPs and other handheld mobile systems operating off a single Li-ion battery
2006-02-14 Power management chip designed as partner for APE
STMicroelectronics announced a compact single-chip power-management devicethe STw4810which is designed as a partner for any multimedia application processor engines
2002-01-09 Power Add SMPSs exhibit 98 percent active PFC
2007-08-16 PMICs pack power into small portables
Vendors are now addressing power management problems in circuits that embed intelligence
2005-06-27 Phihong 500W switching supply is hotplug n+1 configurable
Phihong introduced a 500W 1U switching power supply with 1,500Vac output isolation and SELV output for applications such as Power-over-Ethernet, telecommunications, servers and network redundant power sources.
2005-06-21 Parvus preps its new galvanically isolated dc-dc power supply
Parvus disclosed that it will soon release its new 60W, triple-output galvanically isolated PC/104 Bus dc-dc power supply that features a special mechanical design hardened for extreme temperature, shock and vibration.
2007-08-07 O2Micro wins CCFL power driving patent
O2Micro was issued 12 claims under U.S. patent number 7,236,020 for its Pulse Translation Power Driving Techniques in both full and half bridge inverter applications
2000-06-12 New High Efficiency HBT Analog Cellular Power Amplifier
This technical note examines the RF2131, an HBT analog cellular power amplifier that can be used to simplify cellular phone design and features a single 4.8V power supply, power output of 1.2W at 824MHz to 849MHz range, current consumption of 420mA and total efficiency of 60 percent.
2005-04-22 NEC design tool analyzes power integrity within seconds
Coping with a growing need for full-chip power integrity analysis of low supply voltage, high frequency and smaller geometry devices, NEC Corp. of Japan has developed a power line design tool that performs power integrity analysis in a fraction of the time of comparable tools.
2009-12-16 MOSFET ups reliability in PC, server power supplies
STMicroelectronics offers an ultra-efficient MDmesh V power MOSFET in the TO-247 size package that claims to deliver the lowest on-state resistance for 650V MOSFETs
2002-07-16 Maxim TFT-LCD power supply has 1mm profile
The MAX1889 TFT-LCD power supply from Maxim Integrated Products combines a step-up regulator with two linear-regulator controllers and multiple levels of protection circuitry.
2002-11-04 Maxim power supply ICs power TFT-LCDs
Maxim's MAX1997 and MAX1998 power supply ICs operate from a 2.7V to 5.5V input and provide voltages necessary for active-matrix, TFT-LCDs.
2003-03-04 Maxim power supply IC suit digital camera apps
The MAX1565 power supply IC integrates high-efficiency step-up and step-down dc/dc converters with three step-up controllers into a 5-by-5mm thin QFN package.
2008-10-29 LMV243 single-channel, quad-band GSM power controller evaluation board
This board can be used to evaluate National Semiconductor's LMV243 Single-Channel, Quad-Band GSM Power Controller
2008-08-07 Libero IDE loads new power reduction options
Actel Corp. has introduced new power reduction and design creation enhancements to their Libero Integrated Development Environment (IDE
2005-06-24 Lambda AC/DC power supply meets both medical, emission specs
Lambda's NV180, a single-output AC/DC power supply in a 3-by-5-by-1.25-inch chassis that delivers up to 180W, is particularly suited to high-density medical, process-control and test-and-measurement equipment.
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