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1999-11-11 Surface mount: from design to delivery
There are many questions associated with the SMT process. This article examines them in greater detail, and reviews the basics behind the surface mount assembly process.
2003-10-03 Surface Mount Assembly and Handling of ANADIGICS LPCC Packages
This application note outlines the steps necessary for the handling and assembly of ANADIGICS power amplifiers in LPCC packages
2002-01-04 Surface Mount Techniques, UPTIME sign strategic partnership
Surface Mount Techniques, a supplier of SMT solder paste printing machines, and UPTIME Inc., a PCB assembly equipment service organization, have entered into a strategic partnership.
2013-08-07 Surface mount OCXO boasts output load of 15pF
Fox Electronics' FTM series of surface mount oscillators provides a standard stability of +10ppb across a set of standard frequencies in the 5MHz to 40MHz range and stabilities as tight as 5 ppb
2007-12-20 SMT DC/DC converters ease assembly
Ericsson Power Modules has released three surface-mount versions of its PKU series of DC/DC converters that are designed to make product assembly easier.
2009-04-30 Power resistor improves automated board assembly
Bourns Inc. has developed a new power resistor specifically engineered to meet high temperature soldering requirements that enable improved automated board assembly
2006-03-03 ON Semi JV among China's top 10 semicon assembly companies
ON Semiconductor has announced that its Leshan-Phoenix Semiconductor joint venture has been ranked among China's Top 10 Semiconductor Assembly and Test Enterprises for 2005
2005-10-26 New surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistor from Vishay
Vishay announced a 1W/10W surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistor that is touted to be the industry's smallest such device to combine a low 15 to 100 milliohm resistance value range, a tight tolerance of 1 percent and low RTC values down to 75ppm/C
2000-03-27 Leaded surface mount technology (SMT
SMT allows production of more reliable assemblies with higher I/O, increased board density, and reduced weight, volume, and cost. The weight of printed board assemblies (PBAs) using SMT is reduced because surface mount components (SMCs) can weigh up to 10 times less than their conventional counterparts and occupy about one-half to one-third the space on the printed board surface. This application note describes the leaded SMT process
2000-03-24 HSDL-2XXX Surface Mount Technology assembly
This application note describes the HSDL-2XXX surface-mount technology assembly design.
2003-06-20 Hermetic Surface Mount Device (SMD), Its Advantages and Solutions to Assembly Integration.
This application note discusses the advantages of using hermetic surface mounted devices and presents several procedures for Assembly Integration
2014-08-27 Handling, process guidelines for surface mount IC
This application note provides recommendations for handling, storing and mounting of Texas Instruments' surface mount IC packages. It can be used as a guideline and reference to support customers
2004-10-13 FCI I/O connector system simplifies PCB assembly
The Densi-Shield I/O connector system from FCI offers 8 pair connectors, which provide a reduced side-by-side pitch of 12.5mm.
2007-04-13 Cable assembly suits edge card interfaces
Samtec's EEDP Series High Data Rate Cable assembly provides a flexible high speed cable system for edge card interfaces with a choice of mounting and rugged latching options
1999-11-03 Board assembly techniques for 0.4mm pin pitch surface mount packages
This note outlines the basic board assembly operation using fine pitch packages and provides detail on each portion of the operation as it pertains specifically to packages with 0.4mm pin pitch
2002-07-05 BivarOpto LED pipe assembly provides 1600 viewing angle
The IP67 series of panel mount flexible light pipes assembly from BivarOpto provides advanced focusing technology via a micro-frensel lens, a 1600 viewing angle, and a captured intensity of up to 100m
2002-01-21 Bivar LED light pipe assembly lights up display panels up to 100m
Claimed to provide 1200 viewing angle and extend LED lighting to display panels of up to 100m, the FLP-O light pipe assembly series is geared towards miniature display requirements of CompactPCI applications
2002-01-30 BI Technologies surface-mount inductor handles 20A
The Magnetic Components division of BI Technologies has launched a line of low-profile, surface-mount inductors with a closed magnetic-circuit design for high-density PCB assemblies
2013-05-17 Asian Circuits unveils turn-key PCB assembly service
Asian Circuits offers both partial and full turn-key PCB assembly services and covers a wide range of mid to high production volumes
2010-11-15 Surface-mount RTP device helps protect against thermal events damage
Tyco Electronics introduced has a technology that enables manufacturers to incorporate surface-mountable thermal protection in their standard RoHS-compliant reflow assembly process
2011-11-23 Surface-mount MLCC operates from -55C to 125C
Vishay's ceramic chip capacitor offers voltage ratings from 1-1.5kVDC and capacitance range from 33-560nF.
2003-06-30 Guidelines for the Assembly of SMD10 Devices
This application note provides details of thermal characteristics and mounting considerations for the SMD10 surface mount package from International Rectifier
2000-05-08 Guidelines for the Assembly of SMD10 Devices
This application note gives details of thermal characteristics and mounting considerations for the SMD-10 surface-mount package from International Rectifier. A few suppliers of such substrate materials are mentioned at the end of this application note
2000-12-01 Guidelines for the assembly of SMD10 devices
This application note gives details of thermal characteristics and mounting considerations for the SMD10 surface-mount package from International Rectifier
2008-10-22 Assembly and PCB layout guidelines for QFN packages
The design of dual-row and multi-row QFN packages allows for flexibility and enhances electrical performance to very high-speed operating frequencies.
2008-10-06 Assembly and PCB layout guidelines for chip-scale packages
This application note provides general guidelines for proper board design and surface-mount process
2008-07-21 VCO rolls for L-band microwave radio apps
Z-Communications Inc. has released a RoHS-compliant voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) in the L-band.
2012-06-06 ST plastic MEMS mic brings sleeker gadget design
ST claims that its novel microphone-assembly process ensures superior electrical and acoustic performance, unbeatable mechanical robustness and slimmer form factors
2006-01-12 New wafer-level package tech from National
National Semiconductor announced the micro SMDxt chip package, the company's newest generation of wafer-level package technologies.
2003-06-19 Hand soldering tutorial for fine-pitch QFP devices
This application note is intended to help designers create initial prototype systems using Cygnal's TQFP and LQFP devices where surface-mount assembly equipment is not readily available.
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