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2002-02-27 Tyco screwless wire connector provides alternative to soldering
A cross between a conventional board-mount wire connector and a terminal block, the Buchanan vertical screwless wire connector provides an alternative to soldered, wire-to-board terminations
2002-05-23 FCI FPC connector increases cable retention
FCI Communications has released the 62674 series of 0.5mm pitch vertical connector that incorporates a cable lock option to provide a higher cable retention force for flexible PCBs
2012-01-16 zSFP+ connector geared for 25Gb/s Ethernet
The 20-circuit connectors support 10Gb/s Ethernet and 16Gb/s fiber channel applications.
2006-12-08 XFP connector modules roll for 10GbE
Pulse has introduced a line of 10Gbit XFP modules for use with 10Gbit hot-pluggable optical transceiver modules.
2012-07-20 Triad Magnetics introduces economical wall-mount, plug-in power supply
The wall-mount, plug-in power supply series consumes 25 percent less power in a small package
2007-10-30 Tiny RF connector tailored for wireless apps
Murata Electronics North America rolls what it claims the industry's smallest RF, surface-mount switch connector for wireless applications.
2005-09-26 Teradyne's single-ended connector touts highest density, speed
Teradyne has unveiled its new Ventura high-speed, high-density connector, which the company claims to be the fastest single-ended interconnect with the most signal pins per inch of any connector available today
2007-06-18 Surface-mount Micropax connectors application note
This note covers the recommended application of surface mount plugs and receptacles to aid both design engineers and manufacturing engineers in the proper use of Micropax connectors
2010-08-04 Surface mount IDC connector has 6A rating
AVX Corp. has expanded its 9176 Series of reliable discrete wire-to-board connectors with the launch of the 9176-400 Series contact and cap.
2007-10-18 Right-angle, edge-mount high-speed connectors roll
Samtec Inc. has grown its Q2 second-generation Q Series high-speed connector system, the QMS and QFS series, with right-angle and edge-mount connectors for perpendicular and co-planar board mating applications
2006-04-11 Power connector offers increased current capacity
Tyco Electronics has launched a high-current card edge connector based on its SEC-II product line
2002-01-04 Molex SFP connector system supports 2Gbps data rates
The company's high-speed, high-density small form-factor pluggable (SFP) connector and cages are employed to interface copper or fiber-optic pluggable transceivers and cable assemblies to host equipment
2002-10-17 Kycon offers improved shielding Firewire connector
The KFWS-SMTBS2 right-angle, surface-mount IEEE 1394 (Firewire) serial bus connector from Kycon Inc. has added a back shield to minimize EMI/RFI issues.
2002-06-11 KSP computer connector has 25-milliohm contact resistance
The PLCC series of computer connectors from Kai Shui Pang Co. Ltd has added a 144-pin version with a 2.54mm pitch and a contact resistance of 25 milliohms.
2005-07-26 I/O connector suits portable apps
AVX released its new standard 9257 series I/O connector system that is designed specifically to meet the space constraints of portable electronic equipment
2006-10-16 FCI touts 'first' 2mm connector with 0.1mm coplanarity
FCI said it is the first to develop a 2mm pitch modular connector system with 0.1mm coplanarity for all surface-mount parts.
2004-10-13 FCI I/O connector system simplifies PCB assembly
The Densi-Shield I/O connector system from FCI offers 8 pair connectors, which provide a reduced side-by-side pitch of 12.5mm
2002-07-02 FCI expands PCB connector line
FCI has expanded its Conan range of PCB stacking connectors to cover six different parallel board spacing up to 7mm.
2005-01-10 ERNI beefs up SMT D-sub connector line
ERNI is expanding its offering of mount D-subminiature connectors by adding vertical D-subs for surface mount applications
2014-06-06 ECT beefs up connector reliability
The connector is designed with an active biasing to allow for continual internal contact, and a deep draw plunger make for a low mass had to cope with shock and vibration
2011-10-27 Connector touts 0.5N maximum contact force
ITT's surface-mount lead spring DSC Series connector provides a high Hertz force of 300Kpsi.
1999-09-09 Connector solutions for pagers
Today, the use of surface-mount connectors to increase the component density of PCBs is growing as a total percentage of connectors processed in various PCBs. Resources have been channeled to develop various requirements pertaining to the design and processing of surface-mount connectors. This paper summarizes some of the key developments in relation to the evolution of the pager design
2006-02-28 Card-edge connector supports MicroTCA standard
FCI has developed surface-mount, card-edge connectors specifically for the MicroTCA standard
2006-05-11 Board-stacking connector eases server management interface
FCI offers its BERGSTAK 0.8mm board-stacking connector system as a common connector interface for add-in cards in server management applications
2002-10-22 Astron SMC memory card connector rated to 250V
The 54-26 series of SMC memory card connector from Astron Technology Corp. is rated at 250V, 0.5A
2003-06-03 AIC PGA connector enables fewer board layer tests
The surface-mount, interstitial PGA connector from AIC involves the application of the patented BGA socket adapter system in an existing, molded PGA wafer.
2000-04-01 A high density Ball Grid Array connector system
This paper describes the BGA product, process, and reliability testing. It primarily focuses on the development of the BGA board application process and the capabilities this technology brings about.
2009-05-06 Connector loads SIM, microSD cards
Alps Electric Europe GmbH has introduced the new SCHG series of combine type connectors with a two-slot, double-deck structure that enables the separate insertion of an 8-pin SIM card and a microSD card.
2004-08-05 Wave Tech connector accepts Type I, Type II cards
Wave Tech's CF series of surface-mount compact Flash Memory Card connectors features zinc alloy shell and accepts Type I and Type II Cards
2004-05-26 SMK coaxial connector with 1.4mm height
The TC-5 series of surface-mount coaxial connectors from SMK is claimed by the company to have the industry's lowest profile, smallest size and lightest weight
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