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2007-09-18 Surface-mount white LED achieves 30 lumens flux
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. (TAEC) has expanded its family of white LEDs with a new device that can provide a typical flux of 30 lumens from a driving current of 250mA
2010-11-05 Surface-mount devices have AEC-Q200 certification
Tyco's line of PlySwitch devices found to conform to automotive industry's stringent AEC-Q200 standard
2003-03-18 Surface-mount dc/dc converter delivers 15A
Ericsson Power Modules has released the PKD 4510 ASI lead-free dc/dc converter that delivers up to 15A at 3.3V.
1999-11-10 Surface mount soldering recommendations
The most important consideration in reliability is achieving a good solder bond between surface mount device (SMD) and substrate since the solder provides the thermal path from the chip. A good bond is less subject to thermal fatiguing and will result in improved device reliability.
2014-03-14 Surface mount sensor emits full angle beam at 80 degrees
The series of surface mount sensors from Murata comes in a low profile package measuring 5.2mmx5.2mm
2009-06-17 Solder reflow guide for surface mount devices
This application note provides general guidelines for a solder reflow and rework process for Lattice surface mount products. The data used in this document is based on IPC/JEDEC standards
2008-12-22 Solder reflow guide for surface mount device
This application note provides general guidelines for a solder reflow and rework process for Lattice surface mount products
2005-07-05 RGB-based device offers optimized control of color, brightness
The Optoelectronics Division of Bivar has introduced a new surface mount RGB-based device for optimized control of color and brightness, including a brilliant white, packaged in a low-profile, industry standard PLCC- 4 device.
2000-06-06 Plastic Packaging and the Effects of Surface-Mount Soldering Techniques
This application note is intended to inform and assist the customers of Microchip Technology Inc. with Surface Mount Devices (SMDs
2003-06-20 Hermetic Surface Mount Device (SMD), Its Advantages and Solutions to Assembly Integration.
This application note discusses the advantages of using hermetic surface mounted devices and presents several procedures for Assembly Integration
1999-12-03 Guidelines for handling and processing moisture sensitive surface mount devices (SMDs
This application note describes the undesirable moisture in processing moisture sensitive surface mount devices manifested through rapid heating. It also enumerates some guidelines in handling such devices
2006-12-14 Vishay device integrates RC receiver, IrDA transceiver
Vishay has added to its optoelectronics portfolio a new device that integrates a remote control receiver and an IrDA transceiver into a single, 3-lens, surface-mount package for the PC market.
2008-05-29 Trimble upgrades surface mount GPS receiver
Trimble has introduced the Copernicus II GPS receiver, a thumbnail-sized, surface-mount, high sensitivity module that features major advancements in signal tracking
2007-05-18 Surface-mountable capacitors prevent surface arc-over
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released what it claims as the industry's first surface-mountable X7R multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs) designed to prevent surface arc-over
2010-11-15 Surface-mount RTP device helps protect against thermal events damage
Tyco Electronics introduced has a technology that enables manufacturers to incorporate surface-mountable thermal protection in their standard RoHS-compliant reflow assembly process
2006-01-12 Surface-mount resistor provides high power ratings
Vishay Intertechnology announced the release of the VSMP series of surface-mount Bulk Metal Z Foil resistors, which provide high power ratings up to 750mW at 70C
2005-05-20 Surface-mount power resistor delivers greater thermal cycling performance
Designed to resolve thermal cycling issues with power components in high-temperature environments, IRC has developed a "capped" version of its cylindrical power resistor that is said to deliver superior thermal compliance and thermal isolation.
2008-02-29 Surface-mount power inductor fits in tight spaces
Its compact footprint makes BI Tech's HM69T inductor series suited for space-saving designs, including those applications with limited PCB space.
2002-11-25 Surface-mount oscillator boasts low offset jitter
MF Electronics' surface-mount R2950 clock oscillator is designed for advanced portable, wireless, and SONET systems
2006-11-20 Surface-mount LEDs enable thinner handsets
Avago Technologies announced it has developed the industry's thinnest surface-mount LEDs in a 0603 package
2007-07-25 Surface-mount LDO is easily paralleled
Linear Technology Corp.'s LT3080 is a 1.1A device is said to be easily paralleled with 300mV dropout at full load, accepts inputs from 1.2V to 40V and has adjustable output of 40V down to 0V
1999-11-23 Superectifier design brings new level of reliability to surface mount components
This paper deals with the company's superectifier and its difference with other MELF (Metalized Electro-Face) package style device. It also describes how surface mount technology improves the reliability of rectifier devices.
2009-07-15 SMD antennas ease wireless device integration
Antenova Ltd has expanded its gigaNOVA range of surface mount antennas with the addition of the Reflexus A10315 and Calvus A10340
2009-03-27 Say hello to 'first' 40Gbit/s nets SMT device
TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. has rolled out two new driver amplifiers, including what it claims is the industry's first SMT device for use in 40Gbit/s networks
2005-10-26 New surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistor from Vishay
Vishay announced a 1W/10W surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistor that is touted to be the industry's smallest such device to combine a low 15 to 100 milliohm resistance value range, a tight tolerance of 1 percent and low RTC values down to 75ppm/C.
2005-07-21 New resettable overcurrent protection device from Raychem
Raychem Circuit Protection unveiled a low resistance, resettable overcurrent protection device designed for communications infrastructure applications
2006-02-22 Magnetic device features dual-coil config for design flexibility
Datatronics introduced an advanced DR359 series of surface-mount inductor/transformer that combines a unique dual-coil design with a low-profile package
2002-05-07 KEC surface-mount package has five terminals
Designed for use in power management ICs, the DPAK-5 surface-mount package from KEC Corp. provides five terminals, allowing designers to develop multiple functions for a single device.
2003-02-28 Emkay ships surface-mount MEMS microphone
The SiSonic surface-mount microphone of Emkay Innovative Products exhibits low vibration sensitivity, while maintaining tight acoustic parameters
2008-05-08 Designing with LITTLE FOOT power MOSFETs in surface-mount (SO-8) packages
The Vishay Siliconix LITTLE FOOT power MOSFETs pack potent power handling into tiny surface-mount packages
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