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2003-04-04 Assemblon mounter accommodates 100 8mm tape feeders
Assemblon BV has launched the Opal-X surface-mount component placement machine that accommodates up to 100 8mm tape feeders.
2004-07-23 Assemblon launches office in Taipei
Assemblon, a manufacturer of surface-mount pick-and-place equipment, has opened a new office in Taipei, Taiwan, located in the same Science Park campus as Philips.
2013-04-19 Antenna contacts prepped for NFC requirements
Autosplice's new crush-proof antenna clips integrate both the antenna contact and the base into a unified single-piece stamping that improves reliability and reduces cost.
2003-05-30 ANADIGICS obtains patents for wafer processing innovation
ANADIGICS Inc., a supplier of wireless and broadband communications solutions, has received two new patents relating to the improvement of its semiconductor manufacturing processes.
2003-06-03 AIC PGA connector enables fewer board layer tests
The surface-mount, interstitial PGA connector from AIC involves the application of the patented BGA socket adapter system in an existing, molded PGA wafer.
2012-09-20 AEM's SMD electronic fuse for LEDs minimise board space
AEM Components' AirMatrix 2410 family enables flexible board placement and is compatible with standard pick-and-place technology, reducing assembly cost and saving board space.
2000-04-01 A high density Ball Grid Array connector system
This paper describes the BGA product, process, and reliability testing. It primarily focuses on the development of the BGA board application process and the capabilities this technology brings about.
2014-07-08 60V MOSFET come in multiple packaging options
The options include through-hole and surface mountlow profile, ultra-compact packages that deliver high current density while reducing overall system size and cost.
2006-06-14 1W LEDs offer high brightness, wide viewing angle
Optek's new single-packaged LEDs, part of its Lednium Series of solid state lighting devices, offer up to 38 lumens and a full 120 viewing angle.
2012-01-31 1/32 brick DC/DC converters support 36-75VDC
The ULT series delivers maximum output power of 30W for the 12Vout model, while the 5V and 3.3V models produce 25W.
2013-04-26 MARTIN adds IR sensor to its rework system
The new IR sensors increase the flexibility of the Martin EXPERT 10.6 system, which includes a hybrid under-heater and control unit, integrated into a single housing.
2002-11-21 Yageo releases multi-value capacitor array
Yageo Corp. has released a range of multi-value capacitor array that provides multiple capacitance values within a single 0602 surface-mount package.
2003-10-27 Wuxi Xuyang rectifiers eye polarity protect apps
The surface-mount SS12 to SS16 series of Schottky barrier rectifiers from Wuxi Xuyang Electronics Co. Ltd features Jedec DO-214AC molded plastic body case, solder plated, and solderable per MIL-STD750 terminals.
2006-11-24 Wire-bondable devices come in silicon and ceramic
IRC's new family of surface-mount, wire-bondable devices consists of resistors, network arrays, capacitors, multitap chip resistors and divider networks on silicon and ceramic.
2009-08-07 Wide-temp optical sensors geared for automotive apps
Vishay has extended the temperature range of its AEC-Q101-qualified TCPT1300X01 and TCUT1300X01 surface-mount transmissive optical sensors for the automotive market.
2002-03-04 Wickmann's Polyfuse line gets four more SMT fuses
Wickmann USA has added four surface-mount devices to its Polyfuse family of resettable fuses, giving designers a total choice of six surface-mount package sizes.
2010-02-09 White LEDs provide 300K/W thermal resistance
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has developed power surface-mount white LEDs optimized to provide very low thermal resistance down to 300K/W and power dissipation up to 200mW.
2007-07-24 White LED package achieves ultralow profile of 1.5mm
Designated the OVS5WBCR4 Series, the 0.5W surface mount white LED package from TT Electronics Optek Technology, features an ultra-low profile of just 1.5mm.
2005-02-09 Wayter power inductors rated at 55A
The new series of surface-mount high-current power inductors from Wayter Electronics features an inductance range between 150nH and 440nH.
2004-08-05 Waysun crystal oscillators have 1?W drive level
Waysun released Its TMX-206 surface-mount quartz crystal oscillators that operate up to frequencies of 32.768kHz and have a load capacitance of 12.5pF.
2004-08-05 Wave Tech connector accepts Type I, Type II cards
Wave Tech's CF series of surface-mount compact Flash Memory Card connectors features zinc alloy shell and accepts Type I and Type II Cards.
2009-05-19 Voltage divider boasts up to 200k? resistance
TT electronics IRC has enhanced its SOT23 surface mount voltage divider for space-constrained applications, providing design engineers with an ultrastable, compact alternative to discrete resistor matched sets for high reliability divider circuits.
2012-03-26 Vishay's tantalum capacitors tout 0.005CV DC leakage
The TANTAMOUNT surface-mount molded capacitors offer capacitance range from 0.1-470?F over voltage ratings from 4-63VDC.
2014-02-03 Vishay unveils 45V, 50V Barrier Schottky rectifiers
Geared for car and commercial applications, the high current density rectifiers boast current ratings from 3-8A and low forward voltage drop in the low-profile, surface-mount DO-221BC package.
2011-03-22 Vishay Ta capacitors target military apps
Vishay Intertechnology's T86 series of surface-mount Hi-Rel COTS solid tantalum chip capacitors combine Weibull grading and surge-current test options with built-in fuses.
2002-12-09 Vishay ships smaller RF diodes
Vishay Intertechnology has introduced an RF Schottky diode and four RF PIN diodes in a surface-mount, 2-pin SOD523 package.
2003-07-22 Vishay resistors have 1 ppm/C tracking values
The company's series of DSM surface-mount resistor dividers integrates a matched pair of Bulk Metal Foil resistors.
2003-05-19 Vishay resistors feature TCR values to 115ppm/0C
Vishay Intertechnology Inc.'s CSM2512 and the CSM3637 surface-mount current-sensing resistors feature a four-terminal design and TCR values of up to 115 ppm/0C.
2004-01-23 Vishay resistor measures 2.3-by-1.27mm
Vishay Intertechnology has released a 0.25W surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistor with a power rating that matches that of larger 1206 size resistors.
2005-01-19 Vishay PTC device with 30mm? pick-up area
Vishay announced a new range of components that integrate two positive temperature coefficient thermistors into a single surface-mount package.
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