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2004-10-04 Vishay oscillators measure 5-by-3.2mm
Vishay has extended its XOSM family of surface-mount oscillators with the release of three new low-voltage devices in miniature packages.
2004-09-29 Vishay LEDs enable production of smaller, thinner systems
A new series of ultra-bright LEDs that give designers a range of six colors in one of the smallest surface mount form factor on the market was announced by Vishay.
2004-04-27 Vishay IR receiver modules provide up to 5.5V
A new series of miniaturized surface-mount IR receiver modules from Vishay provided a variable supply voltage range from 2.7V to 5.5V.
2003-07-09 Vishay foil resistor network offers 1ppm/C TCR
Vishay Intertechnology has announced the release of the SMN series of surface-mount Bulk Metal Foil resistor networks suited for precision instrumentation amps.
2003-06-05 Vishay expands WSL metal chip resistor line
Vishay Intertechnology expanded their WSL series of surface-mount power metal strip resistors with the addition of WSL1506E, WSL2010E, and WSL2512E.
2004-09-13 Vishay expands IHLP inductor family
Four new additions to the IHLP family of low-profile, surface-mount inductors were announced by Vishay Intertechnology Inc.
2004-05-07 Vishay devices offer up to 100A surge capabilities
Vishay has disclosed that its first family of surface-mount thyristor surge-protective devices provide excellent clamping performance.
2006-12-14 Vishay device integrates RC receiver, IrDA transceiver
Vishay has added to its optoelectronics portfolio a new device that integrates a remote control receiver and an IrDA transceiver into a single, 3-lens, surface-mount package for the PC market.
2005-09-09 Vishay converters available in SMT adaptor board configuration
Vishay Intertechnology disclosed that it is making all of its FunctionPAK DC/DC converters and current control modules available in a new surface-mount adaptor board configuration to support engineering prototype assembly.
2004-09-21 Vishay capacitor's new case size reduces parasitic inductance
Vishay Intertechnology released what it claims as the industry's first silicon-based surface-mount RF capacitor available in the 0603 case size.
2004-12-22 Vishay adds 2 more oscillators to XOSM family
Vishay expanded its XOSM family of clock oscillators with the release of two low-voltage, surface-mount oscillators rated for 1.8V and 2.5V input voltages.
2005-04-21 VCXO offers high frequency
Crystek Crystals launched its latest high-performance true sinewave VCXO in a surface-mount 9 x 14-mm package. The new CVSS-940 exhibits a low phase noise of 150dBc/Hz and 50ppm minimum absolute pull range
2007-05-04 Upgrading from the ADS7804/05 to the ADS8504/05 devices
The information contained in this document is used for current applications running with the ADS7804 or ADS7805 using the surface mount (DW) package. This document is intended as a guide to users of the ADS7804/05 devices with regards to potential compatibility issues when upgrading to the new ADS8504 and ADS8505 series of devices.
2002-05-10 Universal Int, SIMT to set up lab in Singapore
Universal Int. Corp. has collaborated with the Singapore Institute of Mfg Technology (SIMT), to set up a joint venture named Universal Instruments Asia Surface Mount Technology Laboratory in Singapore.
2006-07-24 Ultra-thin inductors target portable devices
Combining a miniature surface-mount package with effective EMI protection, Datatronic Distribution's new inductors are suitable for a variety of compact, portable devices.
2005-06-09 Ultra-mini crystal fits portable apps
Fox Electronics says it has introduced a new ultra-miniature, ceramic surface-mount crystal that is smaller than other crystals on the market with the same level of functionality
2005-04-15 Ultra-bright LED comes in SMT package
Vishay Intertechnology says its new ultra-bright, low-current LEDs are the industry's first to meet demand for high brightness in a miniature 0603 size surface-mount package.
2005-11-28 Two-leaded SC-79 package now available from M/A-COM
Many of M/A-COM's high volume discrete diodes are now offered in the SC-79 small surface mount package, which are RoHS compliant and meet the 2600C maximum rating often required for Pb-free processing.
2005-11-10 Two new amps from Hittite
Hittite Microwave announced an MMIC driver amplifier die and a surface mount packaged MMIC power amplifier targeted at microwave radio applications from 5GHz to 20GHz.
2008-06-04 Tuning fork crystals fit various lab apps
Raltron's two series of surface-mount tuning fork crystals are essential in meeting the requirements of portable medical equipment such as blood glucose level meters, thermometers, blood pressure readers and other consumer assemblies.
2005-07-22 Tricolor LED shrinks in size
Agilent Technologies says it has introduced the industry's thinnest top-firing tricolor, surface-mount LED for backlighting and status indicators in ultra-thin, feature-rich mobile phones and PDAs.
2005-06-06 Tri-color LEDs target mobile devices
Featuring one of the industry's smallest package sizes, Agilent has introduced two side-firing, tri-color, surface-mount LEDs housed in a miniature 2.5-by-1-by-1mm package
2002-11-08 Toshiba SiGe HBTs have 34 percent smaller packaging
The MT4S100T and MT4S101T SiGe HBTs will now be available in the proprietary TESQ package that measures 1.2-by-1.2-by-0.52mm - 34 percent smaller than the 4-pin SOT-343 surface-mount package.
2005-01-03 Tokyo Cosmos unveils RoHS-compliant trimmers
Tokyo Cosmos' new Pb-free surface mount G32 series of trimmers is RoHS compliant and will meet global environment standard.
2005-01-25 Tokyo Cosmos Electric trimmers enable increased board density
The new G32 series of 3mm surface mount trimmers from Tokyo Cosmos Electric is 1mm smaller in size than the G43 series, which makes it possible to increase board density.
2004-09-16 Toko inductor suits small portable apps
Toko has developed a surface-mount fixed inductor, which features an impact-resistant structure and dimensions of 3.6-by-3.6mm and a height of 1mm.
2005-01-03 Tiny thermistor offers enhanced response time
AVX developed a 0402 surface-mount thermistor for temperature compensation and control apps in handheld and portable electronics equipment.
2007-10-30 Tiny RF connector tailored for wireless apps
Murata Electronics North America rolls what it claims the industry's smallest RF, surface-mount switch connector for wireless applications.
2010-03-02 Tiny LEDs light up automotive apps
Avago Technologies has released brightness miniature PLCC-2 surface mount (SMT) LEDs for use in interior automotive and industrial applications
2005-08-04 Thermally enhanced RGB LED suits wide-viewing angle displays
BivarOpto introduces a surface mount RGB-based device for optimized control of color and brightness, including a brilliant white, packaged in a low-profile, industry standard PLCC- 4 device with a wide 120 viewing angle.
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