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2000-03-01 Surface-Mount IC packages
This application note highlights the benefits of using surface-mount technology as the answer to the many limitations of dual in-line packages (DIP) and flatpack assemblies.
2006-11-10 Surface-mount headers withstand 280C
Tyco Electronics has developed a line of RoHS-compliant surface-mount headers with 0.100-inch centerlines that can withstand up to 280C soldering temperatures.
2010-11-05 Surface-mount devices have AEC-Q200 certification
Tyco's line of PlySwitch devices found to conform to automotive industry's stringent AEC-Q200 standard
2003-03-18 Surface-mount dc/dc converter delivers 15A
Ericsson Power Modules has released the PKD 4510 ASI lead-free dc/dc converter that delivers up to 15A at 3.3V.
2003-03-26 Surface-mount crystals proportioned for wireless apps
Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co. Ltd. (NDK) is offering a series of ultrasmall surface-mount crystals that measures 3.2-by-2.5-by-0.6mm.
1999-11-11 Surface mount: from design to delivery
There are many questions associated with the SMT process. This article examines them in greater detail, and reviews the basics behind the surface mount assembly process.
2002-01-04 Surface Mount Techniques, UPTIME sign strategic partnership
Surface Mount Techniques, a supplier of SMT solder paste printing machines, and UPTIME Inc., a PCB assembly equipment service organization, have entered into a strategic partnership.
1999-11-10 Surface mount soldering recommendations
The most important consideration in reliability is achieving a good solder bond between surface mount device (SMD) and substrate since the solder provides the thermal path from the chip. A good bond is less subject to thermal fatiguing and will result in improved device reliability.
2001-06-14 Surface mount soldering considerations
This application note provides several guidelines to proper surface mount soldering techniques to achieve high reliability.
2014-03-14 Surface mount sensor emits full angle beam at 80 degrees
The series of surface mount sensors from Murata comes in a low profile package measuring 5.2mmx5.2mm.
2013-08-07 Surface mount OCXO boasts output load of 15pF
Fox Electronics' FTM series of surface mount oscillators provides a standard stability of +10ppb across a set of standard frequencies in the 5MHz to 40MHz range and stabilities as tight as 5 ppb.
2001-06-14 Surface mount low capacitance TVS: The discrete solution
This application note explains how to achieve a low junction capacitance of low-voltage transient voltage suppressors.
2010-08-04 Surface mount IDC connector has 6A rating
AVX Corp. has expanded its 9176 Series of reliable discrete wire-to-board connectors with the launch of the 9176-400 Series contact and cap.
2008-09-15 Surface mount chip capacitors target telecom apps
AVX Corp. has developed a low profile, surface mount chip capacitor specifically designed for tip and ring telecom applications.
2011-08-18 Surface mount capacitors target 300VC7.2kV apps
AVX has released a series of high-power surface mount capacitors that offer high-frequency capability and feature capacitance values from 5,100pF down to 1pF.
2003-10-03 Surface Mount Assembly and Handling of ANADIGICS LPCC Packages
This application note outlines the steps necessary for the handling and assembly of ANADIGICS power amplifiers in LPCC packages.
2002-11-08 Surface Mount - Tape and Reel
This application note discusses the features of the Tape and Reel packaging method for storing surface mount devices.
2001-06-14 SUPERECTIFIER design brings new level of reliability to surface mount components
This application note describes the high level of reliability that can be delivered by General Semiconductor's SUPERECTIFIER devices to surface-mount components.
1999-11-23 Superectifier design brings new level of reliability to surface mount components
This paper deals with the company's superectifier and its difference with other MELF (Metalized Electro-Face) package style device. It also describes how surface mount technology improves the reliability of rectifier devices.
2003-05-26 Soldering Recommendations for Surface Mount and Multilayer Metal Oxide Varistors
This application note discusses the recommended procedure for Soldering of surface mount and multilayer metal oxide varistors.
2009-06-17 Solder reflow guide for surface mount devices
This application note provides general guidelines for a solder reflow and rework process for Lattice surface mount products. The data used in this document is based on IPC/JEDEC standards.
2008-12-22 Solder reflow guide for surface mount device
This application note provides general guidelines for a solder reflow and rework process for Lattice surface mount products.
2004-04-30 See-Power kicks off mass production of surface-mount LEDs
See-Power Technology Co. Ltd's third production line for surface-mount LEDs begins mass production this month.
2007-10-18 Right-angle, edge-mount high-speed connectors roll
Samtec Inc. has grown its Q2 second-generation Q Series high-speed connector system, the QMS and QFS series, with right-angle and edge-mount connectors for perpendicular and co-planar board mating applications
2003-09-04 Rectron predicts surface-mount rectifier demand hike
Rectron Ltd forecasts a 10 to 15 percent rise in demand this year, which will come from surface-mount rectifiers.
2001-06-07 Recommended high-volume processing of surface-mount devices
This application note discusses some recommendations on high-volume processing of surface-mount devices.
2000-06-06 Plastic Packaging and the Effects of Surface-Mount Soldering Techniques
This application note is intended to inform and assist the customers of Microchip Technology Inc. with Surface Mount Devices (SMDs).
2002-10-24 PCB land pattern design and surface mount guidelines for leadless packages
This application note describes the land pattern design and surface-mount guidelines for leadless packages.
2009-02-24 Optimizing impedance discontinuity caused by surface mount pads for high-speed channel designs
This application note examines the discontinuities from the DC blocking capacitors and SMA connectors in detail, and provides optimization techniques to minimize their adverse effects in the channel.
1999-10-22 Non-contact test access for surface-mount technology
SMT, which has provided new levels of packing density, has also denied physical test access. To overcome this challenge, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has sponsored a new standard, IEEE 1149.1-1990, the Standard Test Access Port and Boundary-Scan Architecture.
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