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2002-07-12 Sanshi fuse holder rated at 660Vac
The NT NH surface-mount fuse holder from Wenzhou Sanshi Fuses Co. Ltd holds up to three fuses and is rated up to 660Vac.
2008-07-23 RS-232 transceiver isolates data, power lines on chip
Analog Devices Inc. is expanding its family of interface products with what it claims to be the industry's first fully isolated single-package surface mount RS-232 transceiver with integrated DC/DC converter to supply isolated power.
2003-07-24 Richardson inks expanded pact with Anaren
Richardson Electronics has signed an expanded distribution agreement with Anaren Inc., a supplier of microwave components and subassemblies.
2002-10-14 Richardson expands Anaren distribution contract
Anaren Microwave Inc. has granted Richardson Electronics Ltd, rights to distribute its entire line of RF products in Europe and Asia.
2003-03-10 RF inductor line rolls out with shielding
Gowanda Electronics' series of surface-mount inductors, the SMRF 1812S, features shielding to minimize coupling between board components in RF apps.
2005-02-03 RF chokes suit apps that need high voltage handling capability
Gowanda rolled out its new series of RF surface mount chokes designed for use in the lighting industry and other apps where high voltage handling capability is required.
1999-12-14 Resistance to soldering heat and thermal characteristics of plastic SMDs
The present work is focused on SMDs soldered onto a plastic substrate, by means of the most common industrial processes, and takes into account two aspects of reliability.
2005-01-04 Refond chip LEDs measure 5-by-5-by-1.53mm
Shenzhen Refond Opt-Ele announced the general availability of its new series of surface-mount LEDs that provide a brightness of 45 lumens.
2000-03-09 Quality and reliability engineering package certification
This application note is designed to provide a detailed description of the methods used to verify that the ?BGA package meets or exceeds the company's package certification Q&R requirements. Each test is described, and the results are presented.
2002-05-10 Pulse line transformers suit Centillium ADSL chipsets
Pulse Engineering Inc. has announced the release of its series of line transformers designed specifically for use with Centillium Communications Inc.'s CT-L51ST81, CT-L52SU81, and CT-L61ST81 ADSL chipsets.
2002-02-18 Pulse gate-drive transformers quell dc/dc noise
Pulse's gate-drive transformers in surface-mount, toroidal packages minimize EMI in dc/dc brick and discrete power supplies in distributed-power systems, especially those serving industrial control, vehicular and heavy-equipment applications.
2002-07-25 Pulse Eng power inductors capable of up to 12A operation
The PA0274 and PA0277 surface-mount inductors offer dc resistance ratings of 1.6 milliohm and 2.53 milliohm, respectively, and are able to handle up to 12A.
2003-02-04 Protectronics resettable fuses trip at 5.2A
The 1812SMDXXX series of PTC type resettable fuses from Protectronics Technology is available with current ratings from 0.1A to 2.6A.
2002-12-24 Protectronics resettable fuse fits portable devices
The 0805SMDXX series of PTC type resettable fuse from Protectronics Technology Corp. comes in a 0805 (2-by-1.2mm) surface-mount package and is designed for integration into portable devices such as mobile phones and PDAs.
2004-12-24 Power shielded inductor features small size
Pulse offers a new series of power-shielded surface-mount inductors with a 6.2-by-6.2-by-2mm maximum footprint.
2007-04-18 Power Quad Flat No-Lead (PQFN) package
The PQFN is a surface mount plastic package with lead pads located on the bottom surface of the package. All PQFN packages have either been designed with a single exposed die pad (flag) or multiple exposed die pads depending on device requirements and intended application. The industry standardization committee, JEDEC, has given a registered designator of MO-251 to describe the family of single exposed pad PQFN packages.
2008-04-24 Point-of-load DC/DC converter takes up little space
Muratra Electronics' DC/DC point-of-load converter has a very small footprint at 11.4mm x 8.9mm x 5.6mm and comes in a surface-mount package to reduce board space.
1999-12-15 Plastic Ball Grid Array (PBGA)
This note provides general information about the PBGA package including mechanical data, and discusses its use with surface mount processes.
2002-03-27 Phycomp Sweden transfers to new location
Phycomp Sweden has moved to a new office location in Stockholm. The new headquarters is about 10km away from the company's old office building, which was shared with Philips.
2002-01-21 Phycomp RF antenna eliminates wire or etched antennas on PCBs
The company's multilayer ceramic antenna for 1.88GHz DECT applications eliminates the need to use wire antennas or etched antennas on PCBs.
2010-12-06 Philips sells Assembleon stake to H2
Dutch electronics giant to retain 20-percent stake in subsidiary
2013-02-14 PCB jumpers offered in additional package sizes
The reintroduced FJ-1206 and the FJ-0805 and the recent FJ-0603 from Components are flat wireforms that claim to offer stability, strength and reliability when mounted.
2004-01-27 Pan Jit completes construction of Wuxi plant
Taiwan maker Pan Jit Int. Inc. has completed the construction of its offshore factory in Wuxi, mainland China.
2011-10-26 Optocouplers tout 12kV overvoltage protection
Vishay's CNY64ST and CNY65ST feature recurring peak voltage of 1.45kV and are designed for solar power and wind turbine grid connections.
2002-02-11 Omron relay offers 4.2mm, 3.6mm height profiles
The G6L single-pole relay features a height of 4.2mm (surface-mount version) and 3.8mm (PCB type), making it suitable for applications such as modems, measurement devices, as well as peripherals of slot machines and security devices.
2002-10-01 Oki optical receiver complies with Agere, Nortel MSA
Oki Electric's OD924IN 10Gbps surface-mount optical receiver is designed to comply with the MSA defined by Agere Systems and Nortel Networks.
2003-01-08 NTC thermistors have improved soldering features
BC Components has announced the release of a pair of NTC thermistors series that are coated with glass for environmental protection purposes.
2006-01-12 New wafer-level package tech from National
National Semiconductor announced the micro SMDxt chip package, the company's newest generation of wafer-level package technologies.
2005-03-01 New placement machine provides high mix, high accuracy
The new MG-1 placement machine from Assemblion claims to deliver the perfect balance between high mix and high accuracy, meeting production requirements in all sectors of the mid-volume SMT market.
2003-01-29 NEDI to invest in R&D, production for SAW devices
Nanjing Electronic Devices Institute will invest $18.14 million in a new R&D and production base for surface-mount SAW devices.
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