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2005-03-18 Nam Tai boosts production capacity of SMT lines
Nam Tai Electronics Inc. has raised the production capacity of its surface mount technology (SMT) production lines to accommodate increasing customer orders and demand for new products, including digital audio broadcast (DAB) modules and RF motherboards for cellular phones.
2003-04-01 Murata SMD piezo buzzer targets automotive systems
Murata Mfg Co. Ltd has launched a surface-mountable piezoelectric buzzer for automotive systems
2006-06-16 Multigigahertz antenna gets on board
Centurion Wireless Technologies Inc.'s NanoAnt surface-mount antenna, offered for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS services operating between 1.575GHz and 6GHz, does not require a ground, nor does it use thermal- or actuator-based MEMS.
2000-05-15 Motorola reliability report for the LCX product family
This Application Note describes the LCX logic family. The LCX family is Motorola's first low voltage CMOS family with 5V tolerant inputs and outputs.
2011-12-20 MLCCs boast 1-2.5kV voltage range
Vishay's surface-mount multilayer ceramic chip capacitors offer a C0G (NP0) dielectric option and increased capacitance values.
2003-02-10 Micro oscillators set for dense wireless systems
MF Electronics' new line of clock oscillators is aimed at high-density wearable, implantable, and handheld electronic products.
2003-06-30 Maximizing the Effectiveness of your SMD Assemblies
This application note discusses the proper procedures and techniques to maximize the SMD Assembly.
2000-12-04 Maximizing the effectiveness of your SMD assemblies
This application note covers various topics in optimizing the efficiency of SMD assemblies. These topics include thermal characteristics of surface-mounted packages, mounting guidelines, attachment to board, solder pastes and other related discussions
1999-11-01 Maximizing screen printing throughput
Automated SMT process equipment helps you achieve the critical goals of minimizing process cycle time and maximizing a products first pass yield. In conjunction with such systems, the dual lane concept can lower acquisition and operating costs and significantly minimize floor space.
2003-04-14 Matsushita begins production in second China facility
Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd has announced that its facility in Jiangsu, China - Suzhou Matsushita Semiconductor Co. Ltd - has begun operations.
2002-05-03 Manual soldering technique for Z-COMM VCOs
This application note describes common manufacturing methods used to solder Z-COMM surface-mount and pin-mount VCOs.
2002-05-15 Lumex LEDs have narrow right-angle beam
2002-09-26 Littelfuse lead-free SMD fuses trips at 0.2s
The 466 series of surface-mount fuses from Littelfuse can cut off current flow to a circuit in as little as 0.2s at 300 percent its rated current, and is targeted for use in surface-mount devices, PCs, and office equipment.
2003-05-26 Littelfuse
This application note describes the construction, properties, and characteristics of Littelfuse's ML series of multilayer surge suppressors.
2008-06-25 LEDs cut thermal resistance down to 290K/W
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released a new series of power surface-mount LEDs that deliver a significant advance in heat dissipation and brightness.
2007-07-06 LED series features 50 viewing angle
Avago has delivered a fresh lineup of SMT LEDs that provide a narrow 50-degree viewing angle and a matched radiation pattern.
2005-10-17 LED numeric displays from Para Light come in a myriad of sizes
Para Light has introduced a new family of surface-mount, digital numeric displays in a variety of compact sizes.
2003-01-02 Laser Tek sets up new facility in Kunshan
Laser Tek Taiwan Co. Ltd has established its second offshore factory in Kunshan, China.
2002-07-05 Kycon USB plug withstands up to 500Vac
The KUSB-SMT2-AP series of surface-mount, A-type USB plug from Kycon Inc. is designed for use in dongles and adapters, Flash memory devices, USB hard drives, and hardware/ software keys.
2002-06-11 KSP computer connector has 25-milliohm contact resistance
The PLCC series of computer connectors from Kai Shui Pang Co. Ltd has added a 144-pin version with a 2.54mm pitch and a contact resistance of 25 milliohms.
2003-01-07 KEMET to begin manufacturing operations in China
KEMET Corp. has revealed its plans to begin manufacturing operations in China this year.
2002-02-26 Kaimei doubles capacitor output
Output for surface-mount V-chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors is placed at 60 million units.
2003-02-28 JL World buzzer has 93dB SPL at 10cm
The HCS0903K surface-mount electromagnetic buzzers from JL World Corp. Ltd measures 8.5-by-8.5-by-3.5mm and produces an SPL of 93dB at 10cm.
2002-07-16 JARO offers film capacitors in 0603 sizes
The PPC series of low noise and low ESR film capacitors from JARO Components Inc. is offered in 0603 casings.
2002-08-01 J.W. Miller inductors get a shrink
J.W. Miller has designed its PM0402 Series of multilayer, surface-mount chip inductors for HF designs.
2003-10-30 ITT Industries connectors combine two to four coax ports
ITT Industries has introduced a range of 75-ohm surface-mountable coaxial connectors that are designed for switching and transmission apps
2002-08-21 ITT Ind. switch requires 0.7N actuation force
The KSU SMT switch from ITT Ind., Cannon features a light actuation force of 0.7N without tactile effect and is protected against overload.
2003-03-04 IRC resistor line offers power ratings up to 3W
TT Electronics' series of IRC resistors boasts power ratings up to 3W.
2007-06-21 IR discrete emitters boast design flexibility
At the Computex Taipei event, Avago Technologies unrolls a new line of RoHS-compliant IR discrete emitters specifically designed for various industrial and consumer applications.
2002-06-28 Insert coaxial connectors suit 802.11b, Bluetooth apps
The MC-901 and MC-113 series of coaxial connectors from Insert Enterprise Co. Ltd have a 2.5mm profile and accepts 0.8mm and 1.13mm (x) wires, respectively.
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