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2004-12-24 Inductors pack performance in small footprint
Vishay expanded its IMC family of wirewound, surface-mount inductors with the release of two new devices packaged in small 0402 and 0603 case sizes.
2002-08-16 Inductor line cites low price, wide range
Low-cost inductors from TT Electronics' BI Technologies Magnetic Components division features high current-handling capabilities, wide inductance range, and low dc resistance.
2002-11-28 Increased ODM in China, Pacific Rim boost SMT sales
The budding domestic electronics market in China and the growing ODM market in the Pacific Rim have been opening up growth opportunities for SMT placement equipment manufacturers.
2007-11-28 Illuminated tactile switch touts 'see-hear-touch' effect
C&K Components has developed a compact top-actuated illuminated tactile switch which features a high-brightness single or bi-color integrated LED for backlight illumination.
2002-09-04 HiTek modular supplies allow up to 8kV output
The HiTek S series of multikilovolt, low-current modular supplies are fit for a variety of compact, handheld, portable, and battery operated devices.
2006-03-14 High current inductors are rated up to 180C
TT electronics BI Technologies Magnetic Components Division has boosted the operating temperature range of its high-current, surface-mount inductors up to 180C.
2010-12-03 Hermetic radiation-hardened 100V MOSFETs in smaller packages
International Rectifier unveils smaller package for MOSFETs designed for space applications
2003-03-03 HDE VCXO measures 7-by-5-by-1.8mm
Hubei Dongguang Electronics has released a surface-mount VCXO that measures 7-by-5-by-1.8mm and operates over the 2MHz to 30MHz frequency range.
2002-11-22 Harvatek tri-color LEDs measure 3.2-by-1.5-by-1mm
The company's HT-311XX series of tri-color, surface-mount LEDs measures 3.2-by-1.5-by-1mm and is suitable for use in mobile phones.
2004-03-04 Hang Hsing inductors feature 2mm profile
Hang Hsing has released its FPI and LPI series of surface-mount power inductors that feature a 2mm to 5.4mm profile.
2003-06-19 Hand soldering tutorial for fine-pitch QFP devices
This application note is intended to help designers create initial prototype systems using Cygnal's TQFP and LQFP devices where surface-mount assembly equipment is not readily available.
2003-06-30 Guidelines for the Assembly of SMD10 Devices
This application note provides details of thermal characteristics and mounting considerations for the SMD10 surface mount package from International Rectifier.
2000-05-08 Guidelines for the Assembly of SMD10 Devices
This application note gives details of thermal characteristics and mounting considerations for the SMD-10 surface-mount package from International Rectifier. A few suppliers of such substrate materials are mentioned at the end of this application note.
2000-12-01 Guidelines for the assembly of SMD10 devices
This application note gives details of thermal characteristics and mounting considerations for the SMD10 surface-mount package from International Rectifier.
2000-02-01 Getting started in wavesoldering
Newer soldering methods are being developed to cast shadows on the already established wavesoldering technique. But, as issues regarding speed, cost, and throughput are concerned, wavesoldering is still far from being on the decline.
2002-06-27 fTech SAW filter has 374MHz center frequency
Measuring 5(x)-by-5mm, the IF374A SAW filter from fTech Corp. offers a typical center frequency of 374MHz, 23MHz bandwidth, and is designed for use in wireless applications.
2003-03-10 Fine-wire transformer outputs up to 800V
The Model 4283-1300 fine-wire high-voltage transformer from Datatronics Romoland delivers 0.2W continuous power.
2002-07-02 FCI expands PCB connector line
FCI has expanded its Conan range of PCB stacking connectors to cover six different parallel board spacing up to 7mm.
2002-11-08 Fairchild blue LEDs claim improved brightness consistency
Fairchild Semi's three new, surface-mount blue LEDs feature a forward voltage range of 2.75V to 3.15V which results to better brightness consistency.
2003-06-13 Euroquartz oscillators offered in 5-by-3.2mm package
The 3.3V 99SMO series of tri-state surface-mount oscillators from Euroquartz are housed in 5-by-3.2mm packages that are suitable for use in portable comm apps.
2003-03-06 Euroquartz offers VCXOs in 7-by-5mm SMD packages
The VCXO-97000 series of VCXOs from Euroquartz Ltd operates over the 1.8MHz to 160MHz frequency range and is available in a 7-by-5mm SMD package.
2003-05-07 Euroquartz crystals feature high shock resistance
The MH2 series of surface-mount crystals from Euroquartz Ltd are claimed to offer high shock resistance and low g sensitivity.
2003-05-22 Euroquartz crystals can withstand up to 2600C reflow
The MJ series of surface mount crystals from Euroquartz can withstand reflow temperatures up to 2600C for 10s maximum (twice) or 2300C for 180s (once).
2002-06-05 EMCO 10kV supply rides on PCB
EMCO High Voltage Corp.'s H101P is a compact, regulated and programmable high-voltage power supply that delivers a continuous 15W at up to 10kVdc from a 24V input.
2002-08-19 Electrodynamics event counter holds 99,999 events
The DDS101 solid state event counter has a nonvolatile memory that holds up to 99,999 events and outputs them into serial, binary-coded decimal format.
2002-02-01 DEK imaging system features upgrades
The ProFlow DirEKt imaging system features upgraded integrated thermal control (ITC) and software-controlled air regulator (SCAR), further improving the efficiency of the surface-mount pre-placement process.
2006-06-05 DEK concludes research on lead-free pastes
DEK said it concluded research into screen printing for 0201 surface-mount technology components using SnPb and SAC solder pastes.
2007-05-17 DC/DC converters reduce heat, component stress
Ericsson Power Modules has added three PKD-E products to its DC/DC converter portfolio, which have high efficiency that reduces heat and component stress.
2010-03-22 DC/DC converters come in ultracompact form
XP Power has launched the ISF, ISG and ISL series of low-cost surface mount DC/DC converters that take up the minimum of board space allowing designers to reduce the size of their applications.
2002-12-13 DC/DC converter exhibits fast transient response
The KM series of surface-mount dc/dc converters from Smart Modular Technologies accepts a 12V input with a transient response >300A/?s.
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