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2011-03-08 Surface-emitting laser boasts 40Gbit/s data delivery
Surface-emitting lasers have been demonstrated as a cheaper, more energy-efficient laser type for fiber optics. Sending data at 40Gbit/s, it can pave the way for speedier Internet, cellphones and computers.
2002-09-09 Richardson to distribute Honeywell laser products
Richardson Electronics has signed an agreement with Honeywell Inc.'s VCSEL product division to distribute their line of laser products
2008-01-30 Laser sensors offer precision tracking for PC mice
Avago Technologies has launched two high-precision, small-form-factor laser navigation sensors for corded and cordless PC mice
2006-07-04 Laser device improves night-time security cameras
Optek said its new VCSEL device offers better long distance visibility and clarity, making them ideal for night-time security cameras in unlit spaces.
2002-02-19 Infinite Photonics signs $12M laser diode contract with DARPA
Infinite Photonics Inc. has entered into a $12 million contract with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for the R&D of proprietary IPI GCSEL diode technology.
2008-06-04 Cypress touts simplified laser navigation system
Cypress has launched its second-generation laser navigation system, claiming it is the first to integrate a laser navigation sensor and programmable flash-based microcontroller on one die, which will ease mouse design and manufacturing processes
2004-05-07 BinOptics laser combines edge-emitting laser reliability, VCSEL benefits
The new class of surface-emitting lasers from BinOptics combines the power and reliability of an edge-emitting laser with the low cost and ease of packaging of a VCSEL.
2004-02-02 Summit laser diode controller suits netcomm apps
The SML2120 laser diode controller from Summit Microelectronics is designed for use in computing and netcomm systems
2008-03-05 Researchers find way to plug laser gap
Researchers at Binghamton University in New York claim to have devised a strategy to bridge the lasing gap with new materials and architectures that could enable applications not now possible.
2004-02-03 Picolight, Honeywell cross-license laser patents
Picolight Inc. has cross-licensed patents covering vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers with Honeywell Inc
2003-07-02 Vertilas diode chip emits light at 1,550nm
The VL-1550 series of uncooled VCSEL diode chips from Vertilas is designed for use in Gigabit Ethernet and CWDM transceiver modules.
2005-06-02 VCSEL with 12.5Gbps modulation
Panasonic announced the development of its 850nm AlGaAs/GaAs Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser capable of high speed 12.5Gbps modulation at an operating current of 8mA
2005-01-07 VCSEL sub-assembly achieves 2.5Gbps data rate
Optek Technology has developed an 850nm VCSEL packaged in an FC style receptacle capable of data transmission rates up to 2.5Gbps.
2014-03-17 Silicon photonics evolve into 1.3m quantum dot lasers
The quantum dot lasers developed by UCSB researchers are expected to facilitate the integration of low-cost, multi-channel laser devices with CMOS driver circuits
2003-07-30 Picolight device targets to 1,310nm systems
Picolight Inc. has released a family of transmit and receive optical sub-components called OEngines.
2001-10-16 Increase fiber utilization with 1,300nm VCSELs
This technical article focuses on the advantages of using 1,300nm VCSELs to improve the utilization of single-mode fiber and cost-effectiveness of tomorrow's WANs/MANs.
2011-05-25 Georgia Tech demos 25Gbit/s plastic fiber transmission
Georgia Tech has successfully boosted plastic optics transmission to 25Gbit/s. VI systems, on the other hand, has reported a performance of 40Gbit/s.
2004-06-30 Epson rolls out VCSEL for optical data comms
Epson has developed a new vertical cavity surface emitting laser for use as a laser light source in optical data communications.
2010-09-14 Chipset integrates 14G VCSEL driver, TIA for SFP+
GigOptix says new chipset for 14Gb/s short reach devices compact, consumes ultra-low power
2005-09-16 Ultrasensitive quantum lasers sniff toxins
A Georgia Tech researcher develops an ultrasensitive spectrometer using quantum cascade lasers, waveguides and detectors.
2002-04-01 Nova Crystals buys EMCORE production tools
Nova Crystals Inc. has purchased two Discovery LDM (laser diode machine) production tools from EMCORE Corp
2006-03-17 Epson, Novalux to develop light sources for next-gen projection TVs
Seiko Epson and Novalux announced the conclusion of a joint development agreement in pursuit of commercially viable laser light source modules based on Novalux' NECSEL technology
2007-07-23 VCSEL driver consumes miniscule power
German startup Silicon Line has rolled out a chip that drives VCSEL for energy-efficient computing.
2006-03-02 Optical sensor lasts 12 months with two alkaline AA cells
Avago Technologies has expanded its optical mouse sensor line with a sensor bundle for cordless laser-based mice, and two small sensors for cordless and corded LED-based mice
2005-06-03 Matsushita claims record with 12.5Gbps VCSEL
Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd has developed an 850nm wavelength AlGaAs/GaAs vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) capable of modulation at rate for 12.5Gbps data transmission and at an operating current of 8 milliamps, the company said
2003-11-07 E2O announces breakthrough in VCSEL technology
E2O Communications Inc., a provider of fiber-optic transmission components, has announced a breakthrough in technology development with its electrically pumped Long Wavelength Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (LW VCSEL) technology.
2012-07-27 UCSB fellows develop the first m-plane nitride based nonpolar VCSELs
The first violet nonpolar m-plane VCSEL based on gallium nitride, developed and demonstrated at UCSB, marks new chapter in laser technology
2003-07-04 Zarlink transceiver consumes 25 percent less power
Zarlink Semiconductor has expanded its portfolio of parallel fiber optic modules with the launch of the 4-channel pluggable fiber optic transceiver.
2012-01-06 Using optical finger navigation for smartphones
Here's a discussion on optical finger navigation for use in smartphone user interfaces. It also tackles how to take advantage of spatial detection algorithms for better image correlation, higher reliability, simpler assembly, and less power consumption.
2007-12-28 Transceiver streams data over POF at 1.25Gbit/s
Aimed at 1394 FireWire and GbE networks, Firecomms is offering a transceiver that will enable low-cost gigabit links over POF.
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