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2005-06-09 Ultra-mini crystal fits portable apps
Fox Electronics says it has introduced a new ultra-miniature, ceramic surface-mount crystal that is smaller than other crystals on the market with the same level of functionality
2005-11-28 Tiny crystal suits ultra-mini devices
Raltron Electronics' new small surface-mount crystal is targeted at ultra-miniature apps, including PCMCIA cards, mini hard disk drives, GPS modules and mobile/camera phone modules.
2004-08-02 Technical Crystal oscillators offer 0.3mW drive level
The latest series of surface-mount crystal oscillators from Technical Crystal operates within the 1MHz to 80MHz frequency range.
2004-07-29 Technical Crystal oscillators feature 0.3W drive level
The latest surface-mount crystal oscillators from Technical Crystal feature an operating frequency range from 6MHz to 80MHz.
2003-03-26 Surface-mount crystals proportioned for wireless apps
Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co. Ltd. (NDK) is offering a series of ultrasmall surface-mount crystals that measures 3.2-by-2.5-by-0.6mm
2004-08-11 Jingweite crystal oscillators operate to 150MHz
Jingweite has unveiled its latest surface-mount crystal oscillators that feature an operating frequency range between 1MHz and 150MHz.
2004-06-24 Jiangsu TCE crystal oscillators operate to 100MHz
The CX-7M surface-mount crystal oscillators from TCE operate within the 9.83MHz to 100MHz frequency range.
2004-08-06 Hubei Dongguang crystal oscillators measure 5-by-3.2-by-1mm
Hubei Dongguang released its latest series of surface-mount crystal oscillators that operate within the 12MHz to 36MHz frequency range.
2002-08-08 Fox crystal oscillators offer tighter stability
The F4107 and F4109 surface-mount crystal oscillator from Fox Electronics are targeted for wireless communications and networking applications that require stabilities tighter than 120ppm.
2006-03-06 Crystal unit features low CI value
Epson Toyocom has announced the development of the FA-20H, a 2.5-by-2mm, high-stability, high-sensitivity AT crystal unit
2010-02-23 Crystal resonator offers 20ppm frequency tolerance
AVX has developed a highly-reliable surface mount crystal resonator that provides a nominal frequency of 32.768kHz in a small ceramic package of 3.2mm x1.5mm and a profile of only 0.8mm.
2009-01-09 'Smallest' surface mount crystal eyes wireless apps
Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co. Ltd (NDK) has announced the availability of what it claims is the world's smallest high reliability surface mount crystal.
2004-08-05 Waysun crystal oscillators have 1?W drive level
Waysun released Its TMX-206 surface-mount quartz crystal oscillators that operate up to frequencies of 32.768kHz and have a load capacitance of 12.5pF.
2003-07-21 TXC surface-mount VCTCXOs target 2-way radio apps
TXC Corp. has released its 7N series of seam sealed surface-mounted VCTCXOs that are designed for use in 2-way radios and pagers.
2004-07-26 Technical Crystal SAW resonators operate to 434MHz
The new single-port SAW resonators from Technical Crystal operate within the 433.845MHz to 433.995MHz frequency range with a tolerance of 75kHz
2002-11-25 Surface-mount oscillator boasts low offset jitter
MF Electronics' surface-mount R2950 clock oscillator is designed for advanced portable, wireless, and SONET systems
2004-07-27 Shenzhen Crystal ceramic resonators function to 12MHz
Shenzhen Crystal's latest surface-mount ceramic resonators have rated operating frequencies ranging from 1MHz to 12MHz 0.5 percent.
2004-11-12 Sanshin crystal oscillators operate to 54MHz
Sanshin's new surface-mount TCXOs and VC-TCXOs operate within the 9.6MHz to 54MHz frequency range
2007-11-22 High-frequency crystal oscillator produces low jitter
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the DS4-XO series of crystal oscillators that support frequency operation from 75MHz to 622.08MHz
2004-12-14 Dallas rolls out replacements for crystal-based oscillators
Dallas' new all-silicon EconOscillator is a single-output square-wave generator, factory-trimmed for output frequencies ranging from 312kHz to 133MHz.
2004-04-22 Crystal Tech presents latest crystal line at CSF
Shenzhen Crystal Technology Industrial Co. Ltd has introduced a full series of its quartz crystals product line in the recent China Sourcing Fair (CSF
2004-08-03 Crystal Tech crystal oscillators have 7pF shunt capacitance
Crystal Tech released its latest series of surface-mount quartz crystals oscillators that operates within the 3.2MHz to 70MHz frequency range.
2008-05-07 Crystal oscillators provide frequency margining
Maxim has introduced the DS4M-XO series of crystal oscillators, which supports frequency operation from 100MHz to 300MHz and provides frequency margining in a 5mm x 3.2mm package
2002-12-17 Crystal oscillators field high data rates
Raltron Electronics Corp. and SaRonix LLC have released crystal oscillators that support high data rates
2004-05-25 Changheng crystal oscillators operate to 80MHz
The new crystal oscillators from Jiangsu Changheng Group operate within the 6MHz to 80MHz frequency range
2013-10-07 Ametherm intros latest surface-mount thermistors
The SM04, SM06 and SM08 series devices offer a choice of 125mW, 200mW and 250mW maximum power ratings, respectively, and dissipation constants of 1.10mW/C, 1.50mW/C and 2mW/C.
2008-06-25 1GHz tuner promises crystal-clear video in CATV STBs
Anadigics Inc. has launched the AIT1032, a fully integrated, 1GHz tuner that enables crystal-clear video in CATV STBs, DVRs, PC TV tuner cards, and other tuner-on-board applications
2005-06-16 RTC crystal eyes handheld apps
Saelig now offers Euroquartz's new EQ157 series of ultra-miniature crystals that provide a 32.768kHz output for real-time clock applications
2005-03-31 Oscillator targets mobile apps
AVX offers a new Pb-free, ultra-small crystal oscillator for mobile communications
2003-05-07 Euroquartz crystals feature high shock resistance
The MH2 series of surface-mount crystals from Euroquartz Ltd are claimed to offer high shock resistance and low g sensitivity
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