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2006-10-23 Tactile switches deliver up to 1 million rotations
Consisting of six series, BI Technologies' new SWT series switches feature multiple actuation forces and life cycles of up to one million rotations
2005-12-05 Surface-mount switches provide six actuation choices
NKK Switches expanded its surface-mount switch line with a wide range of actuation types and sizes. The new surface-mount switches are available in six actuation types that include toggle, pushbutton, slide, DIP slide, DIP rotary and tactile.
2008-06-19 Tiny hall effect switches tout low standby current
Rohm Electronics has introduced its complete line of hall effect ICs for portable electronics applications.
2004-06-23 Talismanic detector switches operate to 300C
The surface-mount DIP detector switches from Talismanic Electronic feature a rating of 3Vdc to 5Vdc, 50?A to 10mA.
2008-10-08 Tactile switches pack low current, long operational life
C&K Components has released a series of low profile tactile switches that combine ultralow current consumption and extended operational life
2007-05-07 Tactile switches offer square stem
BI Technologies has expanded its line of tactile switches to include a new series of devices with a square stem, and added three additional styles to the sealed product offering
2005-05-19 Tactile switches meet RoHS directive
NKK Switches has designed its HP series of 6mm tactile switches to meet the EU's Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive
2006-03-23 Tactile switches housed in small package
CIT Relay & Switch has introduced the STJ series of sealed tactile switches in a small 7.2-by-7.2mm package
2005-06-30 Tact switches tout long life
Tyco Electronics has introduced a new line of ALCOSWITCH sealed tactile (tact) switches. The new line includes a full range of popular sizes including 3.5 x 6-mm, 7-mm and 12-mm versions
2003-03-26 Switronic micro switches last 5 million operations
The VM series of micro switches from Switronic Ind. Corp. is rated at 250Vac and has a mechanical lifespan of 5 million cycles
2005-05-31 Submini switches are RoHS compliant
CIT Relay & Switch now offers a family of subminiature sealed pushbutton, rocker and toggle switches that are compliant to the European Union's RoHS directive
2007-12-20 Slide switches feature very low profile
C&K Components has developed a series of miniature slide switches that feature an actuation height of only 2.5mm
2010-04-20 Rotary switches provide laser marking
C&K Components has developed a RTE series of DIP switches that feature SPDT, SP3T and SP4T rotary functions as well as rotary binary-decimal and hexa-decimal coding
2008-06-30 Rohm launches Hall effect IC switches
Rohm Electronics formally introduces its complete line of Hall Effect ICs for portable electronics applications.
2015-04-23 Relay switches operate up to 10M life cycles
Fairview unveiled coaxial relay switches for high-speed broadband and millimetre-wave frequencies. The RF switches can be used for applications in military and commercial communications
2005-07-29 Pushbutton switches offer variety
NKK Switches has launched a new series of logic level, PC-mounted pushbutton switches. These new switches offer a myriad of pushbutton types and terminations for any number of configurations
2009-06-08 Power switches include built-in surge protection
From STMicroelectronics come two new families of AC power switches that simplify the design of domestic appliances and industrial equipment by integrating surge protection that meets the international standard IEC 61000-4-5
2009-06-03 Pin diode switches handle up to 4GHz
Aeroflex/Metelics has announced the availability of the release of a family of surface mount, silicon pin diode SP2T switches with power handling capability up to 100W C.W. incident RF power.
2007-10-22 Miniature slide switches fit space-limited PCBs
C&K Components has released a series of low-profile, cost-effective miniature slide switches designed for applications with limited PC board space and height restrictions
2010-10-06 Miniature slide switch family gets surface-mount option
C&K's JS Slide switch family offers surface-mount option for limited-space applications
2005-06-13 Microminiature rotary switches are washable, PB-free solderable
With a measurement of 5-by-5-by-3mm, knitter-switch's new rotary switches are one of the smallest rotary switches available
2008-08-22 Low-profile slide switches offer right angle actuations
C&K Components has developed a family of miniature slide switches designed specifically for applications where height or surface area is restricted
2005-10-06 knitter-switch's surface mount tact switches are RoHS compliant
knitter-switch announced a new series of micro-miniature tact switches designed for a variety of applications in industrial automation where an ultra-small, rugged and waterproof switch is required
2002-07-23 Intersil unveils SPST switches
Three new dual SPST analog IC switches from Intersil Corp. are pin-compatible with the MAX323, MAX324, and MAX325 from Maxim Integrated Products and the PS323, PS324, and PS325 from Pericom Semiconductor Corp
2006-08-02 Illuminated switches available with custom snap-on caps
The C&K ELUM series of right-angle illuminated pushbutton switches from ITT, Electronic Components is currently available with custom snap-on caps
2008-03-07 Illuminated pushbutton switches offer more cap styles
C&K Components has added three different style caps to its ELUM series of pushbutton switches
2004-10-15 Horng Chih tactile switches have 0.35mm profile
Horng Chih disclosed the availability of its latest series of surface-mount tactile switches that feature a profile of 0.35mm to 17mm.
2015-02-09 Hi-rel RF switches support 5-700W power ratings
The electromechanical relay switches from Pasternack operate from DC to 40GHz depending on the model and guarantees operation up to 10 million life cycles with excellent repeatability
2005-04-27 Guide of RoHS-compliant switches
NKK Switches has announced the release of its latest Switch Guide complete with new RoHS-compliant switches
2006-03-17 GaAs switches handle high power for WiMAX
M/A-COM has announced two RoHS-compliant switches that are optimized for WiMAX or MESH applications
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