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2006-09-18 PCB designers struggle with cost issues
With PCB designs getting faster and more complicated, designers are starting to fret about signal integrity, thermal issues and EMI. But respondents to the PCB portion of the EE Times 2006 EDA Users Survey said that meeting cost budgets is their greatest concern.
2003-10-01 Mainland's stability hinges on performance of local firms
Mainland China continues to solidify its position as the frontier of the future of commerce as its semiconductor industry thrives; there are still a million new graduates who have no jobs, however, and the dragon of the East needs to come up new opportunities for growth to remedy this.
2007-12-17 Life is still beautiful for EEs
Life is relatively good for engineersat least according to their responses to the EE Times Annual Salary and Opinion Survey.
2012-01-27 LED bulb prices continue to slide
The ASP of 60W equivalent LED light bulbs plummeted to $18.9 while the 40W equivalent LED light bulbs dropped to $11.1 in December last year.
2011-10-24 LED bulb price stumbles
LED bulb ASP for 40W replacement dipped three percent with the most significant drops noted in Japan and South Korea.
2009-10-05 Identifying the most favored embedded tool
What is your favorite tool in the embedded world? Here's an interpretation of the Embedded Market Survey.
2002-09-30 Health insurance tops Asia benefits list
Of the many factors managers need to consider when running an organization, managing staff members is the most important aspect that would make or break any organization.
2002-09-30 Happy worker: a company's greatest asset
It is one thing for a company to attract people to work for them and it is another to make them stay. To keep a satisfied employee goes beyond attractive monetary compensations and other material benefits.
2002-09-30 Experience and education pays - literally
The 2002 salary survey conducted by Electronic Engineering Times - Asia reveals that companies still put a premium on engineers that have attained a high educational degree and possess a substantial number of years in experience.
2002-09-30 Engineers eye foreign jobs despite Asian hiring binge
The recruitment outlook for Asia's electronics industry is bright as MNCs seek a foothold in the region. In a bid to lower operational costs and boost supply chain efficiency, electronic makers are investing in R&D and production facilities in Asia, notably China.
2003-03-03 Engineers choose 32bit MPUs/MCUs, VxWorks
EETimes - Asia and Gartner Dataquest's joint survey examined usage patterns, understand buying behavior and delineate trends in the embedded systems' marketplace.
2003-03-03 Embedded Systems Development Trends: Asia
This research study highlights the various tools, devices, applications, and technology trends Asian embedded system developers are currently designing.
2002-06-27 Embedded Systems Development Trends: Asia
This white paper is based on an Asia-wide survey conducted April 2002 that resulted in over 1,800 qualified responses. The survey aimed at discovering information on the latest embedded development tool and hardware component usage trends in Asia.
2007-04-13 EDA industry saw 15% growth in 2006, reports EDAC
The EDA industry revenue grew 15.3 percent in 2006 to reach $5.274 billion, according to the EDA Consortium's Market Statistics Survey.
2006-01-01 Design transfer takes place in Chinese electronics industry
EE Times-China's China Design Technique Survey 2005 shows R&D activities China focusing on system design are now in full swing in the downstream industrial chain.
2007-08-16 Companies entice engineers to stay
How does a company keep its engineers from seeking greener pastures? An I>EE Times survey of semiconductor suppliers found varying engineer turnover rates.
2008-03-04 Chip execs see moderate growth, volatile profits
A survey of senior executives' forecasts for the semiconductor industry shows that they expect only moderate revenue growth for the sector for this year and 'volatile' profitability for the next five years, according to KPMG, in collaboration with SIA.
2008-12-22 Chip execs brace for gloomy '09
A recent global survey of semiconductor company executives conducted by KPMG LLP, found that executives anticipate a steep decline in profitability over the next 12 to 18 months.
2009-12-04 China, India EEs set sights on better opportunities
China and India engineers want more societal recognition and establish their own companies to compete with their onetime employers.
2011-01-19 Charger installation cost slows EV adoption
A survey by IBM found that while most consumers would be interested in purchasing an electric vehicle in the future, home charging would be a deterrent.
2005-05-02 Asian foundries bring 0.18?m into mainstream
Despite a bleak scenario in the global semiconductor market, China's IC design industry posted significant growth in 2004, according to the IC Design House Survey conducted by EE Times-Asia.
2003-10-01 Asian engineers hold on as industry recovers
EE Times - Asia has interviewed 1,459 engineers to determine the state of the semiconductor industry in our region today; results have shown that growth is existent - albeit a slow one.
2013-02-04 A*STAR, Petroleum Geo-Services join for MEMS sensors
Targeting oil and gas applications, the MEMS sensor is to be incorporated into a PGS commercial streamer system to acquire more precise seismic data during seismic survey.
2013-12-19 A year later, chip industry optimism wanes, says analyst
According to the latest chip industry confidence survey by KPMG LLP, the index remained flat at 57 compared last year, which represents continued positive sentiment towards revenue and profit growth.
2006-02-23 2006 Embedded Systems Development Trends: Asia
Over 500 embedded system designers in Asia, including China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and India, participate in the annual survey to share their development experience with hardware, development tools and RTOS.
2012-07-10 Worldwide tablet usage for TV content doubles year on year
NPD survey has concluded that the number of consumers viewing TV/video content using tablets doubles yearly.
2004-08-20 Wipro tops offshoring list
Wipro Technologies, the software services division of conglomerate Wipro Ltd, tops a list of offshore software and business service providers, according to an industry survey.
2002-08-09 Wafer demand increases in Q2 2002
The quarterly Wafer Demand Survey has noted a 9 percent increase in actual wafer demand for Q2 2002 compared to the 3 percent increase forecasted in Q1 2002.
2005-06-15 VLSI releases IC-equipment customer satisfaction rankings
Tegal Corp. and Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates Inc. are among the winners in terms of customer satisfaction within the chip-equipment industry for 2005, according to an annual survey conducted by VLSI Research Inc. (See below for ranking tables).
2007-08-16 Venture capitalists 'dabble' in China, India investments
A recent survey reveals that venture capitalists continue to go global, with China the preferred spot for manufacturing investment and India favored for R&D and engineering.
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