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2006-10-02 Indian engineers more aggressive than U.S. counterparts
A recent EE Times survey has painted contrasting pictures of go-getter engineers in India and today's typical U.S. engineer.
2006-12-11 Indian design focuses on digital front-end
Indian designers are focusing mostly on front-end design, with digital design accounting for three-fourths of all design starts, according to an industry survey from the India Semiconductor Association.
2007-09-04 Indian chip market falls short of revenue forecast
While an industry survey had forecasted the Indian chip market to reach $3.8 billion in revenues in 2006, a recent update found that actual revenues were about one-third less than that.
2004-07-07 India's telecom gear market fades after big deployments
India's telecommunications infrastructure equipment market plummeted 34 percent in 2003 from the previous fiscal, according to an industry survey.
2003-06-12 India software exports hit $9.5 billion
India's software and service exports grew 26 percent over the past year, to $9.50 billion, Nasscom stated in its annual industry survey.
2007-04-16 Increased embedded design forecasted in Asia
Over 700 embedded system designers in Asia, including those in mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and India, participated in an annual survey that aims to gauge each year their development experience with hardware, development tools and RTOS.
2011-05-26 In-Stat: SMB-NAS sales revenues to reach $2B in 2015
The new In-Stat research survey reported that revenues from the worldwide sales of small-and-medium business (SMB) network-attached storage (NAS) are expected to reach $2 billion in 2015.
2007-09-10 In-Stat: CMOS tops CCD in image sensors market
Contrary to an IC Insights report, a recent survey by market research firm In-Stat found that CMOS image sensors continue to dominate the market over CCD.
2004-01-29 In-Stat/MDR: WLAN, WAN PC card markets gain strength
In a recent survey, In-Stat/MDR found that, not only is the market for WLAN and WAN access growing, but so are its support markets.
2013-12-13 IC industry leaders tone down expectations for 2014
A survey from KPMG revealed that the sluggish pace of revenue growth for this year has muted down chip executives' prospects for a sustained semiconductor recovery next year.
2010-12-07 IC execs see bright 2011
Semiconductor industry executives are optimistic about 2011, even though 53 percent of respondents in a KPMG survey expect the semiconductor cycle to peak within the next 12 months.
2003-08-22 IC equipment industry sees faster recovery in '04: S&P
The latest survey by Standard & Poor (S&P) on the semiconductor equipment sector forecasts stronger 2004 sales growth for makers of IC manufacturing equipment.
2011-09-02 IBM: Lack of consumer understanding is an energy concern
A recent survey conducted by IBM has revealed that there is a wide gap between what the consumers know and what they need to know about energy consumption and conservation.
2007-01-22 IBM unlikely to report big gains for '06, analysts say
IBM is likely to post a marginal decline in year-over-year sales, according a survey of 22 analysts by Thomson Financial Network.
2011-08-09 HSPA sees continued market growth
According to a GSA survey, the number of HSPA device manufacturers increased to 264 while 3,227 new user devices have entered the market, which is a 25 percent increase from last year.
2005-09-01 Holiday blues and blazing rows; next time pack your laptop
A survey has found that one in ten British holiday makers get so bored they end up having a blazing row with their partner.
2005-06-29 Hitachi, Tegal win fab-tool satisfaction rankings
Hitachi High-Technologies Corp. and Tegal Corp. separately received the highest ratings in their respective categories for customer satisfaction in the chip-equipment industry for 2005, according to an annual survey conducted by VLSI Research Inc.
2006-07-20 Higher sales, investment for Malaysian electronics in 2006
The Malaysian American Electronics Industry said in its annual survey that total revenues for the group in 2006 would rise by 9 percent to $19.5 billion.
2014-03-11 High-tech supply chains become more customer-oriented
The 2013 UPS Change in the (Supply) Chain survey gives an insight into how customer service factors into the decision making of high-tech supply chains.
2011-04-12 GSA: Wafer prices rose in Q4 2010
After decreasing for two consecutive quarters, the median pricing for both 200mm and 300mm production CMOS wafers increased by about 5 percent quarter-over-quarter, according to a GSA survey.
2008-03-07 Greenpeace: No winner yet in 'green' electronics race
While three CE gadgets had topped Greenpeace's 'Searching for Greener Electronics' survey, the race for a green electronic product has not been won yet, the environmental group said, as each of these products scored just over half of the possible 100 points available to win.
2009-01-26 Greenpeace challenges CE companies to go greener
The greenest consumer electronic products on the market today have smaller environmental footprint than those sold a year ago, but the industry as a whole still has plenty of room for improvement, according to a new survey by Greenpeace.
2013-07-30 Global LED lamp market dims
The global 40W equiv. LED lamps ASP dropped 2.7 per cent to $ 15.6 in June 2013, according to a recent survey by LEDinside, as overall regional market prices continue to fall.
2004-01-19 Global laser markets grow 15 percent in 2003
Despite the general economic malaise of the past few years, sales of all types of lasers grew by 15 percent in 2003 over 2002 to reach $4.9B, according to the latest Laser Focus World market survey.
2006-03-21 Gartner: IT outsourcing still focused on cost
A survey by Gartner Inc. shows that the majority of organizations worldwide are still focused on tactical IT outsourcing to achieve short-term, cost-focused objectives.
2005-10-20 Forrester: IT budgets up in Asia-Pacific
In a recent survey titled
2006-03-31 Europe, U.S. losing manufacturing edge, says Eurocom Worldwide
Low-cost locations such as China and India are edging past Europe and the United States as technology manufacturing centers, according to an annual IT confidence survey by Eurocom Worldwide.
2005-08-01 ESL methodologies can improve productivity
There is a strong feeling within the design community that electronic system level (ESL) methodologies can improve productivity, according to the results of a survey conducted by ESL Now, a loose organization of more than 20 companies focused on encouraging ESL adoption.
2001-04-24 Equalizing gigabit copper cable links with the MAX3800
This application note presents a brief survey of the MAX3800 adaptive cable equalizer's performance with a few different cables and a sample of common FR4 board material.
2013-07-01 Engineers, hobbyists increase reliance on open source tools
The latest findings of element14's survey found that 56 per cent of professional engineers were more likely to use open source hardware such as Arduino and BeagleBone in 2013.
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