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2011-10-18 Why sustainability is significant in design engineering
There are now globally accepted metrics for measuring the real currency of sustainability from which design engineering can benefit.
2010-08-02 UL Environment seeks CE sustainability standards
UL Environment Inc. announced a collaborative effort to develop sustainability standards for handheld consumer electronic products.
2010-10-06 STMicroelectronics wins Nokia sustainability award
Nokia cites supplier's efforts to ensure sustainability in operations
2013-03-28 Singapore to open technology centre for urban sustainability
A*STAR and Fujitsu will set up the first centre of excellence geared towards building greener Singapore.
2010-03-08 Shifting towards electronics sustainability
According to Molex Inc. VP, solid-state lighting Mike Picini, To survive and thrive in this environment will require a new approach to product design, development and delivery.
2008-07-09 NXP customizes green ICs toward sustainability
NXP recently said that the company has developed and produced the third-generation power management ICs, and over the past decade, has made a dramatic contribution toward environmental sustainability.
2011-05-04 Japan tops IDC's ICT sustainability index
The IDC has released its 2011 ICT Sustainability Index that shows Japan is still ahead of the United States and other G20 nations in reducing its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.
2008-06-27 India urges clean tech for sustainability
A clean technology special interest group has been recently formed to encourage entrepreneurs in India to create an ecosystem of scientists, engineers, investors and social entrepreneurs, who will help boost innovation in renewable energy.
2015-09-02 Highlighting sustainability in the electronic supply chain
Awareness of the need for sustainability in the electronic supply chain is rising, and has to consider not only the carbon output at the point of production but through all the phases of transportation.
2012-08-27 Heliatek to push innovation, sustainability in solar energy
The company aims to have its solar films used in applications never served before by traditional PV such as building and construction materials, car-roofs and street furniture.
2011-08-31 Asia Pacific calls for ICT sustainability strategy
More than three quarters of Asia Pacific government CIOs and IT managers have realized the need for a dedicated office to plan and execute an overall ICT sustainability strategy, says Schneider Electric.
2007-11-07 Applied's Splinter: Ecological sustainability a priority
With increased use of semiconductors in CE, chips can play a larger role in ecological sustainability, Applied Materials CEO Mike Splinter told the India Semiconductor Association.
2012-11-09 Philips invests in 2nd Malaysian LED plant
Royal Philips Electronics considers Malaysia as its gateway to the rest of the ASEAN so it is strengthening its ties with the country through a new LED manufacturing plant in Penang.
2014-06-16 Electronics design wises up to environmental woes
Establishing a circle of cooperation that begins with the designer and ends with the recycler enables OEMs to create products that strike a balance between marketability and sustainability.
2012-05-28 ST focuses on sustaining analog, expanding into digital
Bozotti wants to protect ST's net financial position while at the same time redesign its VLSI strategy to infuse sustainability into the company's DNA.
2013-08-06 Cobalt compound leads to greener solar cells
The replacement of iodine in copper-based DSCs with cobalt increases the sustainability of solar cells, according to scientists from the University of Basel.
2014-03-28 Chip industry hails Samsung, Intel as biggest spenders
Nine of the top 10 companies are forecast to spend more than $1 billion in 2014, which represents a threshold of sustainability in leading-edge chip manufacturing, according to IC Insights.
2011-03-01 Asian electronics growth boosts connector demand
Electronics Demand is being driven by technology-advanced features consumers want, pent-up demand for new infrastructure and the thrust toward sustainability. And Asia is the center of major engagements.
2012-05-08 Zinc dyes enables creation of renewable PV devices
Researchers at the University of Basel in Switzerland are claiming a new approach to creating sustainable and renewable photovoltaic devices.
2009-04-29 Zigbee Alliance adopts Internet Protocol standards
The Zigbee Alliance will incorporate global IT standards from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) into its specification portfolio of low-power wireless networking standards.
2012-06-25 XP Power opens green fab in Vietnam
XP Power's power supply manufacturing facility in Ho Chi Minh City incorporates a solar PV array, eco-friendly glass to prevent solar heat gain, low energy lighting, and ultra-efficient air conditioning.
2008-10-28 WiMAX market sees high growth in India
The WiMAX Forum forecasts that the Indian WiMAX market including devices will be worth $13 billion in 2012.
2009-04-13 Will foundry rebound last?
Amid a major downturn, the silicon foundry market is expected to see a big rally in Q2and perhaps beyond. But the real question is clear: Will the momentum last?
2014-12-24 What is the real impact of online shopping to the env't?
Environmental impact assessments are one way the IT and ICT industries try to predict the environmental impact of products and services, but researchers at KTH say these assessments need to go further.
2013-04-26 Wanted: Business model for open-source hardware
There is a lack of clear business model and dependence in developing open-source hardware and in some cases, on the donation of engineers' time by commercial organizations.
2013-01-15 VLC/Li-Fi market to see 82% CAGR
MarketsandMarkets forecasted that by 2018, the global visible light communication market will be worth more than $6 million.
2013-12-27 Vietnam to shift to 3rd platform of ICT revolution
IDC said that the 3rd platform (cloud, big data, mobility and social) will require service and solution providers, and Vietnam firms to transform themselves to move faster into a more mature stage of ICT.
2006-10-09 VIA opens first solar-powered community center in South Pacific
VIA Technologies announced the first ever solar-powered cyber community center in the South Pacific.
2014-10-10 Uninterrupted supply chain: Streamlining for protection
Executives must insulate supply chains from unplanned events that could lead to disruption, which, in turn, translates to opportunities to engage more with sourcing partners to protect business.
2015-06-19 Uncovering the economic and social impact of Moore's Law
Gordon Moore's prediction for the pace of semiconductor technology advances has set the stage for global technology innovation for 50 years, and has changed the world as we know it.
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