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What is a switch?
A switch is a device for changing the course or flow of a circuit. The switch is referred to as a "gate" when abstracted to mathematical form.
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2004-05-03 SP4T - High-Power 2.5V GSM Antenna Switch
This app note describes the unpackaged PHEMT GaAs MMIC die that features a single-pole four throw configuration used for GSM systems.
2008-09-08 SP3T switch fits WLAN, Bluetooth apps
Tyco Electronics M/A-COM announced the MASW-008955, a DC-3.5GHz SP3T RoHS compliant switch for applications that require high linearity, low insertion loss, and fast settling time over a wide frequency range in an ultrasmall package size.
2008-03-28 SP3T antenna switch handles 2.4-2.5GHz band
Skyworks Solutions has announced the SKY13309-370 LF, a SP3T antenna switch for the 2.4-2.5GHz band.
2004-05-03 SP3T - High Power 2.7V CDMA Antenna Switch
This app note describes the unpackaged PHEMT GaAs that features a single-pole three throw configuration for high-linearity systems.
2008-07-03 SP2T switch offers wideband performance
Narda, an L-3 Communications company, has introduced the Model SEM124 single-pole, double-throw electromechanical switch that operates from DC to 26.5GHz that is optimized for low insertion loss, high isolation and low VSWR.
2008-03-03 South Korea to switch on digital TV broadcast by 2012
The South Korea National Assembly has passed a special act to stop analog TV broadcasting in 2012 and encourage broadcasters to shift to digital broadcasting.
2011-09-29 Snap-acting switch operates at -40C to 85C
The TFS Series features a maximum actuator operating force of 200g and touts 100,000 operating cycles.
2006-10-11 SMK ships samples of single-side momentary slide switch
SMK has announced the development and sample shipment of its JSS series slide switches (single-side momentary).
2003-10-07 SMK lever-push switch eyes portable equipment
SMK Corp. has introduced its JLS1300-XX lever-push switches that are suitable for use in portable equipment such as information terminals.
2003-07-24 SMK lever push switch suits telecommunication apps
Suitable for use in telecommunication and portable audio equipment, the lever push switch from SMK Corp. is rated at 5Vdc, 10mA, with SPTT circuits. The JLS1300-10xx has a 12.5 operation angle, 0.5mm stroke, and 1.4N and 2.5N operation force in tilting and pushing direction, respectively.
2006-08-01 SMK introduces two-dome switch
SMK has announced the development and sampling of a two-dome switch that promises to meet the market demand for better stress resistance and reduced size.
2007-03-26 SMK claims 'shortest' slide switch for portables
By arranging the switch spring horizontally rather than vertically, SMK said it has developed the industry's shortest slide switch at 1.55mm.
2015-05-11 Smart switch reduces heat in handheld devices
Micrel introduced the 3A ORing smart switch MIC1344, which is designed for handheld devices such as wall adapters and auxiliary battery power sources.
2014-08-12 Smart load switch supports 5-16V operating input voltage
The AOZ1363 from AOS is a high current smart load switch with rapid turn-off fault protection and current monitoring, and supports up to 6A of continuous current.
2009-06-15 Smart inductive proximity switch
The STEVAL-IFS006V1 inductive proximity switch demonstration board is designed based on the principle of metal body detection using the eddy current effect on the HF losses of a coil.
2005-09-16 Smallest single-port USB 2.0 analog switch in MicroPak CSP?
Fairchild Semiconductor introduced what it touts as the smallest single-port USB 2.0 "Hi-Speed" (480Mbps) analog switch in a MicroPak chip scale package.
2005-04-22 Slide switch with 1.5mm travel
With the SSAD series, Alps Electric offers a family of low-profile, surface-mountable slide switches with a 1.5mm travel length, a mounting area of 6.7-by-3.2mm and a height of 0.7mm.
2005-08-31 Slide switch offers two mounting options
NKK Switches has introduced its new SM series of RoHS-compliant slide switches that give designers a choice of side-by-side or end-to-end mounting in space-constrained applications.
2014-10-21 Skyworks rolls out SP2T switch for pre-PA cellular, WLANs
The SKY13453-385LF features small QFN package, low insertion loss, high isolation and high linearity performance.
2009-04-08 Single-sided slide switch flaunts thinner design
SMK has developed the 1.2mm-thin JSS slide switch to help prevent unintended operation of equipment by using the property of momentary action (spring-back system).
2006-05-12 Single-power quad, SPDT analog switch handles negative signals
Maxim's quad, SPDT analog switch handles negative signal with a single power supply, reducing external component count and improving audio-signal quality.
2008-04-11 Silent detect switch eyes automotive, industrial apps
Featuring a 'ghost' silent actuation mechanism and designed for end-of-stroke use, C&K's silent detect switch is ideal for applications ranging from automotive to industrial to computer peripherals.
2005-12-06 Signal switch provides simultaneous access to two PCIe lanes
A 4-differential channel, 2:1 mutliplexer/demultiplexer from Pericom is designed to improve bandwidth allocation in PCI Express-based systems without having to change the memory bus.
2003-02-06 Sigma 6 acquires membrane switch manufacturer
Sigma 6 Inc. has acquired Silver Graphics.
2004-12-14 Siemens acquires WLAN switch vendor Chantry Networks
Wireless LAN switch vendor Chantry Networks has agreed to be acquired by Siemens Communications in a deal that complements Siemens' HiPath portfolio while adding to a shakeout in the burgeoning WLAN switch market.
2006-11-16 Shift to Express marks intro of 48-lane switch
The 48-lane PCI Express switch from Technology Inc. is designed for at high-end servers, graphics cards and embedded systems, where Express is gaining traction.
2004-02-17 Shenle Vanstar switch suits automobile windows
Shenle Vanstar Electronic's automatic-return switch is sealed by insulated rubber with waterproof and dustproof double-point seesaw structure.
2006-06-06 Serial RapidIO switch targets DSP-intensive apps
Tundra expanded its Serial RapidIO switch family with a device that is designed to perform DSP aggregation on line cards in wireless, networking and video infrastructure apps.
2006-03-08 Serial RapidIO switch has multicast capability
Tundra Semiconductor announced the Tundra Tsi578 Serial RapidIO switch for applications such as wireless base stations and video infrastructure.
2003-01-27 Semtech expands line card clock switch portfolio
Semtech Corp. has expanded its Synchronous Equipment Timing Source family of line card clock switches with the addition of three devices that provide the line card protection switching and clock synthesis function in PDH, SONET, or SDH networks.
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