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2007-10-30 TFT LCD module has switchable viewing angle
NEC LCD Technologies has developed a new color TFT LCD module that enables the viewing angle to be switched from wide to narrow in accordance with display contents, use and application of the LCD.
2000-12-04 Switchable SAW filter K6257K
This application note proposes a switching circuit with a test layout for the K6257K switchable SAW filter.
2002-03-13 Switchable materials market to hit $13B in 2006
The total market for applications based on switchable materials was estimated to be worth $400 million in 2001, and could conceivably increase to over $13 billion in 2006, according to Business Communications Co. Inc.
2002-09-20 Switchable dual-band 170/420 mhz vco for handset cellular applications
This application note discusses a new switchable VCO solution which employs switching between separate tank circuits.
2007-02-01 Multimedia codec has switchable speaker driver
Wolfson Microelectronics has announced the WM8991 audio codec featuring a dual mode, 1W speaker driver with the flexibility to switch between Class AB and Class D operation.
2010-11-16 ITRI flexible 2D/3D switchable displays lauded
Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has earned three R&D 100 Awards for three of its technologies in the materials science and electronic instrumentation categories.
2001-04-19 A dual-band switchable IF VCO for GSM/PCS handsets
This application note discusses the design of a dual-band switchable VCO, which utilizes Alpha's PIN and varactor diodes, suitable for GSM/PCS cellular phones.
2002-12-30 UNOVA sells WLAN patents to Broadcom
UNOVA Inc. has sold about 150 of its domestic and foreign patents and patent applications to Broadcom Corp. for about $24 million.
2005-02-04 Nanoscale latch could replace transistor, claims HP
Hewlett-Packard Co. claimed Tuesday (Feb. 1) that its researchers have proven that a technology they invented could replace the transistor, the fundamental building block of all contemporary computing and electronics.
2002-05-06 IDT rolls 200MHZ SRAMs
Integrated Device Technology Inc. has expanded its bank-switchable dual-port SRAMs with the addition of speed enhancements of up to 200MHz and 9Mb of data storage in a single-die configuration.
2007-10-16 Dual-level LDO simplifies programming of eFUSE, SIM cards
TI has introduced a dual-level 200mA LDO linear regulator with simple dynamic voltage scaling in a tiny, five-ball chip-scale package, a first of its kind according to the company.
2011-01-20 Unimicron gets go ahead to use ESD protection in PCBs
Shocking Technologies has certified Unimicron Technology to make PCBs with its voltage switchable dielectric (VSD) material, a polymer nanocomposite for protecting electronic products from ESD.
2006-03-14 Transceivers simplify RS485 networks
Linear Technology Corp. introduced the LTC2859 and LTC2861 half-duplex and full-duplex RS485 transceivers with switchable, integrated termination.
2003-09-15 Sharp to introduce 3D notebook in October
The company will introduce a 3D notebook PC in October with a 15-inch switchable 2D/3D LCD.
2004-11-05 Maxim filters, buffer suit 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i standards
Maxim has developed 3-channel, switchable HD/SD video-reconstruction filters and buffers ideal for 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i video scanning-system standards.
2005-07-21 Intersil programmable buffer widens viewing area of Super-PVA TV
Samsung Corp. has designed Intersil Corp.'s programmable buffer into its latest Super-PVA TFT-LCD TV receivers. Intersil's 14-channel programmable and switchable configuration allows very fast (less than one microsecond) switching between gamma curves, allowing pre-set gamma curves to be toggled back-and-forth to optimize panel performance.
2008-02-14 Flexible Class AB/D speaker driver suits portable apps
Wolfson Microelectronics has introduced the WM9001 mono 1W switchable Class AB/D speaker driver designed to deliver enhanced flexibility to portable applications system designers.
2013-08-07 Distributed power in portable electronics
Know the concepts for portable appliances using switchable power supplies to control peripheral functions.
2005-05-10 Connector delivers durability
ITT Industries, Electronic Components developed a switchable RF connector that combines miniaturization with durability and high performance.
2006-01-18 Codec switches between Class AB and Class D
Wolfson Microelectronics plc announced what it claims is the first Class AB-to-Class D switchable stereo codec for portable applications.
2008-02-18 Class AB/D speaker driver fits space-constrained apps
Wolfson Microelectronics has introduced the WM9001 mono 1W switchable Class AB/D speaker driver in a low-profile 3mm x 3mm QFN-16 or 1.64mm x 1.64mm CSP package, making it suitable for space-constrained applications.
2002-11-12 A rolling code scrambler using the FX224
This article was created for the purpose of giving details of the transmission (scramble) circuit, the reception (de-scramble) circuit, a pseudo-random code generator with switchable clock circuitry.
2015-05-11 Verilog-AMS vs SPICE view for DDR, LCD verification
In this instalment, we comparatively analyse the usage of both views from the perspective of DDR interfaces, LCD controllers and on-chip memories.
2008-02-18 Use UWB in ultralow-power Zigbee sensor nodes
The IEEE 802.15.4 standardization committee who defined the MAC and PHY adopted by Zigbee has proposed an alternative PHY relying on UWB technology.
2009-11-18 USB oscilloscopes deliver 5GSps sampling rate
Pico Technology's latest PicoScope 6000 series USB oscilloscopes are claimed to be the first to offer a 5GSps real-time sampling rate.
2008-09-22 TV big shots lack stereo 3D patents
LG, Matsushita, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba currently have no significant patents on stereo 3D, according to an initial patent search by EE Times.
2007-08-27 TI switches suit DVI, HDMI applications
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced two new video switches for digital video interface or HDMI.
2013-01-31 Step attenuators tout frequency up to 67GHz
The R&S RSC family from Rohde & Schwarz includes a precision model with 0.1dB step size and allows users to attenuate signal power step by step either manually or by remote control.
2002-05-06 SMSC I/O controller targets notebook port replicators, docks
Standard Microsystems Corp. has announced the shipment of the LPC47N237 I/O Controller targeted for notebook PC port replicators and docks.
2005-07-19 Sharp to promote dual-view LCDs
Sharp Corp. has developed a dual-view display based on its 3D LCD technology that delivers different images to viewers on the right and left respectively.
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