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2002-08-15 Benson UPS device features lighter weight
Benson Power & Controls Pvt Ltd's Gold Series of online UPS devices is claimed by the company to be more than 50 percent lighter than competing devices
2009-10-12 Battery manager ensures safety, efficiency
Atmel's battery management solutions address safety and efficiency issues for automotive and industrial use.
2005-07-07 APT extends epitaxial diode lineup
Advanced Power Technology announced an extension of its next generation DQ fast recovery epitaxial diodes
2002-08-14 AnalogicTech charge pump eyes portable apps
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has introduced the AAT3110 regulated charge pump designed for portable, battery-powered applications.
2007-06-29 Analog ICs gear up for automotive engine control
Freescale unveils six standard SMARTMOS analog products designed for automotive engine management apps to meet the industry's performance, fuel efficiency and environmental requirements.
2009-01-15 Analog circuits boost energy harvesting
Advanced Linear Devices claims that energy harvesting could get a boost from an analog circuit that utilizes the lowest power outputs from individual photovoltaic cells, thermoelectric generators and electromagnetic sources
2008-11-17 Aim for compact, high-efficiency AC/DC supplies
Like most electronics systems, power supplies continue to get smaller. These systems leave room for added functions and processing power and the supply fits existing physical formats to avoid the cost of redesign
2012-02-21 Advantages of sine amplitude converter
Know how a new circuit technique using the sine amplitude converter architecture could offer gains in power density, switching frequency and output power
2010-07-02 650V MOSFETs deliver fast, controlled switching
Infineon's 650V CoolMOS C6/E6 MOSFETs combine low on-resistance and reduced capacitive switching losses with easy control of switching behavior.
2010-01-18 200/250V MOSFETs claim lowest figure of merit
Infineon has launched a family of 200V and 250V power MOSFETs for synchronous rectification in 48V systems, DC/DC converters, UPS and inverters for DC motor drives
2006-03-23 100V MOSFET reduces part count in SMPSs by 30%
Infineon's new family of 100V MOSFET devices promise to reduce part count in switched mode power supplies by 30 percent, and reduce losses of up to 20 percent.
2012-01-20 1.2kV MOSFET incorporates SiC JFET
The UniSiC MOSFET provides exceptionally low Rdson and gate charge and low diode forward voltage drop, according to the companies.
2002-02-22 Zetex dc/dc converter IC provides 3.3V regulated output
The ZXCP330 switch-capacitor dc/dc converter transforms a 2V to 4.4V input into a regulated 3.3V output with a maximum load current of 40mA, making it suitable for Li-ion and alkaline battery backup supplies, smart card readers, and PDAs.
2007-01-05 Switch IC simplifies Hall-effect sensor system
Allegro MicroSystems has released a dual-channel switch interface IC designed to simplify the implementation of a two-wire Hall-effect sensor system.
2001-04-20 Performance comparison of the new generation of IGBTs with MOSFETs at 150kHz
This application note presents data collected from the operation of IGBTs in a hard-switched, double-ended feed forward converter switching at 150kHz. It also makes a comparison between these IGBTs and similarly rated MOSFETs in the same circuit
2002-09-27 Matsushita PBX system to use Silicon Lab IC
Matsushita Communication Ind. Co. Ltd has selected Silicon Laboratories Inc.'s Si3210 ProSLIC integrated CMOS SLIC for use on its latest Digaport PBX systems.
2010-12-01 InfiniBand-based chipmaker buys fabric manufacturer
Mellanox Technologies Ltd is acquiring Voltaire Ltd for an estimated $218 million.
2006-04-03 Class D amps have greater efficiency, stability
New switched-mode audio amplifiers are increasingly being used in portable, slim-size consumer apps
2005-07-28 Zetex PNP transistor based on Generation 5 bipolar process
The ZXTP2006E6 PNP transistor from Zetex provides designers with a high efficiency solution for battery charging, dc-dc converter and general power management tasks
2003-10-08 With nod from NASA, 500mV chipset for liftoff
After years of work and a thumbs-up from NASA, researchers at the University of Idaho have designed a chip whose power consumption is more than an order of magnitude less than that in existing satellite chips
2007-05-14 UV laser promises high reliability for 24/7 industrial apps
The new AVIA 266-3 from Coherent Inc. is a second-generation deep UV laser that combines high-power output with extended lifetime, output stability and industrial-grade reliability needed for 24/7 industrial applications
2008-05-01 Use MSGQ module to optimize sRIO gains
Serial RapidIO overcome limitations of traditional DSP I/Os by providing a high performance, packet-switched, interconnect technology which is very beneficial for complex DSP topologies
2007-06-13 USB core integrates On The Go functionality
Cyan Technology launches the eCOG1X range of functional USB core, the latest addition to its family of low power, feature-rich MCUs
2002-07-18 TI op amps have 3005A quiescent current
The OPA334 and OPA335 zero-drift op amps from Texas Instruments Inc. feature a quiescent current of 3005A, making them suitable for use in power-sensitive apps
2014-03-27 The move to 100A at POL and beyond
While current demand is beginning to exceed the 100A level at the point of load, adopting a SEPIC-fed buck topology could prove useful in improving power conversion efficiency and transient response
2005-01-03 Switch-mode PAs shine in WLAN designs
While some prefer silicon and BiCMOS processes, switched-mode GaAs power amps provide the best option for WLAN designs. Here's why.
2002-03-11 STMicro active-terminator spans nine SCSI signal lines
Intended for use in SCSI devices, the ST21S07A active-terminator chip accommodates nine SCSI signal lines by integrating a bandgap voltage reference, buffer amplifier, and nine-switched, 110-ohm termination resistors
2008-11-17 STM32: a Class B ready MCU platform
Home appliances have to comply with IEC60335, which is intended to prevent malfunction in case of fault condition. The 4th edition of the standard has garnered attention from white goods' electronic control designers, and more specifically software developers, with the introduction of software inspection and the notion of software classes. Depending on the class, MCU components have to be tested at power on and monitored during run-time for safety critical applications
2003-11-12 StarGen adopts Rambus technology for its switches
The company announced that its RaSer PHY IP has been selected by StarGen, a semiconductor company that supplies advanced serial switched interconnect solutions
2012-11-09 ST aids optimised 4G connection with next-gen capacitors
STMicroelectronics' latest addition to its ParaScan tunable integrated capacitors family offers smaller PC boards and maximised output power for mobile phones
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