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2009-06-12 Selecting MOSFETs for half-bridge resonant converters
This article studies the performance of a half-bridge LLC resonant DC/DC converter developed for use in an open-frame power supply
2011-02-17 Screw-terminal Al capacitors last 5,000hrs
Vishay Intertechnology Inc.'s 104 PHL-ST screw-terminal power aluminum capacitors feature high capacitance/voltage combinations, including 6,800?F at 450V and 33,000?F at 200V, both in the large 90 x 220mm case size
2014-03-17 Research team creates self-powered wireless photodetectors
A team from A*STAR IMRE developed a light detector that can harvest just small quantities of detected light to generate enough energy to power a sensing signal transmission through an RF transmitter
2005-03-08 Protocol analyzer slated for ASI
Supporting design verification for the forthcoming ASI high-speed data plane standard, Agilent is debuting a Windows-based protocol-test approach for the switched-fabric interconnect
2016-02-03 Promising 2D material opens path for next-gen spintronics
Researchers from NUS and Yale-NUS College have established the mechanisms for spin motion in molybdenum disulphide (MoS2), an emerging 2D material that shows potential for low-power devices
2013-10-31 Performing hardware/firmware co-design (Part 2)
Part 2 tackles best practices techniques for performance, power-on interactions, communications and control
2014-10-27 Perform position encoding in battery-powered apps
Find out how position measurements using ULP 1-chip Hall encoders can be performed efficiently with direct battery operation or even during power failure
2011-05-06 Panel: Multicore programming faces tough challenges
Experts claim that processor developers have shifted to multicore designs to avoid power leakage, a move that has created an urgent need for parallel programming tools and methods that don't yet exist
2012-07-11 Nvidia, AMD to stick with TSMC for 28nm foundry
While Qualcomm has reportedly switched foundry orders for its 28nm-based Snapdragon S4 processors from TSMC to Samsung, sources say Nvidia and AMD may not follow suit
2002-02-14 National voltage regulators drive cell-phone white LEDs
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced half a dozen voltage-regulator devices designed to power white LEDs used as backlights for color displays on new-generation cell phones and handheld PCs
2010-05-24 MicroTCA platform handles 10Gbit/s switching
The OM6090D and OM7090D MicroTCA platforms from Kontron conform to MTCA.1 and are designed for high-end AdvancedMCs and feature a 10Gbit/s Ethernet switched backplane
2015-04-22 Is resistive RAM the next NVM star?
Resistive RAM features low power consumption and a small cell areaboth compelling reasons for their adoption as a non-volatile memory
2014-07-09 IR augments 60V MOSFETs line for industrial apps
The MOSFETs, which feature ultra-low on-state resistance, are aimed at power tools, LEV inverters, DC motor drives, Li-ion battery pack protection, and SMPS secondary-side synchronous rectification
2014-04-11 Ingenic banks on MIPS-based wearables
Ingenic ventures its entire fortune on manufacturing its own MIPS-based SoCs, with a 1GHz CPU in the 65nm process for the IoT, and another low-power, voice-recognition enabled SoC for smartwatches
2004-07-14 Hitachi display module uses chip-on-glass technology
Hitachi Display Products Group announced a low power 3.8-inch VGA LCD display module - the SP10Q010-T
2009-07-20 Front-end ultrasound IC packs CWD beamformer
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX2078, touted to be the lowest power, octal, ultrasound front-end solution with integrated mixer-based continuous-wave Doppler (CWD) beamformer
2008-08-18 Fit out for HD DTV broadcasting
The U.S. TV broadcast industry's march toward becoming digital is set to unfold by the February 2009 digital switchover, when all high-power analog transmitters will be switched off. To be positioned to successfully compete in the future, serious consideration should be given to migrating as quickly as possible to a core infrastructure that is all-digital, HD-capable, and able to support the origination of multiple program streams.
2009-08-18 Ferroelectric memories exceed DRAM, flash
Yale and SRC researchers recently demonstrated an experimental ferroelectric transistor for FeDRAMs that retained information 1,000x longer than DRAMs, consumed 20x less power and can be scaled to even the most advanced nodes
2013-10-17 Explore PFC and flyback controller combination IC
The TEA1751 is a PFC and flyback controller combination IC used for switched mode power supplies.
2001-05-01 Ethernet moves past 10Gbps
Advances in Ethernet and the emergence of an intelligent optical layer have given birth to an alternative transport architecture that extends the power of Ethernet to MANs, WANs, and LAN backbones
2005-06-01 Ethernet goes wide
Advances in components, standards, and techniques are allowing the Ethernet to migrate from the circuit-switched enterprise to packet-based service provider networks
2014-12-23 Electroless copper bath improves IC substrate production
The Printoganth MV TP1 from Atotech promises to offer the highest throwing power into blind micro vias and especially into their wedges, to enable ultra-fine lines and spaces of 10/10um and below
1999-11-10 Digital audio dominates multimedia trends
The recent Analog and Mixed-Signal Conference in California keyed on the three major applications of mixed-signal technology: Communications, Multimedia, and Power Management
2008-02-18 Developing countries reap benefits of wireless comms
Decentralization of services and resources, especially technology, extend economic, social and even political power beyond the handful of autocrats who often hold sway in developing nations, concluded telecom execs from Afghanistan and Bangladesh at a Mobile World Congress panel that discussed the extension of the mobile industry into the poorest regions of the world
2008-04-11 Designing energy-efficient handheld illumination solutions
To address the backlit display's energy consumption, one power-efficient method to drive LEDs is the switched capacitor.
2005-08-23 Demoduator enables mobile TV
Zarlink said its ZL10355 device offers the industry's smallest package, lowest power consumption and lowest software overhead, coupled with an extended temperature range uniquely suited for mobile DTV
2008-06-02 Compromise with LDOs and reap benefits
Today's multivoltage portable system designs demand a variety of devices for managing power conversion from switched-capacitor charge pumps to inductive DC/DC converters. But when designers want a compact, simple-to-implement solution that delivers a reliable power source at low cost and requires few external components, a low-dropout regulator more often than not is the part of choice.
2011-01-31 Class-G headphone amp delivers 100dB SNR at 6.5mW
Texas Instruments's TLV320DAC3202 Class-G headphone amplifier integrates DAC and power rails to deliver audio playback quality and extend battery life in moderately priced phones and other portable CE
2008-04-16 Class G amps key in driving ceramic speakers
Today's portable devices drive a need for smaller, thinner and more power-efficient electronic components. Cellphone form factors have become thin that the traditional dynamic speaker has become the limiting factor in how thin manufacturers can make their handsets. Ceramic or piezoelectric speakers are quickly becoming a viable alternative to dynamic speakers
2013-03-21 Buck-boost charge pump boasts low conducted noise
Linear Technology's LTC3245 uses switched capacitor fractional conversion to maintain regulation over a wide range of input voltage from 2.7V to 38V
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