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2005-06-08 The basics of anti-aliasing: Using switched-capacitor filters
This app note discusses the principles of anti-aliasing and its effect on system performance.
2001-04-17 Switched-capacitor A/D converter input structures
This application note discusses the input drive requirements of different CMOS A/D converter structures.
2003-08-29 Switched Capacitor Interfacing Anti-Aliasing and Smoothing Filters
This application note discusses the need for anti-alising and smoothing filters for SCFs.
2002-11-14 Switched capacitor interfacing anti-aliasing and smoothing filters
This article address the need for anti-aliasing and smoothing filters for SCFs, the basics of sampling, the fundamentals of SCNs, and the design of anti-aliasing and smoothing filters for SCFs.
1999-06-29 New capabilities of switched capacitor power conversion
This paper deals with switched capacitor technology with buck-boost capabilities suited to solve problems concerning high transient loads.
2003-09-19 Maximizing start-up loads with the LM3352 regulated buck/boost switched capacitor converter
This application note lists down how the LM3352 achieves Buck/Boost operation by using various switching schemes to produce different gains.
2003-06-19 Calculating settling time for switched capacitor ADCs
The application note describes how to allot settling time for both on-chip ADCs and anti-alias filters.
2007-05-31 A resonant approach to interfacing amplifiers to switched-capacitor ADCs
A resonant approach for transforming the track-and-hold impedance to a more predictable load allowing precise design of antialiasing filters is presented at several common IF frequencies in this paper from ADI.
2015-04-16 Understanding ADC input resistance and sampling
Learn how the input resistance of an analog-to-digital converter depends on the architecture and how to derive a mathematical function for it in a given case.
2009-02-16 Silicon resonator consumes 1,000x less power
By adding a piezoelectric thin-film atop its silicon resonator and using a switched capacitor method for performing temperature compensation, the Swiss Center for Electronics (CSEM) is claiming a 1,000-fold decrease in power consumption in a paper presented during the ISSCC.
2015-06-22 Know your duty when duty cycling
Here is a look at the perils of assuming duty cycling is as easy in the analog domain as it can be in the digital and RF domains.
2009-11-11 Integrated solutions make analog filter design easy
This article examines a filter implementation, first using a continuous-time filter and then with a switched-capacitor filter approach to show the differences in performance and complexity.
1999-02-01 Improving the performance of an ADC
Several factors contribute to the corruption of the data output of a high performance ADC. Employing proper grounding techniques and selecting the right op amp to drive the ADC, among other solutions, can ensure a squeaky-clean ADC output.
2004-05-13 Arques driver IC targets white LED apps
Arques Technology has developed a 1.5X switched-capacitor (charge pump) regulator that is designed for white LED apps.
2004-11-26 AAT3110/3111 on/off enable control
This app note describes the AAT3110 and AAT3111 switched-capacitor voltage converters, which are designed to deliver a regulated 3.3, 3.6 or 5V output from an input supply ranging from 1.8V to 5V.
2008-04-29 Ripple and noise measurements with DC/DC switch-mode power supplies
This application note will summarize the set-up, methodology and practical measurement guidelines to accurately measure input and output voltage ripple (or switching noise) in all SMPS DC/DC topologies, as well as charge pump (switched capacitor) regulators.
2008-04-11 Designing energy-efficient handheld illumination solutions
To address the backlit display's energy consumption, one power-efficient method to drive LEDs is the switched capacitor.
2008-06-02 Compromise with LDOs and reap benefits
Today's multivoltage portable system designs demand a variety of devices for managing power conversion from switched-capacitor charge pumps to inductive DC/DC converters. But when designers want a compact, simple-to-implement solution that delivers a reliable power source at low cost and requires few external components, a low-dropout regulator more often than not is the part of choice.
2013-03-21 Buck-boost charge pump boasts low conducted noise
Linear Technology's LTC3245 uses switched capacitor fractional conversion to maintain regulation over a wide range of input voltage from 2.7V to 38V.
2002-02-22 Zetex dc/dc converter IC provides 3.3V regulated output
The ZXCP330 switch-capacitor dc/dc converter transforms a 2V to 4.4V input into a regulated 3.3V output with a maximum load current of 40mA, making it suitable for Li-ion and alkaline battery backup supplies, smart card readers, and PDAs.
2007-06-01 XA offers better simulation accuracy
Promising a new approach to fast Spice simulation, Synopsys Inc. introduced Discovery AMS 2007, a group of solutions that includes the XA simulation technology option for the NanoSim and HSim fast SPICE simulators.
2006-03-31 White LED drivers feature dual-gain architecture
National Semiconductor introduced three new inductorless white LED drivers for display backlighting in cellphones, PDAs, portable gaming devices and MP3 media players.
2014-07-17 Utilising ARM Cortex-M based SoCs (Part 1)
Learn how internal SoC peripherals, such as an op-amp, ADC, PWM, and most importantly a processor core, are used to develop a system with the least number of components on the PCB.
2007-03-16 Use CT delta-sigma ADCs to cut down power consumption
Continuous time delta-sigma ADC technology shatters the conventional wisdom that pipeline ADCs are the only conversion technique available for high-speed, dynamic range applications.
2003-10-16 USB OTG presents benefits, challenges to power designers
USB On-The-Go has numerous advantages to offer--various challenges in the design and implementation, however, comes along with the advantages.
2007-02-16 Ultrasmall camera flash LED driver loads 700mA
austriamicrosystems has launched an ultrasmall, fully integrated 700mA charge-pump-based flash LED driver.
2004-04-22 TI DAC with -100dB total harmonic distortion
Texas Instruments has introduced a four-channel, 24-bit audio DAC from its Burr-Brown Pro Audio product line which features 118dB dynamic range.
2003-03-07 Signal processors enhance automobile audio quality
Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a pair of audio signal processors that use SCF technology to improve the sound quality of automobile audio systems.
2010-03-22 RF transceivers handle 470-510MHz short-range apps
Micrel Inc. has released the latest member of its family of low-cost, low-power, 410 to 950MHz FSK RF transceivers.
2008-05-29 PSoC adds ADC for fast analog sampling
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. recently introduced a PSoC mixed-signal array with an enhanced ADC for fast analog sampling and expanded 8Kbytes of flash memory capacity for complex algorithm processing.
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