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2006-01-06 XP Power unveils 'most compact' AC/DC switching power supply
The ECM100 single-output AC/DC switching power supply from XP Power is touted to be the world's most compact unit of its type. This device features a 4.5-by-2.5-inch footprint and 1.2-inch height.
2006-01-24 Vydas announces power supplies for industrial automation
Vydas International has announced a new range of DIN rail mount switching power supplies designed especially for the industrial automation markets
2000-12-06 Very wide input voltage range, off-line flyback switching power supply
This application note reviews one method of enabling a discontinuous-mode flyback converter to operate beyond its traditional range of input voltage of 3:1 to a range of more than 6.6:1 without affecting the reliability of its operation.
2008-10-14 Ultrathin power supplies suit industrial, embedded apps
Astrodyne has released the SDR-240 series of ultrathin DIN-rail mounted switching power supplies designed for industrial control and embedded systems applications
2004-07-05 Ultra-Power SMPSes output 550W
Ultra-Power has released its SD-T550PP switching power supplies that feature dual 80mm cooling fans for efficient heat dissipation
2004-07-06 Ultra-Power SMPSes offer 460W output power
Ultra-Power's new AT-T460AP ATX switching power supply has three 8cm low-noise fans and aluminum case for superior heat dissipation.
2003-10-06 U-SAN module provides up to 15W continuous power
The UP-10AD and 15AD-XX series of switching power supplies from U-SAN Electron Co. Ltd provide 10W to 15W of continuous output power
2004-10-29 Triple-output switchers serve low-power medical
XPiQ introduced multi-output versions of the ECM40 and ECM60 families of 40W and 60W ac/dc switching power supplies
2003-08-05 Tongrun power supply supports telecom equipment
The TRAB1-050-28 28W switching power supply from Shanghai Tongrun Electronic Technology features a universal input of 90Vac to 264Vac.
2012-04-16 TI's power converter touts noise reduction by 99
The 1A QuietSupply step down voltage regulator claims to maximize the performance of precision data converters, amplifiers and clock distribution circuits in noise-sensitive designs.
2002-12-09 TI crafts developer's kit for 'digital power supply
The company has launched a developer's kit that promises to bring digital control and programmability to switching power supplies
2002-06-03 Taiyo Yuden power supply measures 31.75-by-76.2-by-127mm
Taiyo Yuden (USA) Inc.'s Power System Group has announced the AAD130 ac/dc switching power supply that provides an output of 130W and 83 percent efficiency in a 31.75-by-76.2-by-127mm casing.
2005-10-28 Switching power supply with two cooling fans, SATA connectors
Topower Computer announced that its new switching power supplies are equipped with two cooling fans and two SATA connectors
2003-04-30 Switching power supply shipments further decline
According to Venture Development Corp. revenues from North American shipments of ac/dc switching power supplies have declined dramatically in the past few years
2006-04-21 Switching power supply has protection features
Shenzhen Xixing Electronic released a lightweight wall-type switching power adapter with over-voltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection features
2003-08-18 Switching power supply features overcurrent protection
Shenzhen Xixing Electronic has released the JSK-T150HS series of 150W metal frame switching power supplies that feature over-voltage and short circuit protections
2008-03-07 Switching power supply design with the PIC16F785
In this application note, we will examine a typical buck topology intelligent switching mode power supply design using the PIC16F785.
2002-12-17 Switching power supply delivers 700W continuous output
The Model PFC700-S PFC switching power supply provides a single-isolated (floating) output of 600W to 700W of continuous output power.
2000-04-19 Switching power supply control loop design
A simplified approach to feedback control loop analysis is presented in this application note. It starts with a general overview of various parameters affecting performance in a switching power system
2009-08-25 Switching power supply comes in compact form
CUI Inc.'s V-Infinity power division has launched a new series of highly efficient, compact, internal switching power supplies that feature a no-load power consumption of
2008-05-16 Switching power supplies roll for medical instrumentation
Designed for medical and dental instrumentation, Astrodyne has announced the multipackage PMMK225 line of high-density switching power supplies that provide output power of 225W with active PFC
2006-10-02 Switching power supplies feature economical design
Citing its economical design, V-Infinity's new U-frame switching power supply delivers up to 200W for wireless, datacom and industrial applications.
2006-06-16 Switching 350W power supply delivers 54V output
Emerson Network Power's Astec NTS Series line of 350W AC/DC switching power supplies includes new 54V output configurations for front-end and distributed power applications
2003-08-20 Silicore switching power adapter has 15VA range
The SWP15U series of switching power adapters from Silicore Electronics has 100Vac to 240Vac input voltage and 50Hz to 60Hz input frequency
2003-10-31 Shining Fair power supply has overcurrent protection
Featuring overload and overcurrent protections, the 16W switching adaptor #2 from Shining Fair Enterprises has a universal input voltage of 90Vac to 264Vac
2002-10-29 Quad switcher handles mid-power tasks
Astec Power's LPQ142 series is a compact quad-output switcher for 1U applications that require a low-ripple, tightly regulated source
2003-08-21 Premier switching power supply offers high efficiency
Premier Hi-Tech Co. has developed the PH-MA P4 switching power supply that is available in 200W to 450W configurations.
2014-03-25 Power trends take spotlight at APEC 2014
During this year's APEC, global players such as Fairchild, Intersil and Texas Instruments revealed their business plans and product offerings in anticipation of the power efficiencies demanded by next-generation electronic devices
2015-03-12 Power tip: How to compensate isolated power supplies
The effects of component values in a TL431 feedback network are not obvious, but if you understand the basic equations behind the transfer functions, you can easily compensate an isolated power supply
2012-08-06 Power tip: Avoid common aluminum electrolytic capacitor pitfalls
Here's a look at capacitor selection in switched-mode power supplies
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