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2006-11-20 Power resistor dissipates heat three ways
The new non-molded power resistor from BI Technologies SMT Division uses three methods of heat dissipationconduction through the heat sink tab, radiation from the resistor surface, and convection through the venturi element
2008-05-08 Power MOSFET basics: Understanding MOSFET characteristics associated with the figure of merit
This application note from Vishay Siliconix focuses on the basic characteristics and understanding of the MOSFET.
2008-05-08 Power MOSFET basics: Understanding gate charge and using it to assess switching performance
This application note goes into more detail on the switching behavior of the MOSFET when used in a practical application circuit.
2000-05-15 Motorola's Solutions for very low power in standby mode in SMPS
This application note summarizes the Motorola MC33363B device while achieving a very low power in standby mode
2002-05-06 LND1 Series: Efficient switchmode power supply start-up circuit
This application note illustrates the many advantages of using Supertex LND150N3 in the start-up circuit of switchmode power supplies
2000-12-07 Critical conduction mode, flyback switching power supply using the MC33364
This application note presents a way of designing an ac/dc flyback converter that is operating in the critical conduction current mode, using the MC33364.
2006-03-28 Power supply solution delivers less than 1W standby power
ON Semiconductor unveiled its third GreenPoint reference design for 220W LCD-TV power supplies
2005-10-19 Linear Tech ?Module simplifies power system development
The new ?Module (micro-module) from Linear Technology promises designers a complete 10A switching power supply in a tiny (15-by-15mm) footprint, low profile (2.8mm) land grid array package
2006-05-15 Complete 10A Switchmode DC/DC Power Supply in an IC Form-Factor
Complete 10A Switchmode DC/DC Power Supply in an IC Form-Factor
2007-06-22 ATX power supply reference design debuts
ON Semiconductor says it has launched the industry's first open ATX reference design that meets the new Energy Star performance requirements for ATX power supplies used in desktop PCs
2006-06-01 Vishay rectifiers cut supply losses
The new 8A 600V UH8JT and UHF8JT single high-voltage ultrafast rectifiers from Vishay Intertechnology Inc. deliver a reverse recovery time of 25ns.
2000-12-08 Motorola's solutions for very low power in standby mode in switchmode power supplies
This application note summarizes the Motorola solution to achieve a very low power rating in standby mode in SMPS
2006-11-27 Development board speeds digital SMPS design
Microchip Technology's dsPICDEM buck SMPS development board comes with sample software and tutorial to help designers quickly evaluate and develop their digital SMPS and power-conversion designs
2007-04-27 ATX reference design meets Energy Star specs
ON Semi has unveiled what it claims is the industry's first open ATX reference design that meets the new Energy Star performance requirements for ATX power supplies used in desktop PCs scheduled to take effect this July
2003-02-24 Integration eases buck regulator design
The company's Five Little Foot plus Driver power semiconductors are designed to simplify the use of n-channel MOSFETs in high-frequency buck regulators
2005-06-14 TI TPS5602 for powering TI's DSP
This app note features TI's TPS5602 (a dual-channel synchronous buck switchmode power-supply controller).
2006-02-24 MOSFET drivers deliver 12A
Microchip's TC4451 (inverting) and TC4452 (noninverting) MOSFET drivers, for use in switching power supplies and similar high-speed, high-current apps, can deliver peak output currents of 12A
2008-01-14 Glitch-free portable charging
A USB-based battery charger must extract as much power from the USB port as efficiently as possible to meet the stringent thermal constraints of today's power-intensive applications
2008-08-20 Implement safe battery charging between gadgets
One of the challenges consumers, and especially business travelers, face today is finding a common yet practical technique to charge the wide variety of portable devices such as cellphones, wireless headsets, and MP3 players now at their disposal. Addressing this challenge requires safe charging methods that allow portable devices with higher energy storage to charge portable devices with lower power requirements
2005-12-27 Schottky barrier rectifiers based on Trench MOS tech
Vishay announced what it touts as the industry's first Schottky barrier rectifiers based on Trench MOS technology.
2013-10-03 Energy harvesting: Get something from nothing
Here are the answers to questions of embedded developers using wireless sensor networks.
2006-03-27 Capacitors deliver low ESR for high-current apps
AVX targets high-current applications with its line of RoHS-compliant medium- and high-voltage ceramic capacitors.
2004-07-27 Vishay Schottky rectifiers optimized for 300W supplies
A high-current Schottky rectifier that combines 100V reverse voltage and 60A forward current capabilities in the TO-220AB package was released by Vishay.
2009-04-17 Rectifiers boast ultralow forward voltage drops
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released two new Schottky rectifiers with ultralow forward voltage drops of 0.35 V at + 85C and 0.4 V at + 25C.
2003-02-11 Picor attenuation module dampens 20dB of noise
The QPO-1 QuietPower output ripple attenuation module from Picor Corp. uses active filtering in a 25-by-25-by-5mm SIP.
2006-06-28 MOSFET, IGBT driver eliminates need for shunt resistor
Vishay Intertechnology is adding to its optoelectronics product portfolio with a 0.5-A MOSFET/IGBT driver that has a 1V maximum low-level output voltage, eliminating the need for negative gate drive.
2008-04-02 DC/DC regulator meets military, avionics specs
A complete and encapsulated 12A switching micromodule DC/DC regulator system featuring PLL and output tracking has been introduced by Linear Technology Corp. for rugged military and avionics applications.
2009-06-19 Battery chargers save cost, space
Linear Technology has introduced two compact, monolithic high-voltage battery chargers for single-cell Li-ion/Polymer batteries.
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