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2001-05-09 TMS320C24x PWM full compare in symmetric mode
This application note presents applications of the TMS320C24x PWM DSP Full Compare, including up to six PWM, three PWM and three complemented PWM generation in symmetric mode.
2001-05-09 TMS320C24x general purpose timer 1 symmetric mode
This application note presents one application of the TMS320C24x DSP General Purpose (GP) timer: Time base and PWM generation using GP Timer One in symmetric mode.
2011-12-15 Emdedded sol'n features symmetric multiprocessing
The Orbexpress from OIS claims to double message throughput when used with Green Hills Software INTEGRITY 10 RTOS on a dual-core processor.
2011-07-15 Communications software offer symmetric multiprocessing
Objective Interface Systems' embedded communications software supports QNX Software Systems' RTOS and provides symmetric multiprocessing on ARM, Power and x86 processors.
2003-02-05 Voltage suppressor protects line cards with SSRs
STMicro's SSRP105B1 dual asymmetric transient voltage suppressor protects line cards in telecom equipment that use solid-state relays.
2013-10-14 Use multi-core with multi-OS software architecture
Here's a look at the architectural choices from the hardware capabilities to the software options, and how to make them efficient.
2008-09-16 Single-chip multiprocessing steps up
SoC design options for software-friendly multiprocessing have been limited. Now, SoC design components, such as the MIPS32 1004K coherent processing system, mean on-chip symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) under a single OS is a real option.
2003-10-22 NEC, ARM ink long-term partnership
NEC Electronics Corp. and ARM Ltd have entered into a long-term strategic partnership.
2007-10-23 Multicore platform tackles multiple car navigation apps
NEC Electronics has unveiled NaviEngine1, said to be the industry's most powerful single-chip system LSI solution optimized for car navigation systems.
2007-03-06 Leon processor supports Linux SMP
The Leon 3 licensible Sparc processor, developed by Gaisler Research, has symmetric multiprocessing support, in the form of a port of the Linux 2.6 OS, the company said.
2004-05-01 Get Faster, Quicker!
This technical article discusses the growth of microprocessor SIMD engines in embedded applications.
2002-11-05 Fujitsu equipment to be used in BT product trial roll-out
BT Group plc has selected Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Ltd to supply them with DSL equipment for its SDSL trial.
2012-09-25 Enhance MCU performance, security with hardware accelerated crypto
Discover how to accelerate compute-intensive cryptographic algorithms and off load those tasks from the ARM core.
2008-02-05 Dual-core chips achieve 1,920 MIPS processing
Renesas Technology's SH7786 Group of dual-core processors built around twin SH-4A CPU cores achieve up to 1,920 MIPS when operating at 533MHz.
2014-11-26 Device tree partitioning for embedded software design
Here's look at a resource partitioning scheme for a multi-core embedded system, where the system under consideration contains multiple instances of embedded Linux, each running on a different set of cores.
2007-12-03 Cortex-A9 boasts refined ARM architecture
ARM Holdings plc has expended its Cortex family multicore with the unveiling of the Cortex-A9, following up on a July announcement of multiprocessing extensions to the ARMv7 architecture.
2003-03-03 Convergence processors cleave Gordian knot of multiprotocol data
The realities of practical network deployment dictate that the migration to packet-based network will be preceded by the need to tie together several existing networks, including the PSTN, ATM, and IP networks.
2007-10-18 ARM launches Cortex-A9 multiprocessor
ARM has unveiled its latest processor architecture at its own ARM Developers Conference which took place in Santa Clara, California, early this month.
2008-09-08 VxWorks 6.6 SMP
This document explores multicore technology and the choices and challenges it presents to the device software developer, and how the symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) features in Wind River's VxWorks platforms enable VxWorks users to move into this exciting new area of technology.
2014-06-27 Understanding multicore basics: AMP and SMP
There are a variety of choices in terms of both hardware and software architecture, the selection of which is strongly dictated by the application. Now that multi-core embedded systems is on its way to becoming the standard, there are broadly two options to consider: Asymmetric Multi-Processing and Symmetric Multi-Processing.
2000-06-16 The L6569: A new high voltage IC driver for electronic lamp ballast
This application note examines the L6569, a high-voltage driver IC that is capable of driving the floating transistor of a symmetric half-bridge inverter in electronic lamp ballasts.
2013-11-20 Smart card offers security for banking, eGov markets
NXP's SmartMX2-P40 offers dedicated co-processors for asymmetric RSA/ECC and symmetric DES/AES cryptography, and comes with a certified hardware abstraction layer and crypto library.
2005-12-21 SEN selects Ikanos chipsets
SEN has selected Ikanos' Fx 100100-4 and Fx 100100S-4 chipsets, enabling carriers to provide interactive broadband services with symmetric speeds of up to 100Mbps to customers in Japan.
2010-12-14 Processors tip Android OS
The complete Google Android OS has been ported to run Imagination Technologies plc's Meta Linux kernel, offering symmetric multi-processor and "hot-plug" features.
2007-05-07 Java development framework supports SMP multicore
Pervasive Software Inc. introduced Pervasive DataRush, a Java development framework that supports symmetric multiprocessing multicore CPUs.
2001-12-16 G.SHDSL: Reaching the access network
Symmetric operation has been elusive thus far in digital subscriber lines (DSLs), but that may change with the adoption of the ITU's G.SHDSL standard.
2006-07-17 Distributed framework for multicores
Multiprocessors are becoming a fact of life for most software and embedded systems engineers. Symmetric multiprocessors use many identical processors, an OS and a shared memory. Asymmetric multiprocessors lack shared memory and have dissimilar processors or run different operating systems on different processors.
2002-03-04 Camden provides G-style rail mounting
The company has introduced an adapter that converts symmetric "top-hat" style DIN rail mounting devices to assymmetric G-style mountings.
2003-11-03 XML services call for security checks
Nothing has done more to erode the enterprise security perimeter than the rise of XML Web services. Designed to bypass the existing enterprise IP-based security infrastructure, Web services create a sea of vulnerabilities.
2006-11-10 Xilinx upgrades XtremeDSP to support Virtex-5 LX, LXT
Xilinx Inc. has announced the immediate availability of version 8.2 of its XtremeDSP development tools, which feature optimized DSP support for Xilinx Virtex-5 LX and LXT
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