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2009-12-03 Driving reliable automotive system design with FPGAs
For FPGAs to be part of an ultra-reliable design, designers must protect the valid FPGA configuration used for initialization and prevent SRAM corruption during device operation
2003-01-03 Driving innovation in chip design
The economics of designing chips is rapidly changing the landscape of system design.
2009-06-08 Digital isolator design guide
This application note helps system designers of galvanically isolated systems to begin designing with the Texas Instruments ISO72xx family of digital isolators in the shortest time possible
2005-04-18 Development tool for ISM transceivers eases product design
Engineers developing wireless products using Analog Devices Inc.'s ISM band transceivers can shorten design cycles with a new development tool called ADIismLink
2012-06-28 Development kit eases RF system design
Altera and Texas Instruments have launched a modular RF development kit for prototyping systems based on Altera's 28nm Arria V FPGAs.
2008-09-09 Developing system-level validation routines
During the system design and validation process, designers may require stress testing of their platforms and in system testing of flash memory. Some test routines may inadvertently expose the systems flash memory components to stress far exceeding operational stress and result in incorrect analyses of system reliability. To better engineer system level test routines and to validate the flash memory subsystem, Spansion offers several guidelines in this application note.
2013-01-16 Developing a liquid level control/delivery system
Here's a cost-effective, low-power, liquid-level control and delivery system based on data acquisition systems that use a compensated silicon pressure sensor and a high-precision delta-sigma ADC
2001-10-12 Designing a DSP system
This application note describes various aspects of DSP system design such as interfacing A/D and D/A converters, DAQ techniques (Busy-Polling, Interrupts, DMA), control interface design, memory considerations, and development systems.
2005-10-03 Design Trends and EDA Tools: China & Taiwan
IC and PCB design engineers in China and Taiwan reveal the current level of design and share development experience with EDA tools
2006-01-01 Design transfer takes place in Chinese electronics industry
EE Times-China's China Design Technique Survey 2005 shows R&D activities China focusing on system design are now in full swing in the downstream industrial chain.
2007-10-10 Design talent drives India's electronics industry
India's electronics industry has grown rapidly, largely due to the country's engineering talent, according to Gregg Lowe, senior VP for analog at TI, who delivered the keynote address at ESC-India last week.
2007-04-02 Design strategies for car door modules
This article discusses an effective strategy to drive the loads of a door module.
2006-09-18 Design offshoring troubles U.S. engineers
There's growing evidence showing that U.S. chip design is becoming more vulnerable to offshoring in places like China and India a scenario that has long troubled the minds of U.S. engineers
2010-11-30 Design methods shift to software
Changes in electronics design methodology seem to occur in ten-year stagesfrom the IDM's of the 1970s, ASICs in the 1980s, fabless companies in the 1990s, to the 2000s when application software took control
2007-02-26 Design low-power multiprocessor chips
The demand for higher performance and more features has only served to increase total system power consumption
2013-09-26 Design Linux-based femtocell base-station (Part 2
Here's the second of a two-part series on building a wireless femtocell with a base station SoC powered by a Linux-based fast-path software architecture.
2008-02-22 Design fuel gauging for multicell Li-ion battery pack (Part 1
This article describes how the fuel gauging technology, the Impedance Track from TI, tackles these challenges in battery design and presents a brief example of a three-series, two-parallel battery pack solution
2013-10-29 Design an efficient, smart thermal mgmt system
Build a thermal management system with fewer ICs while reducing the customisation needed
2007-07-02 Dealing with the processor design dilemma
A pivotal question for the current crop of startups is whether to offer their processors as flexible, general-purpose chips or as highly specialized, application-specific solutions. Should their product be a jack-of-all-trades or a master of one?
2005-04-18 DATE minds offer an array of fixes for SoC design
Designing high-performance SoCs needs a breakthrough from system-level design through manufacturing, according to DATE.
2002-02-11 Cynergy closure casts shadow on C design market
Cynergy System Design, a provider of C language design tools, has run out of cash and is closing its doors, according to a former executive.
2008-10-07 Custom IC design, layouts, and productivity
There is a definite challenge in maintaining productivity when it comes to realizing a design. Anything that helps the layout with increasing productivity does it for me
2004-05-12 Custom dice tossed for system-in-package
A fabless DRAM company that has been providing product to select partners for some time, albeit in stealth mode, will take off the wraps this week.
2005-01-21 CoWare, targeting system design, plans IPO
Tool vendor CoWare Inc. said it plans an initial public offering this year to raise funds for more R&D investments and to expand its global reach.
2006-11-16 Controller enables graphical system design
NI, Freescale and Wind River collaborated to develop the CompactRIO cRIO-9012 controller, which promises to simplify embedded system development through graphical system design.
2008-07-16 Conquer ULC handset design challenges
Ultralow-cost (ULC) handsets have been a hot topic in the past three years. ULC today refers to handsets that can be built for $20 or less. They represent a unique segment of the cellular market and require a unique set of strategies for success.
2010-08-16 Comprehensive symbol model library provided to help speed-up embedded system design
Silicon Labs now offers hundreds of symbol models for its? mixed-signal MCU portfolio. It also offers complimentary download of Accelerated Designs' Ultra Librarian Reader along with Silicon Labs? symbols and footprints.
2013-10-25 Compact vision system fitted with GigE ports with PoE
The CVS-1457RT compact vision system from National Instruments offers deterministic camera triggering over Ethernet bus so users can power the camera, send triggers, and acquire images
2003-06-02 Combine hardware and software design in programmable SoC
SCSD is a methodology converging hardware and software techniques, providing a cohesive path from system specification and functional algorithm identification to system implementation
2011-10-12 Collective behavior leads system design
According to Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, EDA needs to move away from component-oriented practice to being adaptable and dynamic.
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