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What is tablet PC?
A tablet PC is usually a fully functional laptop PC, equipped with a stylus and, often, a touch screen. This form factor is intended for mobility where laptops/notebooks may be impractical or unwieldy, or do not provide the needed functionality.
The term tablet PC was made popular in a product announced in 2001 by Microsoft. It was a pen-enabled computer conforming to hardware specifications devised by Microsoft and running Windows XP Tablet PC Edition OS.
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2003-04-30 Huntkey PC power supply outputs 320W
The Monolith 300 PC power supply of Huntkey Ent. Group provides a maximum output power of 320W and meets the GB9254-98B and FCC Class B standards
2002-10-23 Huntkey PC power supply features >60,000h lifespan
Huntkey's LW-6300H PC power supply accepts an input from 90Vac to 264Vac and can operate with a full-load efficiency of at least 65 percent
2003-02-05 Huntkey PC power supply delivers 360W of power
Huntkey Ent. Group's "Sound of Nature" PC power supply delivers a maximum power of 360W and meets the GB9254-98B and FCC class B standards
2008-04-10 Gyro sensors power next-gen PC mouse
A gyro-based mouse is an easy-to-use pointing and control system based on free-space movements and gestures.
2005-01-12 Global PC shipments to grow 11 percent, says analyst
An uptick in enterprise demand and strong growth in the Asia-Pacific region will drive an 11 percent increase in global PC shipments in 2005, according to market research firm Piper Jaffray
2002-09-09 Gateway PC solutions feature Genesis processors
Gateway Inc. has selected Genesis Microchip Inc.'s display image processors, the gmZAN2 and gm2120, for its latest Profile 4 All-in-One PC solutions
2005-10-19 Gartner: Low prices and mobility boost worldwide PC shipments
Global PC shipments increased by 17.2 percent from Q3 of 2004, reaching a total of 55 million units in Q3 of this year, according to a preliminary PC Quarterly Statistics report by Gartner, Inc
2011-04-19 Gartner reports PC slowdown in Q1
Global PC shipments in 1Q11 fell 1.1 percent from a year ago, due mainly to weak demand for consumer PCs and buyers' preference for media tablets and other CE
2004-08-18 Gage digital capture card converts PC to logic analyzer
Equipped with an onboard FPGA, Gage Applied Technologies' plug-and-play CompuScope 3200C looks like a pretty nifty plug-in.
2005-01-19 Fujitsu, Toray develop environment-friendly notebook PC plastic housing
Fujitsu Ltd, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd and Toray Industries Inc. have entered into a joint development of large-size notebook PC plastic housing made of plant-based plastic with low environmental burden
2004-06-07 Freescale MCU improves PC peripheral functionality
Freescale Semiconductor rolled out a 16-bit, flash-based MCU that promises to help designers bring an improved level of peripheral functionality to the PC
2002-05-22 First Int. acquires China-based notebook PC maker
Taiwan-based First Int. Computer Inc. (FIC), a provider of motherboards, PC systems, servers and notebooks, has acquired China-based Ta-Jiang Co. for about $10.43 million
2003-04-29 Experts see few parallels between embedded, PC markets
A shift away from the PC-centric technology and business models will boost embedded systems design, which doesn't have to rely on expensive, bleeding-edge technologies the way the PC model does, experts said
2005-09-02 Eurotech launches VxWorks BSP for CPU-1432 PC/104-Plus CPU
Eurotech has disclosed the availability of a new board support package (BSP) for its CPU-1432 PC/104-Plus embedded computer and Wind River's VxWorks RTOS
2006-10-24 DVD writer breaks free of the PC
By eliminating the sometimes cumbersome PC in the media-gathering and DVD-writing process, and by accommodating the vast array of storage card formats, Sony is shooting for simplicity. The irony, of course, is just how much engineering complexity can go into serving the 'simple' objective
2001-04-15 DRAM makers regroup for the post-PC era
System designers expect DRAMs to keep pace with ever-growing performance and density demands, while maintaining the feel of a cost-driven commodity market. DRAM industry is working hard to map its future.
2001-04-15 DRAM flavors shift for post-PC future
A constant momentum has forced the DRAM community to accommodate many architectural changes. When PC required a memory solution that had higher density, was faster and consumed low voltage, the industry responded by developing the SDR SDRAM
2011-04-28 DisplaySearch eyes 27% growth for mobile PC market
While netbook and emerging market shipments are expected to drop this year, notebook and tablet computer shipments in mature markets will surge and fuel overall market growth.
2004-08-23 Densitron PC board consumes ultra low power
The new embedded PC board from Densitron provides savings in both power and thermal management for embedded computing apps
2005-10-03 CWAV's low-cost USB pod turns PC into scope, logic analyzer
The new USBee AX Test Pod from CWAV leverages the speed of USB 2.0 to stream data to and from your PC. This endows the PC with all necessary triggering functions, as well as permitting data storage
2002-11-20 CviLux PC card connectors mate with SD memory cards
The CSD series of PC Card Type I connectors from CviLux Corp. is able to mate with SD memory cards and is suitable for use in portable device apps
2003-07-23 CSR Bluetooth powers Microsoft prototype PC
Cambridge Silicon Radio has announced that its BlueCore single-chip solution has been selected by Microsoft Corp.
2004-02-24 Crypto chip choices confound PC makers
As PC makers gear up to build desktops with hardware security, they face tough choices about how to implement a small but significant cryptography chip crucial to their architecture
2013-06-13 Communications IC to leapfrog PC IC market
For the first time in history, communications IC sales are seen to overtake the computer IC market this year with sales expecting to reach nearly $100 billion.
2007-06-04 Coffee and PC mix with Microsoft Surface
Inspired by Bill Gate's vision of a more natural interaction between computers and users, Microsoft is unveiling a coffee-table-shaped 'surface computer' this week, according to Reuters
2003-01-16 Cirrus PC peripheral powers ADS latest DVD
ADS Technologies has selected Cirrus Logic Inc.'s USB-DVR 2.0 reference design to be integrated into the latest version of its Instant DVD line of consumer DVR products.
2005-01-11 Chrontel delivers first LVDS transmitter for Intel PC interface
Chrontel is now sampling what it claims is the world's first LDVS chip that complies with Intel's proprietary serial digital video output PC interface spec
2003-09-17 Chipmakers look for new ways to take PC's temperature
As processors get hotter and the desktop systems they go into get smaller and more complex, some engineers believe it's time for a new way to track the PC's internals
2005-04-21 Chinese PC firm hit by shortages of Intel's mobile MPUs
Intel Corp. reportedly continues to experience shortages for its mobile microprocessor line, especially in Asia.
2012-07-19 China's PC shipments rise 3 times higher than global rate
A recent iSuppli report shows that China's domestic PC shipments are set to rise three times higher than the rate of the global market
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