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2011-08-22 Tactile tech heightens film, video gaming experience
A tactile technology has been developed that enhances the overall experience of film viewers and video gamers with the possibility of feeling a wide variety of sensations.
2008-12-05 The Future of Display Technology
While wandering the isles at our local department store, I had to pause in the home electronics section and admire the collection of large format LCD and plasma HDTV systems on display. I slipped back in time to when I was a young engineer and could only imagine displays that large and thin.
2007-11-27 Tactile switches feature reliable dome tech
E-Switch Inc. has introduced its TL3340 series tactile switches, which measure 4mm x 3.3mm and feature a reliable dome technology and a strong tactile force.
2013-10-04 Smart devices and the future of keyless entry technology
Junko Yoshida discusses the potential of smart watches and smartphones as tools for keyless entry as well as how some automakers are treating the idea with scepticism.
2007-04-26 LG to deliver handsets with tactile feature
A spokesperson from LG Electronics tipped that the company is developing a T-DMB-equipped handset with tactile dimension, allowing users to feel broadcasts as well as see and hear them
2012-07-11 HiWave's haptic touch panels deliver tactile feedback
Hardware and software platform enhances safety in cockpit and passenger entertainment systems.
2003-01-20 ECI adopts Duraswitch Pushgate technology
ECI Screenprint has designed and manufactured control panels for a hydrogen generator application using Duraswitch's large-key PushGate switch construction.
2003-05-20 Duraswitch obtains U.S. patent for new tact switch technology
Duraswitch has received U.S. Patent No. 6,556,112 for its magnetically-coupled tactile switch actuator technology.
2003-05-15 Duraswitch named technology manufacturer for Printec
Duraswitch has executed a non-exclusive license agreement with Printec Electronics.
2008-02-01 Adding tactile feedback to touchscreens
Today's new haptic interfaces can provide a more familiar, engaging, satisfying user experience for touch-activated controls. Fortunately, enabling a haptics system is now technologically simple and the electromechanical integration is well understood.
2010-01-04 What's the next big application?
Here's a list of the 10 technology applications to watch for in 2010, examining examine the features that make them so compelling as well unresolved issues that might keep them from breaking out
2006-11-27 Ultraslim scroll wheel suits handheld devices
Avago Technologies has introduced an easy to use ultra-slim scroll wheel input device for use in mobile phones, portable audio and video players and entertainment consoles.
2007-04-19 Thin, horizontal MT switch is industry's shortest
SMK's thin, horizontal MT switch has a profile of 1.1mm and is said to be the industry's shortest such product.
2014-09-22 Robotic finger: I, handle this
A novel tactile sensor that uses optics and computer-vision algorithms enabled a robot to grasp a thumb drive and insert it into a USB port
2006-10-16 Optical fiber provides versatility
Fiber-optic technology's versatility extends to illumination applications beyond LCD and membrane switch backlighting
2007-06-28 Input module offers mouse-like pointing solution
Avago Technologies introduces an input device module that combines a navigation pad module with a motion sense and interface IC to provide a mouse-like pointing solution for use in handheld apps.
2013-09-09 Immersion inks multi-year deal with Xiaomi
Immersion recently signed a multi-year licensing agreement with Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, which recently release a smartphone using Immersion's TouchSense technology
2011-08-12 Haptic controller chips offer low latency
HiWave Technologies' HIHS9002 is a haptics controller integrated circuit designed for use with the company's haptic exciters to deliver real-time touch feedback.
2006-06-05 Fiber-optic backlights suit custom-shaped membrane switches
With a brightness as high as 75 Ft-L, Lumitex's UniGlo fiber-optic panels can provide a clearly readable display in dimly lit areas.
2003-07-09 Durel EL lamps have 0.1mm thickness
Durel Corp. has expanded its EL technology capabilities with the release of the flexible electroluminescent lamp that is suitable for portable systems
2010-06-07 Display experts explore touch tech future
Touch technology experts gathered at the Society for Information Display conference to explore the future of touch and interactivity for a diverse set of computer and consumer applications
2014-09-05 Bluetooth haptic dev't kit comes with a free app
TI's Haptic Bluetooth Kit lets designers create haptic sequences and LED patterns for tactile feedback, notifications and alerts from a pre-licensed library of more than a hundred distinct haptic effects
2006-08-02 TouchSense interface makes onscreen buttons feel real
Immersion's TouchSense System supplies tactile feedback for a touchscreen user interface, making on-screen buttons feel like they press and release
2015-08-07 TIA surveys operators on 5G future
5G cellular is expected to have an impact on everything in its attempt to extend 4G-LTE and support new use cases, and this new generation of wireless technology is expected to roll out in 2020
2013-05-17 Redux Labs breaks away from HiWave
Redux Labs will advance its Surface Sensation technology for third generation haptic and embedded audio technology
2013-04-29 Piezotronic transistors turn motion to electronic signals
Researchers from Georgia Tech used bundles of vertical zinc oxide nanowires to create transistors that could could help give robots a more adaptive tactile imaging
2005-09-19 NKK's pushbutton switches offer RGB LED option
NKK Switches improved its KP01 series of silent actuation pushbutton switches with the addition of RGB LED technology that enables audio/video and broadcast designers to customize control panels with specific colors
2009-04-20 Medical connectors promise fast, secure lock
ACAL Technology has released the Amphenol Alden range of medical connectors that offer Pulse-Lok mechanism, which guarantees fast and secure connection in life-sustaining and emergency applications
2009-08-28 IDT, Immersion collaborate on touch feedback
Integrated Device Technology Inc. and Immersion Corp. are working together to drive the adoption of haptics in digital devices
2005-02-02 Ethertouch delivers next-generation capacitance sensing chip
Ethertouch's capacitive sensing technology utilizes the capacitance between the human body and a set of sensors to achieve advanced 3D-sensing solutions
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