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2005-11-14 Taiyo Yuden's thin chip inductors suit ultra-thin portable devices
Taiyo Yuden Inc. claims its new CKP3216 offer the industry's lowest profile for dc/dc converter choke coil applications.
2004-02-24 Taiyo Yuden speakers offer 0.7mm thickness
Taiyo Yuden's MLS series of multilayer ceramic piezoelectric speakers suits 3G cellphones, MPEG players, digital cameras and PDAs.
2002-06-03 Taiyo Yuden power supply measures 31.75-by-76.2-by-127mm
Taiyo Yuden (USA) Inc.'s Power System Group has announced the AAD130 ac/dc switching power supply that provides an output of 130W and 83 percent efficiency in a 31.75-by-76.2-by-127mm casing.
2003-03-18 Taiyo Yuden develops chip antenna for UWB apps
Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd has developed what it touts to be the world's first ceramic chip antenna for use in Ultra Wideband (UWB) apps.
2002-02-19 Taiyo Yuden develops Bluetooth module for next-gen automotive apps
The company has announced the development of a fully integrated Bluetooth v1.1-compliant module for next-generation automotive applications, including sound systems, navigational/telematics devices, and Bluetooth-based hands-free kits.
2005-08-08 Taiyo Yuden debuts industry first 100nH chip inductor in 0201 package
Taiyo Yuden unveiled two significant performance improvements with the launch of its expanding series of high-frequency multi-layer chip inductors
2008-04-23 Taiyo Yuden claims 'smallest' wirewound power inductors
A series of high-current, wirewound power inductors in an EIA 0603 case size has been introduced by Taiyo Yuden (U.S.A.) Inc. as the smallest power inductors available.
2002-02-20 Taiyo Yuden chip inductor provides 0.3mm pitch
With a pitch of 0.3mm, the LQ-LBH series of wirewound chip inductors provide OEMs a higher mounting density, high Q value, and non-directional surface-mountability.
2006-08-11 Epcos, Taiyo Yuden sign capacitor agreement
Epcos and Japanese company Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd have signed an agreement in the field of ceramic capacitors.
2004-02-05 Avnet Cilicon, Taiyo ink distribution pact
Avnet Cilicon, a distribution specialist division of Avnet Inc., has signed a distribution agreement with Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd and Taiyo Yuden (U.S.A.) Inc.
2006-06-14 Wirewound inductor achieves 47H rating
Taiyo Yuden's LBMF1608 wirewound chip inductors are touted as the first devices to achieve a 47H inductance rating in a 0603 case size.
2005-12-05 Wirewound chip inductors pack performance in small package
Taiyo Yuden offers a new wirewound chip inductor series that is said to simplify designs, reduce part count and lower BOM costs by combining two devices into a single 3218-size package.
2002-12-17 Switching power supply delivers 700W continuous output
The Model PFC700-S PFC switching power supply provides a single-isolated (floating) output of 600W to 700W of continuous output power.
2004-10-12 Small-sized power inductors with high current
Taiyo Yuden expanded its NR series to include two types of 3mm? low-profile power inductors.
2002-07-04 Resonext chips to power 5GHz WLAN modules
WLAN chip developer Resonext Communications Inc. has inked a deal to supply Japanese conglomerate Taiyo Yuden with IEEE 802.11a chipsets for use in commercial and consumer platforms.
2006-07-21 Power inductors target notebook LCD panels
Taiyo Yuden announced it is offering the NR6012 series of low-profile power inductors for DC/DC converter choke coil applications in LCD panels for notebook PCs.
2005-09-30 Power inductors suit portable apps
The new NR3012 series of 3-by-3mm power inductors from Taiyo Yuden rounds out the company's low-profile wirewound inductor line for power circuit applications in battery-powered portable electronic equipment.
2002-12-16 Multilayer ceramic caps target cellphone modules
The company's series of multilayer ceramic capacitors suits MLCCs for use in cellphone modules.
2002-11-25 Multilayer ceramic capacitors serve apps up to 250V
Taiyo Yuden (U.S.A.) Inc. has beefed up its line of medium-high-voltage multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs).
2007-01-03 MLCCs feature 'reverse geometry' terminations
Representing the company's entry into the low-ESL capacitor market, Taiyo Yuden's new MLCCs feature reverse geometry terminations.
2004-08-20 MLCC price erosion expected
Market glut is forcing Taiwan MLCC makers to drop their prices this quarter. Japan-invested Yageo Corp. is expecting prices to fall by 4 to 8 percent this quarter, while Murata Mfg Co. Ltd anticipates a 2.5 percent drop.
2005-08-10 Miniature DC/DC delivers 130W for telecom
Taiyo Yuden's AAD-130DC, a DC/DC switching power supply, delivers from 1.5A to 16A in four models at up to 130W from a 36Vdc to 72Vdc input for data communications, telecommunications, and other 1U-height apps.
2006-03-07 High-capacitance passives shrink for portable devices
AVX, Taiyo Yuden and Vishay have all introduced new capacitor products that aim to shrink portable devices.
2003-09-08 Bluetooth embedded serial ports have BlueCore solution
Cambridge Silicon Radio has announced that its BlueCore solution will be incorporated into Taiyo Yuden's Bluetooth embedded serial port modules.
2005-09-08 600W supply for telecom apps
Taiyo Yuden's AAD600S, the latest addition to the company's AAD series of 1U-high switch-mode power supplies, delivers up to 600W continuous power.
2005-05-03 1U switchers optimize telecom fit
Taiyo Yuden bills its AAD-130SD, the latest addition to the company's line of ultracompact switching supplies, as one of the industry's smallest for its high-current capabilities in datacom and telecom.
2008-07-21 Wirewound power inductors claim low DC resistance
Taiyo Yuden Inc. has introduced the NR6028 series of 6mm x 6mm x 2.8mm height (max) wirewound power inductors for DC/DC converter choke coil applications in LCD/plasma TVs and other flat panel displays.
2007-11-15 Wire-wound inductors load 3A at 10?H rating
Taiyo Yuden has unveiled the NR6045T series of wire-wound power inductors for DC/DC converter choke coil applications in LCD/plasma TVs and other flat-panel displays.
2008-01-15 Power inductors load higher current, lower RDC
Taiyo Yuden's new CKP2520 multilayer chip power inductors promise better performance compared to the company's previous CKP series parts.
2007-08-07 MLCCs achieve 4.7?F capacitance rating
Taiyo Yuden Inc. has launched its new AMK105BJ475MV multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) for decoupling power-line circuits in high-performance ICs used in battery-powered portable electronics.
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