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2005-04-21 TDK, Sony sign licensing deal for PD-RE23CN media
TDK Corp. has reached a licensing agreement with Sony for TDK to begin manufacturing and distributing TDK Professional Disc (PD-RE23CN) media, rewritable optical discs that provide compatibility with Sony's Professional Disc system (XDCAM).
2007-08-22 TDK, IBM form R&D partnership on MRAM
IBM and TDK have announced an R&D partnership focused on high-capacity MRAM technology using the spin momentum transfer effect.
2008-08-04 TDK, Epcos merger to streamline operations
TDK and Epcos have announced the signing of a business combination agreement that officially combines Epcos with TDK's activities in the electronic components field.
2006-03-29 TDK, Densei-Lambda to launch unified product brand
TDK and Densei-Lambda will launch a unified brand, called TDK-Lambda, for power-supply products on April 1, 2006.
2003-11-18 TDK varistors target high-speed signal line apps
TDK Corp. has released low-capacitance multilayer chip varistors that are designed to suit high-speed signal line apps.
2004-11-05 TDK unveils three smart card interface circuits
TDK debuted its 73S8023C, 73S8024C and 73S8010C smart card interface circuits that possess an efficiency of 85 percent and a small size step-up/step-down converter.
2004-12-17 TDK unveils data cartridge for LTO Ultrium format
TDK has developed a WORM-type (Write Once Read Many) LTO Ultrium 3 data cartridge for the LTO Ultrium format.
2007-05-08 TDK to spend $416M on electronics component factory
Japan's TDK Corp. will invest about $416 million in building an electronics component factory.
2006-03-13 TDK to shut down DVD media plant
TDK Corp. said it would shut down its recordable media plant at its European subsidiary, TDK Recording Media Europe in Luxembourg.
2015-12-21 TDK to expand magnetic sensor biz with Micronas buy
The acquisition will boost TDK's sensor business by combining its magnetic sensor business, with strengths in magnetic materials, and Mironas' products, technologies and expertise in hall sensors.
2005-07-21 TDK to acquire Lambda Power Division from Invensys
The restructuring of the global power supply industry has taken another turn as Japan-based TDK Corp. has agreed to acquire the Lambda Power Division from London-based Invensys plc. for $235 million.
2016-01-26 TDK teams up with Qualcomm to form $3B RF joint venture
RF360 Holdings will acquire the filter and module design and manufacturing assets, plus related patents, owned by TDK, with certain assets being acquired directly by Qualcomm affiliates.
2005-08-16 TDK surface mount power inductors offer high current handling
TDK Electronics has introduced three surface mount power inductors, suitable for dc-dc converter usage in mobile applications.
2005-05-05 TDK starts dc-dc converter production
TDK disclosed that it has started mass production of its CC-E series of compact, insulated dc-dc converters targeted at communications devices and industrial equipment.
2003-01-28 TDK ships SoC for EMV smart card terminals
The company is sampling the 73S1121F smart card terminal controller, which is claimed to be the first complete SoC for smart card terminals.
2003-06-11 TDK Semiconductor extends Ethernet transceiver line
TDK Semiconductor Corp. announced that it has extended the availability of its 78Q2120 Ethernet transceiver line and customer designs which allows the porting of new semiconductor processes.
2004-11-09 TDK rolls out SoCs for low-cost smart card readers
During the Cartes 2004, TDK unveiled its new TDK 73S12xx family of 8bit SoCs dedicated to low-cost smart card readers.
2004-12-13 TDK rolls out smart card reader software stack
TDK released a smart card reader software stack that will facilitate the design of its controller-based smart card reader ICs into ready-to-use smart card reader modules.
2008-06-10 TDK rolls microSATA SSDs with high-speed controllers
TDK Corp. announced the GBDriver HS1 solid-state drive (SSD) controller for SSDs used in laptop PCs and industrial system hardware that employs PC platforms.
2012-03-27 TDK rolls 3Gb/s SSD with serial ATA interface
The single-chip eSSD series boasts a storage capacity of 1-4GB and integrates the TDK SSD controller GBDriver RS3 with NAND type flash memory in a single package.
2002-09-11 TDK power inductor features 2.05mm profile
The RLF5018 power inductor of TDK Corp. measures 5.6-by-5.2mm with a profile ranging between 1.8mm to 2.05mm.
2002-05-28 TDK optical sensors use amorphous silicon semiconductor
TDK Corp.'s BCS3216G1 and BCS5030G1 optical sensors for visible light incorporate the use of an amorphous silicon semiconductor, making them highly receptive to visible light and unreceptive to infrared light.
2004-10-15 TDK offers evaluation services for UWB comm devices
TDK Corp. has launched evaluation and measurement services for ultra wideband (UWB) communications devices.
2002-09-26 TDK NdFeB magnets achieve 420kJ/m3
The NEOREC53 series of NdFeB magnets achieve a maximum energy product of 420kJ/m3 - up to 9 percent higher than the earlier NEOREC50 series.
2003-10-07 TDK multilayer chip varistor eyes mobile products
TDK Corp. has announced that it has completed development and begun sample shipment of a low capacitance 1005 type multilayer chip varistor that is designed for mobile apps.
2003-10-21 TDK multilayer chip bead comes in 0402 size
TDK Corp. has developed what it claims is the industry's smallest multi-layered chip bead, the MMZ0402.
2002-01-07 TDK modem IC packs functions needed for V.22bis
The 73M2901CL is a 3.3V single-chip modem that combines all the controller (DTE) and data pump functions necessary to implement an intelligent V.22bis data modem.
2002-12-09 TDK modem front-end supports V.22bis, V.92
TDK Semiconductor has unveiled the 73M1901 soft modem analog front-end that supports V.22bis and V.92.
2006-04-13 TDK mass producing Blu-ray Disc media
Japan-based TDK has begun shipping 25GB recordable and rewritable Blu-ray Disc media nationwide.
2003-05-05 TDK LTO Ultrium cartridge offers larger capacity
TDK Electronics has announced the availability of its LTO Ultrium 2 cartridges that provides faster data transfer speeds than previous offerings.
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