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2003-11-13 Zarlink transceiver chip suits TDMA cellphones
Zarlink Semiconductor has announced that its ZL20200 single-chip radio transceiver is now shipping in volume into South American markets.
2002-10-01 Speeding up cable pipes with advanced TDMA
Extending the DOCSIS specification can yield higher performance on the return path of cable modems.
2001-04-15 RF design of a TDMA handset
This article describes a typical RF architecture and focuses on key RF design considerations and trade-offs as applied to a typical dual-band TDMA transceiver RF section.
2007-02-27 Noise, TDMA Noise, and Suppression Techniques
This application note addresses the problem of TDMA noise customers have encountered while driving mono speakers in their GSM phone designs.
2002-12-13 Zarlink radio module integrates receiver, transmit functions
The ZL20200 radio transceiver is touted to be the first commercial device to successfully integrate call receiver and call transmit circuitry in a single chip.
2001-08-09 Wireless software source code solutions
This conference technical paper discusses Trillium's solutions to enable wireless communications equipment manufacturers to develop third-generation network elements for quick and efficient deployment.
1999-09-09 Wireless local loop offers equivalence to wireline
This application note deals on how to properly address the requirements of rural subscribers demanding "equivalence to wireline" for voice services such as calling line identification and the growing demand for fast connection to the internet at speeds of 28.8kbps or 56kbps.
2003-03-11 Wideband Channel features of the Agere Systems STSI-144
This application note describes the feature of the Agere Systems STSI-144 scalable time-slot interchanger device that support wideband channel switching.
2005-09-16 UWB opportunities under new FCC waiver
This new rule signals the Commission's desire to leverage available spectrum and encourage innovation in the industry.
2005-09-16 Using an I/Q interface in radio transceivers
Digital demodulators provide advantages to advanced identification system and other wireless data systems
2003-01-07 TI obtains CableLabs certification
Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has received the DOCSIS 2.0 certification from Cable Television Laboratories Inc. for its DOCSIS 2.0 solution.
2008-01-22 Solid-state GaAs amplifier delivers high linearity
The SM09296-47L from Stealth Microwave is a 925-960MHz solid state GaAs amplifier designed for the cellular/GSM telephony market.
2001-08-09 SAW filters make new waves in the wireless world
This conference technical paper presents development updates on SAW filter-related technology, as well as miniaturization, performance improvement, function integration and LTCC modules.
1999-09-09 SAW filters for wireless communications
This paper describes the recent development in wireless industry and a variety of SAW filter technologies used in wireless communication systems, such and TDMA, GSM, and CDMA with focus on IF filtering. IF SAW filters developed for future third generation (3G) wireless communication systems, such as WCDMA and CDMA2000, are also introduced in this paper.
1999-06-29 RF modules for cellular/PCS handsets
This application note deals with the RF modules for handsets that incorporate GaAs ICs, silicon transistors, chip resistors, and capacitors while delivering 29dBm output power at PCS frequencies.
2003-03-03 Overcoming design challenges of portable audio devices
The primary aim when designing a portable system is to provide the maximum amount of features at the lowest power consumption and the smallest board space; audio is crucial in this aspect.
2002-10-25 Memec to distribute Sony Ericsson's M2M in Asia
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB has selected Memec Unique Ltd as a distributor of its M2M products throughout the Asia Pacific region.
2002-03-05 Maxim RF PA controller has 80 percent lesser footprint
Measuring 1.6-by-1.6mm, the MAX4000, MAX4001, and MAX4002 power controller ICs for closed-loop bias control of GSM power amplifiers, are claimed to be the smallest in the industry and occupies 80 percent less board space than other similar products.
2006-11-07 InterDigital to defy Samsung's bid to vacate arbitration award
InterDigital Communications announced that Samsung Electronics has filed with the ICC a request for a new arbitration with InterDigital regarding patent royalty dispute.
2004-09-28 InterDigital inks patent license deal with Toshiba
InterDigital Communications Corp. and its patent holding subsidiaries have entered into a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-bearing patent license agreement with Toshiba Corp.
2002-05-22 Imedia cable modem processor supports DOCSIS 2.0
The IM6030 cable modem processor from Imedia Semiconductor Corp. supports the A-TDMA and S-CDMA PHY technologies specified by DOCSIS 2.0.
2002-01-21 IBM rolls out SiGe RF power amplifiers
The 800MHz 2022 TDMA IS-54, 2018 CDMA IS-95, and 1900MHz 2017 PCS/CDMA IS-95 power amplifiers are expected to reduce the cost of assembly and board sizes of mobile devices.
2003-08-18 Evaluating challenges of Docsis testing
The business value of having the Docsis stamp of approval on a cable modem termination system or cable modem in today's competitive and rapidly growing market is indisputable.
2001-04-01 EDGE handsets: Redesigning baseband for voice and data
As designers begin to rollout EDGE-based systems, they must re-architect the baseband portion of their handset designs so that they can support voice and data functionality.
2001-04-01 EDGE handsets: Redesigning baseband for voice and data
As designers begin to rollout EDGE-based systems, they must re-architect the baseband portion of their handset designs so that they can support voice and data functionality.
2005-05-16 Digitization of analog, RF circuits
The migration of analog functions to the digital domain reduces cost per channel as the move to 3G progresses.
2013-04-23 Digital TETRA network rolls out in Thailand
Motorola Solutions and Samart teamed up to deliver what they say is the the country's first commercial digital trunk radio network aimed at government and enterprises.
1999-10-14 Designing to digital wireless specifications using circuit envelope simulation
This paper explains circuit envelope technology and it is contrasted with Spice and harmonic balance simulators, applications of the technology are also demonstrated in the simulation of PLL.
2004-04-16 Deploying PONs in geographically dense areas
In the Asian markets, developments in high-speed passive optical networks are going to be significant.
2003-03-11 Constant Delay Using the FME Bits and the CON Register in the Ambassador T8100A, T8102, and T8105 TSIs
This application note clarifies the uses of the FME buts and bits 0 and 1 in the CON Register of the T8100A, T8102, and T8105
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