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2006-10-24 Low-profile DDR2 connector suits ATCA carrier boards
Tyco Electronics offers a low-profile DDR2 connector designed for the main memory requirements on Advanced Telecommunications Computer Architecture (ATCA) carrier boards.
2015-10-06 Low-jitter clock generators boost reliability in telco apps
TI said the LMK033x8 allows system designers to optimise system timing margins and BER to cut data transmission errors, allowing more reliable networking, server and computing industrial equipment.
2013-09-12 Low capacitance TVS diode arrays offer ESD protection
The SP4020 and SP4021 Series from Littelfuse help telecommunications circuit and hardware designers safeguard telecom interfaces from lightning-induced surges and electrostatic discharge damage.
2005-01-26 LG Electronics, Nortel form joint venture
LG Electronics and Nortel have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a joint venture to provide telecommunications equipment and networking solutions to Korea and other global markets.
2003-12-19 Kyocera establishes international R&D center
Kyocera Int. Inc. (KII), the North American headquarters and holding company for Japan-based Kyocera Corp. (KC), today announced the formation of Kyocera Telecommunications Research Corp. (KTRC). This move is part of a strategy to integrate Kyocera's global R&D activities for wireless technologies and applications.
2006-01-01 Korea keeps its memory power
Demand for NAND flash memories will increase as cellphones, MP3 players and DSCs need bigger storage capacity.
2003-10-13 KG Telecom becomes subsidiary of Far EasTone
KG Telecommunications Co. Ltd has agreed upon a Purchase Agreement with Far EasTone Telecommunications Co. Ltd, a Taiwan-based mobile operator.
2003-10-08 KDDI, Tokyo FM jointly conduct networking field trials
KDDI and Tokyo FM Broadcasting have agreed to jointly develop a new service integrating programming to be broadcast over digital terrestrial audio networks.
2003-09-11 KDDI to provide Hutchison CAT with GPS technology
KDDI Corp. has announced a contract with Hutchison CAT Wireless Multimedia Ltd. for the construction of a high-precision GPS.
2003-01-24 KDDI further expands presence in China
KDDI has established a new company in Guangzhou, China.
2004-02-12 Japanese groups seek common Net platform
In a bid to establish a common platform for Internet accessibility for home electronics, 14 Japanese companies are launching the "Ubiquitous Open Platform Forum."
2003-11-07 ITU releases coarse WDM standards
The International Telecommunications Union, which was in the forefront of defining channel spacing for dense wave-division multiplexing networks, has approved a new set of standards this week for coarse WDM.
2006-02-27 ITU approves UWB standard
The International Telecommunications Union's Study Group 1 has approved a series of draft recommendations from an October spectrum-management meeting that gives UWB radio the status of a Global Regulatory Standard.
2005-12-01 Is wireless broadband a small-town hero?
As companies begin to fall halfway between DSL, WiMAX is comes to save the day.
2014-04-14 Is Huawei collateral damage in U.S.-China spy game?
Huawei is merely a telecom equipment maker looking to expand its business globally while being plagued with security allegations. It cannot be held responsible for hacking activities on its products, an IT consultant asserts.
2004-04-14 IPN, Eastern Telecom partner in VoIP deployment
IPN Communications, a majority-owned subsidiary of DataLogic Int. Inc. has entered into a partnership agreement with Eastern Telecommunications Philippines Inc. (Eastern Telecom), the Philippines' pioneer integrated communications provider for small and growing businesses, larger enterprises and carriers.
2004-03-22 International telecom market to reach $2 trillion by 2007
The telecommunications market outside the U.S. is expected to grow at double-digit rates, perhaps reaching $2 trillion by 2007, an industry group is forecasting.
2007-12-20 Intel sells telecom assets to Emcore for $85M
Emcore and Intel have entered a definitive agreement for Emcore to acquire the telecom-related portion of the latter's optical platform division for $85 million.
2009-04-02 Intel drives broadband initiative in India
Intel Corp. has launched the ePCO initiative in Chandigarh, India, that aims to drive self-employment, bridge the digital divide and increase IT adoption in semi-urban and rural areas.
2002-11-20 INRAD maintains services of DAK
INRAD Inc. has retained The DAK Group Ltd to represent the company's interests in certain acquisition pursuits in the Photonics industry.
2002-06-12 Infineon, Konka launch K5238 dual-band GSM mobile phones
Infineon Technologies and Konka Telecommunications Technology Co. Ltd have launched the K5238, a full-featured dual-band GSM/GPRS phone.
2004-11-03 India's Tata Group acquires Tyco Network at bargain price
In a new indication that the sale of U.S.-built telecommunications infrastructure to foreign interests at fire-sale prices is continuing, Tyco International announced Monday (Nov. 1) that it is selling its Tyco Global Network to India's Tata Group. Tyco and Tata said the world's most advanced and extensive submarine cable system will be transferred to Tata's Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) for $130 million.
2005-06-23 India's Quasar to launch GSM handset
A high-end GSM mobile handset designed by Quasar Innovations Pvt. Ltd, an India-based startup, is due to be launched in Europe within the next two months by long distance carrier Primus Telecommunications Group.
2006-05-30 India's DoT requests to delay 3G rollout
India's DoT has asked the privately-owned wireless proposed data services based on EVDO technology to delay rollout until the government comes out with its policy for 3G services.
2008-06-17 India to finalize 3G guidelines this month
Long-delayed 3G services may finally be coming to India with the scheduled release of government guidelines at the end of June.
2008-08-11 India green-lights 3G, WiMAX spectrum
After announcing its delayed 3G and WiMAX rollout plans, India's Ministry for Communications and Information Technology has finally approved the release of 3G and WiMAX spectrum to two state-owned telecommunications service providers.
2004-04-07 IMEC rethinks reconfigurability approach
Network equipment sales are expected to grow at double digit rates next year to be worth $16.4 billion after a more modest 2.3 percent increase in sales to $14.4 billion in 2004, according to just released figures from the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).
2003-06-05 IDT start operations in new Wi-Fi center
IDT Corp. has opened The Washington Square Conference Center.
2004-06-28 IBM, Motorola to work on computing platforms
IBM and Motorola Computer Group have revealed their plan to work together to promote highly integrated, standards-based computing platform technologies for telecommunications based on IBM's eServer BladeCenter system.
2009-11-27 IBM sets up telecom dev't centers in Asia, South Africa
IBM has opened telecommunications development centers in China, South Africa and Malaysia to provide a broad array of advanced technical skills and specialized offerings.
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