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2005-11-23 Telemetry transmitter targets 2GHz to 4GHz S-band applications
M/A-COM's MATM-090007-SA00XX 1W S-band telemetry transmitter targets rugged, space-limited apps, as well as harsh environment commercial and industrial testing apps.
2005-10-26 S-band telemetry transmitter tailored for space limited apps
M/A-COM, a business unit of Tyco Electronics, announced a new MATM-090007-SA00XX 1W S-band telemetry transmitter that is designed for rugged, space limited applications.
2003-08-18 Increasing Data Throughput in Radio Telemetry Systems
This application note discusses factors affecting radio data network performance and the proper solutions based on integrated circuit technology to many of these issues.
2002-10-28 Increasing data throughput in radio telemetry systems
This application note will discuss factors affecting radio data network performance and also present solutions based on integrated circuit technology.
2001-09-05 Increasing data throughput in radio telemetry systems
This application note discusses factors affecting radio data network performance and presents solutions based on IC designs.
2015-01-26 Powervation rolls VR12.5-compliant digital DC/DC controllers
The PV3103, PV3104 and PV3202 boast single and dual phase outputs, and claim to offer precision regulation and telemetry to support the latest high-efficiency computing system designs.
2002-02-15 Philips rolls out fully integrated telematics processor
Claimed to be the market's first fully integrated telematics processor, the SAF3100 combines a main microcontroller with a 12-channel GPS baseband and dual 14-bit ADC that enables connection to a gyroscope for dead-reckoning.
2013-08-13 Intersil's rad-hard voltage references provide SEL immunity
The ISL71090SEH12 and ISL71090SEH25 rad-hard analogue devices use an SOI-based PR40 process providing Single Event Latch-up immunity to ensure robust performance in heavy ion environments.
2002-01-28 International Rectifier, MEE ally on power solutions
International Rectifier Hi-Rel Components and Subsystems Group and Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Co. Ltd (MEE) will collaborate to develop, manufacture and market integrated power solutions and turnkey power systems for space-level applications.
2010-11-19 Intel, Mayo Clinic making chip for intelligent football helmets
Intel collaborates with several industry experts to enhance football helmet safety by using Intel technology-based supercomputers and workstations to simulate a human brain’s reaction to collisions. It is working with Mayo Clinic on faster diagnostics of medical scans using upcoming supercomputing chip design called “Intel MIC?.
2014-06-17 Guide to using MAX15301 PMBus command set
The standard commands from the PMBus specification are no longer described in detail unless there are deviations from the PMBus specification functionality.
2009-04-02 GPRS Edge modem suits M2M apps
BlueTree Wireless Data Inc. has unveiled three new GPRS Edge modems for fixed machine to machine (M2M) applications like telemetry and SCADA.
2007-12-11 UHF receiver/transmitter line targets industrial apps
Atmel announced its ATA8x0x UHF ASK/FSK receiver/transmitter family targeted at remote controls for consumer and industrial systems, access control, alarm and telemetry systems, energy metering and home automation as well as active RFID tagging systems.
2006-01-13 New multi-standard modem IC from CML
The CMX868A device from CML Microcircuits is a multi-standard modem IC targeted at telemetry and telephone based information applications.
2005-12-20 New DTMF codec/FSK modem combo IC from CML
The CMX865 is a multi-standard modem for use in telephone based information and telemetry systems.
2002-08-22 Microchip, Adcon enter licensing agreement
Microchip Technology has licensed a DSSS transceiver utilizing Adcon Telemetry's IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee-compliant transceiver technology.
2002-07-16 Micrel transceivers target ISM band apps
Micrel Semiconductor's two RadioWire FSK transceivers are designed for telemetry, security, low data-rate networks, and other ISM band apps.
2013-11-15 Kyocera, Telenor Connexion partner to expand M2M offerings
The M2M supply agreement targets international markets that include car telematics, smart metering, telemetry, e-health and security applications.
2002-03-18 Cirronet wireless transceiver provides 1.23Mbps data rate
The WIT2411 wireless transceiver module provides an over-the-air data rate of 1.23Mbps and is suitable for use in factory automation, SCADA, medical telemetry, mining vehicle control and fleet management applications.
2010-10-27 Xeon gets embedded for flight
Mercury's Xeon embedded computer houses two quad-core Jasper Forest Xeon processors in an OpenVPX module for use in high-end radar, multi-sensor electro-optical/IR and other embedded applications.
2003-10-08 With nod from NASA, 500mV chipset for liftoff
After years of work and a thumbs-up from NASA, researchers at the University of Idaho have designed a chip whose power consumption is more than an order of magnitude less than that in existing satellite chips.
2008-09-01 Winning the power challenge
Optimizing power consumption in SoCs, DSPs and MCUs has provided good results, but even more can be gained in a joint effort between ICs and the teams that design them. The Texas Instruments article addresses some solutions to today's growing power issues.
2014-12-23 WiFi module flaunts reliable connectivity for IoT market
The SX-ULPAN from Silex claims to offer the desired reliable connectivity for networking applications based on Freescale Kinetis MCUs and features industrial temperature support.
2011-10-18 Why sustainability is significant in design engineering
There are now globally accepted metrics for measuring the real currency of sustainability from which design engineering can benefit.
2012-08-01 WFX2 radio transceiver module ready for varied applications
Fast-switching wireless link for industrial and commercial applications with a usable range of over 5km.
2016-02-19 Voltage regulators support up to 1.5MHz switching frequency
Infineon Technologies rolled out its SupIRBuck voltage regulators that feature an integrated PWM controller, MOSFETs and bootstrap diode, as well as PMBus control.
2016-03-15 Vicor's 48V modules support Google's 48V server infrastructure
The modules allow for more efficient, dense, cost-effective and reliable power distribution, meeting what Google aims to promote as server and distribution infrastructure standard for data centers.
2014-11-28 Vicor aims to produce power supply parts in Asia, says CEO
Patrizio Vinciarelli, president, CEO and chair of Vicor, said the company is investing to broaden its horizons to include large volume manufacturing in computing, automotive and consumer electronics.
2012-08-28 Ultrabook Vcore sol'ns cut footprint, extend battery life
The IR3588 CHiLdigital control IC, and IR3552 and IR3548 single- and dual-phase PowIRstage devices meet Intel's VR12.6 specifications for 15W and 25W Ultrabook laptops.
2005-11-28 Two-leaded SC-79 package now available from M/A-COM
Many of M/A-COM's high volume discrete diodes are now offered in the SC-79 small surface mount package, which are RoHS compliant and meet the 2600C maximum rating often required for Pb-free processing.
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