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2012-06-18 IME, Rolls-Royce partner for advanced power converters
A*STAR is working with Rolls-Royce to develop GaN power devices that would measure various physical parameters at temperatures up to 300C and environmental pressure of up to 30kpsi.
2013-01-10 Identifying prospects in green power
There are many opportunities in energy harvesting for use in green power alternative energies.
2006-03-13 IBM moves solutions development unit to India
IBM disclosed that it is moving all of the design and development of its vaunted business consulting offerings to India.
2006-01-18 I2C power supply controller for DC/DC converters
Linear Technology introduced a dual I2C power supply monitor and margining controller designed for digital management of power supplies in high-availability systems.
2010-07-27 High-sensitivity, low-power wireless receivers support multiple protocols
Infineon Technologies introduces an enhanced family of three wireless control receivers offering the highest current available sensitivity and low power consumption. These controllers also provide multi-band support and capability for use in various automotive applications.
2008-01-30 High-power RF module handles ZigBee
Radiocrafts has expanded its product line with a compact high-power RF module design for ZigBee.
2004-04-19 Heim recorders to use modular signal interfaces
Heim Data Systems' data-acq gear will provide a modular approach that can adapt to changing requirements in airborne and mobile apps.
2004-12-23 GSM-based datalogger handles data management via Internet
Axelprod GSM Solutions announces what is says is the first Easy GPRS Data Logger.
2015-07-21 Google reveals open specification for BLE beacons
Beacons are simple hardware devices that transmit an identification code to devices configured to be attentive to the BLE signal, which typically travels up to 100m.
2006-09-25 GateFlow module includes wideband DDC IP core
Pentek released the newest addition to its GateFlow installed-core products that includes a factory-installed wideband digital downconverter IP core.
2011-10-31 Functions of LM5066 evaluation board
Here's a discussion on the various functions of the board, how to test and evaluate it, and how to use the GUI design tool to change the components for a specific application.
2007-07-20 Free software eases short-range radio design
SRD Design Studio assists users in evaluating, designing and troubleshooting short-range radio communications devices using ADI's ADF70xx family of SRD transmitters and transceivers.
2005-05-02 FM multi-channel transceiver has usable range of over 1km
Radiometrix 's TR2M UHF narrow band FM multi-channel transceiver is perfect for bi-directional data links where range is a problem.
2014-07-25 Exar delivers programmable power design tool
PowerArchitect can be used to set or modify a host of parameters when using any of Exar's growing range of Universal PMIC advanced programmable power management chips and modules.
2009-02-24 Enterprise wireless sensor module now sampling
Redpine Signals Inc. has developed SenSiFi, an 802.11n wireless sensor module. The company says that it provides all the control and wireless functionality required to build and deploy wireless sensor nodes in the industrial and enterprise sectors.
2008-01-23 dPMR processor touts GMSK functionality
CML Microcircuits has launched the CMX7143 digital PMR (dPMR) processor, with 4-Level FSK operation and GMSK functionality.
2013-11-06 Digital power vital as chip architectures become smaller
Digital power is helping address some of the challenges brought on by Moore's Law, making it a required technology in many new applications.
2003-09-12 Digital cellular modem has interval data recorder
TransData has introduced an internal CDMA digital cellular modem for its SSR-6000 Solid-State Demand Recorder and Pulse Totalizer.
2006-10-16 Designers weigh digital power trade-offs
Designers discuss the pro's and con's of analog and digital power control.
2003-07-15 Design house forays into short-range wireless
Eazix Inc., the design arm of Integrated Microelectronics Inc. (IMI), is introducing its first line of products for the wireless market.
2016-04-08 DC/DC controllers offer 0.5V to 5.5V output voltage
Intersil's ISL68200 with 4A MOSFET drivers can directly drive external MOSFETs, while the ISL68201 with PWM output can pair with a DrMOS power stage to create a complete voltage regulator solution.
2007-04-26 DC/DC controller supports single-, dual-output operation
Primarion Inc. has launched the dual-output, dual-phase PX7522, the latest offering from its Di-POL family of programmable digital power conversion and power management ICs.
2006-10-16 Customers raise new concerns in digital power
Digital power management involves different customers: design engineers, project leaders, purchasing group, QA personnel, test engineers, manufacturing/CM/OEM and customer service staff.
2010-06-24 Configuring current sharing on the ZL2004 and ZL2006
This application note describes the features and setup procedure for the ZL2004 and ZL2006 devices configured in current sharing groups.
2016-02-29 Comparison of CPLD-based power mgmt architectures
Know the different sets of compromises and design trade-offs of today's hardware/power management architectures in terms of scalability, design effort and/ cost.
2003-03-17 Compact wireless modules bring benefits
Manufacturers are seeking to incorporate cellular technology into existing products, or to develop niche products for comparatively small markets.
2002-06-10 CML V.22bis modem features DAA
CML Microcircuits (UK) Ltd has announced the release of the CMX878 V.22bis modem with Data Access Arrangement capability that enables it to be interfaced to the telephone line without the need for a transformer.
2003-03-13 CML rolls baseband processor IC for FSR radios
CML Microcircuits (UK) Ltd has introduced the CMX882 baseband processor IC for Family Radio Service (FSR)-type leisure radios.
2002-05-08 CML microcontroller integrates V.22bis modem
The CMX850 microcontroller from CML Microcircuits (UK) Ltd features an 80C51 microcontroller integrated with a V.22bis modem for use in embedded systems.
2012-09-12 Choosing the best resistor technology for particular apps
An effective price-cost-benefit-risk analysis must be conducted for each application to ensure selection of the appropriate resistor.
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