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2004-08-19 Yungtech telephone receivers consume 20mW
Yungtech Electronics developed two telephone receivers that measure 13(?)-by-2.8mm and consume between 10mW to 20mW of power.
2000-12-13 Worldwide cordless telephone frequencies
This application note presents reference tables for CT-1 USA and Asia Pacific (CT-0 Europe) frequencies for cordless telephone.
2005-01-06 TI VoIP, digital media to power Viseon digital telephone
Texas Instruments Inc. and Viseon Inc. have announced a joint development of Viseon's digital home telephone, the VisiFone.
2004-09-27 Teradyne, Spirent team up in telephone test solutions
Teradyne and Spirent Communications are working together towards DSL service assurance test solutions for telephone companies.
2004-02-20 Telephone extension box features easy connectivity
The Model KX-Net-031 telephone extension spool box from Kaixun Electronics offers a convenient solution for traveling modem users.
2003-08-22 Telephone a carte SPM Detector
This application note discuss how two FX631 Low-Voltage (Subscriber Pulse Metering) SPM Detector microcircuits can be used, with additional external filter components, to detect the security tones used in the French payphone/cardphone system.
2001-10-02 TEA7540: Speakerphone circuit for handsfree telephone set
This application note discusses the principles and features of a hands-free telephone set using the TEA7540 chip. It also provides a description of the TEA7540, design applications and the setup procedures.
2004-03-29 Samsung Electronics enters portable telephone market
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd displayed its portable phone muscle into the European market at the recent CeBIT display meet with offerings such as world phones, EDGE phones, and megapixel camera phones.
2003-06-18 RF module for cordless telephone in Japan use - TRM7P/F-J series
The Mitsumi TRM7P/F-J series has an enhanced transmit/receive circuit that targets portable cordless phones specifically made for the Japan market.
2003-06-18 RF module for cordless telephone in Japan use - TRM5P/F-J series
The Mitsumi TRM5P/F-J series has an enhanced transmit/receive circuit that targets small power cordless telephones specifically made for the Japan market.
2002-10-15 Reference telephone line interfaces for CMX868 v.22bis low-power modem CMX867 v.22 low-power modem
This application note describes line interfaces for the CMX868 v.22bis low-power modem and CMX867 v.22 low-power modem.
2003-08-18 Reference Telephone Line Interfaces for CMX868 V.22 Low Power Modem CMX867 V.22 Low Power Modem
This application note discusses the proper line interface required for a suitable Data Access Arrangement (DAA).
2002-09-19 Obo telephone receivers feature 108dB sensitivity
The OBO-MR13008-01 telephone receiver from Obo Pro-2 Inc. includes a receiver and a speaker, making the device suitable for use in cellphones and PDA phones.
2002-09-12 Obo ships three-in-one telephone receiver
The OBO-MR24008-1 three-in-one telephone receiver integrates a speaker, a receiver, and a buzzer inside a 24(x)-by-2.85mm package that weighs 1.5g, making it suitable for use in cellphones and PDAs.
2003-09-26 Morning Star rolls out telephone socket plates
Fuzhou Morning Star Electrical Appliances Co. Ltd has announced the availability of the TC-K13 6P2C, TC-K13 6P4C, and TC-K13 6P6C telephone socket plates.
2003-02-14 JL World telephone receiver fits mobile phones
JL World Corp.'s HSR10C miniature telephone receiver measures 10mm(?) and is suitable for integration into mobile phones.
2004-02-26 Intensity buzzer suits beepers, telephone bells
Intensity Electronic's 12TDB-12A magnetic buzzer is designed for use in beepers and telephone bells.
2003-12-26 I&U Electrics outlet features telephone remote
Shanghai I&U Electrics Co. Ltd has introduced the OND-9001A, an ac-outlet device that comes with telephone remote control, and features switch on/off radiators.
2002-01-15 Holtek telephone controllers offer design flexibility
The HT95 series of telephone controllers provides design flexibility through their internal RAM/ROM memory, a flexible pin shared LCD pin arrangement and dual operating frequency mode.
2003-07-18 Holtek rolls caller ID telephone chips
The HT95168 device from Holtek Semiconductor is a high performance and low cost IC that contains FSK/DTMF receiver and real-time clock.
2002-12-27 Fuzetec resettable fuses fit telephone circuits
The FBRXXX series of radial-leaded PTC resettable fuses from has a maximum operating voltage of 90V and handles current from 0.15A to 0.9A.
2000-06-12 European Applications for RF2403 Cordless Telephone Front End RFIC
This technical note discusses the RF2403, a front-end RFIC for cordless telephone applications that is manufactured using GaAs MESFET process and is designed for use in the 902MHz to 928MHz ISM band.
2003-08-29 CMX850 Communication Controller Reference Telephone Line Interface
This application note discusses the features and applications of the CMX850 Communication Controller
2002-11-14 CMX850 communication controller reference telephone line interface
This application note describes the designs of the CMX850 line interfaces
2003-07-17 Alps network modules replace copper telephone lines
Alps Electric Co. Ltd has released the FLUF series of network modules for single core, bi-directional optical comms access.
2002-07-11 Zhone acquires VoIP specialist
Zhone Technologies Inc. has announced its acquisition of VoIP specialist Vpacket Communications.
2001-04-05 Using The Philips Semiconductors NE5900 Call-Progress Decoder
This application note discusses how Philips Semiconductors' NE5900 call-progress decoder chip performs detection of North American call-progress signals via cadence detection.
2006-08-02 Trial IPTV services begins in India
India's state-owned communications services provider, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam will reportedly offer IPTV services under the Tri-Band name, with trial services to soon start pilot runs in New Delhi and Mumbai.
2000-12-11 Transmit gain adjustments for the MC34014 speech network
This application note discusses how to change the gain level of the MC34014 Telephone Speech Network to suit a particular microphone while not affecting other circuit parameters.
2002-01-28 TI incorporates Kada mobile platform into GPRS chipset
In an effort to extend enhanced Java-based applications to GPRS mobile phones and PDAs, TI will incorporate Kada System's mobile platform into the TCS21000 GPRS chipset.
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