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2007-08-22 Passive rejustor automates temperature compensation
Microbridge Technologies has introduced a passive rejustor that automates the adjustment process to compensate for temperature-induced drift using only analog components
2014-02-06 Voltage reference fundamentals
Learn about the basic DC voltage source or a voltage reference, as well as some discrete designs.
2010-12-22 Resistors tout 5ppm/°C temp coefficient
Vishay Intertechnology offers metal film resistors in the 2012 and 4527 case sizes with temperature coefficients at 5ppm/°C and tolerances to 0.01 percent.
2012-12-17 Bulk metal foil resistors boast 0.2ppm/C of TCR
Microprecision's Bulk Metal Foil resistors offer a TCR of 0.2 ppm/C over the -55C to +125C temperature range and resistance tolerances to 0.01 per cent
2007-10-19 600W clamping diode operates at up to 175C
STMicroelectronics has released a 600W peak-pulse-power clamping diode, capable of operating at up to 175C junction temperature
2011-03-09 Vishay resistors offer improved tolerances
Vishay Intertechnology's PLT series of precision thin film resistors feature a standard TCR of 5ppm/C over a temperature range of -55C to +125C and film and performance characteristics of 500ppm at +70C for 10,000hrs
2007-04-17 AD9786/AD9726 calibration engine
ADI's AD9786 calibration engine gives the user the flexibility to modify the factory calibration coefficients and to maintain the precise 16bit linearity of the part in the presence of temperature fluctuations or other extraneous environmental conditions.
2007-09-17 Weigh power, heat factors in new resistors
Resistor manufacturers are now addressing demanding requirements by beefing up their power lines to offer more power and better heat dissipation in same-size or smaller packages.
2002-08-20 WECA potentiometer ICs have selectable output buffer
The WMS72xx series of 256-tap, nonvolatile, digitally programmable potentiometer ICs feature a selectable output buffer and can be programmed by a microcontroller through a SPI interface.
2014-05-02 Testing as an art (Part 3)
This instalment relates some of the lessons I have learned.
2011-09-26 Specialized foundry processing yields high-performance analog IC
Learn about the impact of foundry process on achievable specifications.
2008-02-25 Smart sensor includes programmable MCU, LIN 2.0 interface
Micronas has announced the HAL 2810 smart sensor, said to be the first linear Hall-effect sensor to include programmable MCU and a LIN bus 2.0 interface.
2013-06-28 Silicon Labs touts single-die alternative to quartz crystals
Silicon Labs joins the scalability and economy of CMOS and the stability of MEMS in its patented single-chip MEMS oscillator, dubbed CMEMS.
2005-05-05 Pots offer simple operation
Maxim Integrated Products released the MAX5527, MAX5528 and MAX5529low-cost 64-tap, one-time-programmable digital potentiometers in 8-pin, 3-by-3mm TDFN or microMAX packages.
2006-02-07 Potentiometer suits portable electronics
Maxim Integrated Products introduced the MAX5128, a 128-tap, nonvolatile digital potentiometer for portable battery-powered electronics.
2002-12-09 Philips termination regulators deliver 3.5A at 1.25V
The company has released the NE57810 and NE57811 DDR termination regulators that are capable of providing 3.5A of peak current at 1.25V.
2012-02-09 PCM progress report no. 3: New direction with polyamorphic states
Here's a review of Semyon D. Savransky's paper to evaluate a type of nonvolatile memory based on polyamorphous chalcogenide transformations.
2013-06-21 OTP-ROM linear ICs eliminate need for optimisation
Allegro's A1388 and A1389 support a magnetic input sensitivity range of 2.0 to 4.0mV/G, and 4.0 to 9.0mV/G, and provide low output noise and improved EMI susceptibility at various frequencies.
2014-01-23 Optimise CMOS for MEMS-based frequency control
CMEMS fabrication process can be used to fabricate both micro-electromechanical and CMOS electronic devices on a single die.
2005-08-05 New digital pots from Maxim housed in 3-by-3mm TQFN
The new MAX5481-MAX5484 devices from Maxim Integrated Products are touted to be the industry's first pin-selectable up/down or SPI-compatible, 1024-tap nonvolatile digital potentiometers packaged in a 3-by-3mm, 16-pin TQFN
2008-10-27 National Semiconductor beefs up analog portfolio
National Semiconductor unveils a series of innovative, energy-efficient automotive products that enable emerging applications in LED lighting, powertrain, safety and infotainment systems.
2005-04-05 Maxim's digital pots with EEPROM
Maxim unveiled what it claims as the industry's smallest 256-step, dual, nonvolatile digital potentiometers with on-chip EEPROM and packaged in a 3-by-3mm TQFN.
2005-08-18 Maxim unveils new digital pots
The MAX5481-MAX5484 devices from Maxim Integrated Products are touted to be the industry's first pin-selectable up/down or SPI-compatible, 1024-tap nonvolatile digital potentiometers packaged in a 3-by-3mm, 16-pin TQFN
2004-10-29 Maxim unveils 'smallest I?C, 32-tap nonvolatile digital pots'
Maxim disclosed that they have developed the industry's smallest I?C, 32-tap, nonvolatile digital potentiometers.
2005-06-02 Maxim pots include EEPROM
The new digital potentiometers from Maxim Integrated Products integrate EEPROM that simulates mechanical potentiometers by storing the wiper position prior to power down
2007-03-07 Linear sensors promise accuracy, flexibility
Allegro has introduced a family of programmable, Hall-effect linear sensors that provide the accuracy and flexibility of fully programmable linears without the larger package and higher cost.
2013-07-03 Isabellenhtte resistors tweaked for DCB ceramics
The BVN can handle continuous loads of up to 100A with a resistance value of 0.5m in a small size between 3.3 and 4mm.
2007-12-03 Increased demand toughens resistors
Over the past few years, resistor manufacturers have seen a dramatic increase in demand for precision and ultraprecision discrete resistors and resistor networks, particularly for instrumentation, industrial, medical and telecommunications applications.
2006-02-13 High-voltage resistor replaces multiple devices
The new high-voltage metal glaze axial-leaded resistors from Stackpole Electronics allows designers to replace multiple parts or more expensive solutions with a single component.
2008-05-08 Hall-effect sensors transfer data in harsh automotive setups
Micronas has rolled two new members of its varioHAL family of Hall-effect sensors with digital interfaces enabling robust and reliable data transfer in harsh automotive environments.
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